Saturday, July 21, 2018

My Week in Review: 7/14/18-7/21/18

I was pretty pleased with this weeks selection of books.  I found a couple of new to me authors - which is always a good thing - as well as a couple that made me laugh out loud.

This weeks theme: Shifters

Switch of Fate by Lisa Ladew & Grace Quillen
4 Stars ****

Shifters and switches are the perfect match; she hunts vampires, he keeps her from destroying entire populations in a fit of magical rage. These love connections, once common, have died out in modern times. A disaster for humanity.


The first switch seen in a hundred years flees a room full of shifters, leaving chaos in her wake.

Jameson Montreat is a lonely wolf shifter who had one job that was essential to the protection of the human species. A job he was unable to do. Now, with more vampires throwing their hat into the political ring every day, he can't stop it. He can't kill vampires, none of the shifters can. Only a switch can kill a vampire, and they died out a hundred years ago. But then an impossibly captivating switch walks right into the anti-vampire meeting, turning every shifter head in the place. She is not meant for him, as much as he might need her to be.

Coralie Hamilton is a normal woman, living a normal life, waiting for something big. What that something is, she has no idea, but when some base part of her brain causes her to go temporarily insane and try to stab a politician in the throat with a fountain pen, her future suddenly becomes crystal clear. She's a natural born killer, and the only thing that can calm her killing instincts in the moment is the love of a shifter male who is strong enough to handle her.

Yesterday, she didn't believe in shifters. Today, she's got to choose the one who will keep her sane.

Not His Werewolf by Annie Nicholas - 4 Stars ****

After being disowned and labelled human because she can’t shift, Betty Newman rescues unwanted dogs to fulfill her need for pack. Being rejected by her birth pack was enough pain for a lifetime and she’ll do anything to avoid subjecting herself to their prejudices.

Things change when Ken Birch wakes in her kennel still in wolf form and declares she’s his soul mate. His presence wakes her feral heart and makes her long for a life she can’t have. Old wounds are opened and she refuses to listen to instinct.

But only a shifter can be a soul mate and now her life is in danger by New Port’s pack. Either Betty learns to shift or she dies. Problem is the only one willing to help is Ken, the last person she wants.

Just One Bite by Nora Snowdon - 4 Stars ****

Rosie has an amazing one-night-stand with the most perfect man. Ever. He's gorgeous, funny and really seems to like her. Then she overhears that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant and he's being forced into a shotgun wedding. Hell, the only good thing that came out of that night she met Lucas, was the mangy dog who now jogs with her. He may be an odd looking mutt, but at least he's a good listener.

Lucas adores Rosie but she hates him because she thinks he's a lying sleaze who cheated on his fiancée. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not to mention, Rosie would freak out if she found out he's a werewolf.

The other problem is, she only likes her jogging partner the wolf, and not the man. But damn, how do you woo a woman if all you can do is bark?

Gargoyle by Scarlett Dawn - 4 Stars ****

A shifter made of stone. And wings.
A human bent on free love. And drunk.
A joke could be made with those two lines.

But the town of Woodland Creek, it's no laughing matter. Hostile and magical residents guard their secrets. It's too easy to be found out.

When Isaac Stone first meets Kennedy Kirk, he's tempted to shove her off the clock tower. After all, she is gripping his private parts to lean over and see his town. One little push is all it would take...

Isaac never anticipated he'd be the one to fall.

Storm Shift by Calinda B - 3 Stars ***

Your power--it’s in the blood.
Those were the words her grandfather said to her from wherever the dead reside. Now it’s up to her to find out what that really means.

Her grandparents were found dead in the lake. Boating accident? Not likely. Newly elected town manager Chia Petit is determined to find out who murdered her beloved granddad and grandma.

Her new position requires her to see to the needs of the people, including the shifters, of Charming, Alaska. When a shifter turns up dead, shot by a mysterious hunter, her determination to find the murderer grows.

There are not too many men to choose from in Charming, Alaska. Can the sexy, insane bounty hunter who wants revenge for the death of his niece, winnow his way into her heart?

That wraps Shifters week.  I hope you see something you'd like to read.

As always, thank you for stopping by.


Saturday, July 14, 2018

My Week in Review: 7/7/18-7/14/18

The new job is going well.  I don't have as much time to read as I did with my other job - but I still get an hour for lunch every day - and I always have my Kindle with me  :)  

This weeks' genre theme: Witches & Wizards

Stir Until Petrified by Theda Vallee - 4 Stars ****

Welcome to beautiful Palermo Bay, where the witches are fierce

...and the biscotti is to die for.

Violetta "Etta" Massoni is an Italian witch living and working with her overbearing family in the sleepy seaside town of Palermo Bay. Healing from tragedy, she wants nothing to do with the magic she was born with.

Etta soon finds herself forced into the world of magic that she had resisted for so long. The peaceful calm of her community is shattered by a string of attacks that leaves fifteen people trapped in their dreams. An ominous magic task force is sent to investigate, with Etta as their number one suspect.

Her family has never been able to mind their own business, and they aren’t about to start now! Dragging her grandmother from crime scenes will be the least of her worries. Join Etta and the whole Massoni girl gang on a perilous, hilarious adventure filled with magic, myth, and minestrone!

The Lame-Assed Doppleganger by Gary Jonas - 4 Stars ****

What do you do when you've been replaced?

I come home from a vacation to find that another version of me has taken my place. He's living my life. He has my friends. He has my career. And what really sucks is that he's doing it all so much better than I ever could. Everyone loves him!

I'm the real me, but he insists that he's the real me. Not cool. One of us has to go!

Oh, and one more pesky little problem. Someone's trying to kill me.

Renegade Witch by T S Bishop - 4 Stars ****

A witch on the run. Her three gorgeous protectors. Demons invading Chicago.

And the truth about her past that could destroy everything.

There's always been something strange about me, everyone always said. So they avoided me, gossiped about me. But they didn't know about the demons. Because only I can see them.
Instead of letting my foster parents lock me up in an institution because of my 'hallucinations', I ran away from home and I've been living on my own in Chicago ever since.
And I was doing fine selling cheap magical trinkets on the black market to get by, until dangerous men with knives and guns decided to kidnap me and throw me in their murder dungeon.

Attracting the wrong kind of attention was never part of my plan. And even more dangerous than the men who kidnapped me are the men who saved me...
Adrian, the most inhumanly gorgeous boy I've ever seen in my life helped me escape and introduced me to his two equally attractive friends who needed me and my so-called abilities.

Turns out, I might be a witch.
And only I could help them save Chicago from the demons. If I could remember to focus on the mission and stop myself from falling for them...

Then there's the rude, beautiful boy in a prison cell who I keep dreaming about...I'm not even sure if he's real but there's a connection between us that I can't explain.

My life just got really complicated. With secrets from my past snapping at my heels, demons invading the city, and my enemies two steps ahead of me at every turn...

My name is Sophia Landry, and I might not be getting out of this one alive.

Wicked Folk by Jamie McFarlane - 3 Stars ***

Late one night, a teenaged witch witnesses her uncle perform a forbidden ritual to summon a demon. His carelessness results in the demon breaking free and being released into the world. Drawn to the young witch's powers like a shark, the demon is only temporarily thwarted when she manages to escape.

Felix Slade is a wizard living far from the family he grew up with. Recently he's been unable to sleep as night after night a beautiful young witch is stalked by a demon in his dreams. Each night, new details are exposed and Felix is soon convinced that it’s up to him to prevent the woman’s demise. The dreams reach a critical point when Felix’s own family is threatened by the violence he’s sure is yet to come.

With his sister and the woman he loves by his side, Felix rushes to face the greatest challenge he’s encountered yet. There is great darkness inside him and he must choose to embrace or reject it in order to face the demon’s evil.

Tallow Jones by Trevor H Cooley - 3 Stars ***

When Detective Douglas Jones' son goes missing under strange circumstances everyone assumes he ran away. The first break in the case comes when a long lost relative shows up with a new name and a strange tattoo on the palm of his left hand. His name is Tallow Jones. He is a private detective . . . and a wizard.

A wizard is needed too because, in Atlanta, strange abductions are just the tip of the iceberg.

There you have witches and wizards.  I have to admit, my favorite witch & wizards will always be Hermione, Harry and Ron.   :)

As always, thank you for stopping by.


Saturday, July 7, 2018

My Week in Review: 6/30/18-7/7/18

I hope all of you in the States had a wonderful 4th.  :)  We always go to my Mama's for a cook out and time with family.  It was wonderful.  

This weeks' genre theme: Angels and Demons

Sparrow Man by M R Pritchard - 4 Stars ****

Meg Clark has turned out to be everything her father and the people of her little North Country town of Gouverneur, NY, have been saying her whole life: nothin’ but a piece of white trash. In an effort to hide her past and turn herself around, she spent her inheritance from her dead mother on the perfect little house with a white picket fence. Then something terrible happened and Meg got sent to county lockup so her fiancé, Jim, wouldn’t have to. And then everyone started waking up…dead.

Good thing escaping from County wasn’t hard. Jim told her exactly how to get free. Now Meg is running and the walking dead are following. In a last ditch effort to find weapons to protect herself, Meg finds Sparrow instead. A tall, strange man with a quirk, Sparrow has an obsession with feathers and the only goal that’s on his mind is finding an old barn on Route 37 with a snowy owl in its rafters.

Meg’s headed to Kingston, where she and Jim agreed to meet if they ever got separated. But sometimes, crossing the border brings more than just freedom and protection and safety. Sometimes it brings questions that someone like Meg would prefer not to answer. And everyone keeps asking questions, including Sparrow. He thinks she’s hiding something and he’s not impressed by her stories of the sins she’s been committing all her life. While Sparrow’s the one who’s a bit cracked in the head, it never occurs to Meg that she could be the one who’s not remembering something. Like what really happened that day she killed those seven men.

Deadly Divine by Emily Fox - 4 Stars ****

Can Tara survive a world where the adults have become literal monsters and demons lurk around every corner?

Tara and her friends are struggling to provide for the Community in the wake of the apocalypse. They need to go out on raids to collect provisions, but this puts them right in the path of all that wants to kill them.
But someone has to do it.

Hope came in the form of the angelic Divines, chosen to battle the demonics and rid the world of the taint it now has.

Caught between a battle of extreme forces, Tara must find a way to protect those she loves and survive.

Wings of Flesh and Bones by Cathrina Constantine - 4 Stars ****

An Angel. A Witch. A Demon. And A Choice.

Creatures from outer realms suck, as any gatekeeper worth their salt will tell you. Welcome to Rogan’s life, an orphaned seventeen-year-old who lives and trains with other misfits under her uncle’s roof, keeping Earth safe from non-human realm jumpers. Rogan’s biggest issue concerns her uncle’s short leash with her freedom—that is of course, until she’s taken by a notorious witch, and her life begins to unravel. Soon, the supernatural beauty discovers there’s a reason her uncle kept such a tight lock on her whereabouts, and that she has more than angel blood running through her veins.

Eighteen-year-old Max is an angel, and Rogan’s mentor and guardian. He’s well aware of her tenacious inability to obey orders, though he also knows she’s a fierce fighter. When he’s involved in a scheme that ultimately gets Rogan kidnapped, he must battle his way back to her in an attempt to save her from the darkness threatening to possess her.

Straight to Hell by Jane Hinchey - 4 Stars ****

Everything you think you know is about to change.

My name is Lucifer. You can call me Lucy – I’m also known as the Devil and Satan, though why my idiot brothers came up with those nicknames is beyond me. I’m an Arch Angel and I run Hell. Yup, I’m the CEO.

Hell is easy. Hell runs like a well-oiled machine. Punishment befitting your sins is carried out and once your sentence is done, voilà, you get to go to Heaven. Simple. Easy.

Until suddenly there’s a blip on the radar. A breach. Some numbnuts on earth are trying to open a portal to another dimension. A very bad, very terrifying, very deadly dimension. So instead of my simple life in Hell, I end up earth side, where nothing is as it seems, looking for the soul-stealing monster, avoiding the grumpy angel sent from Heaven and finding out my brothers Michael and Gabriel are twats. That last part’s not true – I’ve known they were twats all along.

With an unexpected fondness for my new human friends as a distraction, and my demonic presence stirring up a shit show of epic proportions, all I want to do is go back to my peaceful life in Hell. But someone has to save the world. It may as well be me.

Legion Born by F F John - 4 Stars ****

My name is Vaughn Prentiss and my whole life was a lie.

I’d had one goal--prove that an orphan from Baltimore could become the youngest partner at my law firm.

That all changed the day I started seeing monsters. Nobody else noticed these mami watas, zwarts and other demon spawn. With the help of a former witch, I discovered Lucifer was my uncle and that a prophecy foretold I’d bring about his downfall. Unless he killed me and took my soul.

I have a lot to live for and I don’t like the idea of Lucifer using my soul to bring humanity to its knees.

My name is Vaughn Prentiss and I’m going to fight to take my place as Legion Born. Lucifer has no idea what’s in store for him.

That's a wrap.  I hope you see something you'd like to read.  

As always, thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, June 30, 2018

My Week in Review: 6/23/18-6/30/18

This week finds me caught up in a genre I've read numerous times - but never realized how popular it is to focus on just one, all be it, large, aspect.

This weeks' genre theme: Dragons/ Dragon Shifters

Not His Dragon by Annie Nicholas - 4 Stars ****

Eoin Grant hasn’t encountered a female of his race in decades, and this crazy person’s scent declares her unmated. Fate set her in his path, and he won’t let this opportunity slip through his claws. No matter how wary she is of him. After all, how many chances does a dragon have at finding love? But fate can be a crueler mistress than his perfect mate. Of all things, she thinks she’s human.

Business is taking off for Angie Weldon. She put her freakishly sharp nails to good use when she opened her back-scratching spa in downtown New Port. The local shifter community pounced on her skills and she’s knee-deep in shed fur. By the end of the year, if lucky, she could afford to move out of her crappy apartment.

Dollar signs flash before Angie’s eyes when a dark, brooding stranger books her solid for a week but she notices the possessive fury in his glare. She’s been around enough shifters to know the look, and she won’t go down that road again. Angie is literally swept off her feet by the intense shifter and he wants more from her than she’s willing to give. She figures it’s best to avoid eye contact and back away slowly. Until he changes her life by insisting she’s a dragon.

Dragon Lord by Miranda Martin & Nadia Hunter - 4 Stars ****

When The World Ended

The world outside the cities went to hell a long time ago. When the pollution got so bad that it burned away the ozone layer, humans had to build protective domes just to survive. Now, between the radiated air and the fighting among dragons and phoenixes, it's not safe to go outside.

A Transporter Receives An Offer She Can’t Refuse

Mia is a transporter in a dangerous world. She gets by delivering valuable goods from client to recipient, but she never takes on the more lucrative dome to dome jobs. When someone breaks into her apartment looking to hire her, she refuses. She doesn't like being forced and the job requires leaving the dome. To complicate matters further, the package is a sun-sick kid, a half-human, half-phoenix that needs to be delivered back to his phoenix family. There’s no way in hell Mia is getting into that mess. But the client reveals he knows her secret, blackmailing her into a job she doesn’t want with stakes that grow higher each day.

A Sexy Dragon Lord And A Perilous Journey

Mia must take the kid straight through the Dragon Lord's territory, which everyone knows is basically suicide. When she comes face to face with the dominant, sexy Dragon Lord she receives a shocking revelation concerning the truth about her heritage, and it puts her in more danger than she could imagine.

Dragon School: Initiate by Sarah K L Wilson - 4 Stars ****

Magic comes to Dragon School. Can it be trusted?

With First Flight behind her, sixteen-year-old Amel believes she can finally settle into her studies and learn to be a Dragon Rider.

But when a friend is brutally injured, another has a dark secret, and Amel is entrusted with a vital message, she must question where her loyalties lie. Worse, Magikas have arrived at Dragon School and they bring both change and new prejudice against Amel.

With the home Amel found at Dragon School quickly disappearing, will she know who to trust or will her new friendships disappear as quickly as her safety?

Dragon Star by Anna Morgan & Emma Alisyn - 4 Stars ****

A beautiful dragon general. A vampyr rockstar with a double life. The traitor who reveals a decades-long secret hidden by the Dragon Court…

Mateo uses his celebrity rockstar status to hide his secret life as a contract spy and killer. His latest assignment sends him to the heart of Patomas, the island of the dragon shifter court, to capture the First General herself. But he doesn’t expect attraction that hits him like lightening once he’s spirited her away… feelings of flight, freedom, and a heady desire he’s never before known. He’s a vampyr…

…so why does he feel like there is a beast inside him waiting to be set free?

Calla’s instincts are hardened from years of defending her queen’s rule from rebellious clans who believe dragons should rain fire and destruction on the lower, flightless races. And her instincts tell her that if she can turn her captor’s loyalty, he would be a valuable asset in their war. However, she recognizes the growing desire between them as something more than an inexplicable attraction between warriors…

… but how can a vampyr be her mate?

Dragon Hide by Jillian Cooper - 4 Stars ****

Shifters fear her. The police despise her. The world needs her.

Jenna Morgan hunts dragon shapeshifters and places them in the cities of New haven--captive cities designed to keep them human and docile.

But Jenna carries a secret that's on the verge of being exposed. Half human--half dragon--Jenna's secret could land her on the inside of the barrier--for good. When tragedy strikes, Jenna needs to put aside her own personal rage.

Along with her ex-fiance, her team digs to unravel a murder conspiracy, save an innocent teen girl, and go against the politicians that are controlling them all.

The shifters may be living on borrowed time. To save a girl, to unlock the key to their survival, Jenna may need to embrace her inner dragon after all.

I really enjoyed this weeks' reads.  I hope you see something you like.

As always, thank you for stopping by.


Sunday, June 24, 2018

My Week in Review: 6/16/18-6/23/18

It was another week of new to me authors and I am pleased to announce that I am excited to read more.

This weeks' genre theme: Vampires

The Queen's Vampire by K T Tomb - 4 Stars ****

She was a lady of the night. A woman of ill repute. A harlot.

Nora never cared what people called her. After all, she'd worked the mean streets of London nearly all her adult life, looking for clients, looking to survive, and looking for her next opium fix. That is, until an English gentleman spots her from high atop his carriage...and sees just how special she is.

Now she has a choice to make: continue working as a lady of pleasure or take Lord Alfred Covington's offer? On the one hand, she can continue what she's doing, getting high and fighting off her overzealous clients. Or, she can join Alfred's elite team of handpicked spies...all of whom bear the same unique mark. A mark that Nora shares, too.

What she chooses next, and where her life leads, is the stuff of dreams. Or nightmares. After all, Alfred's elite team of spies are also vampires. Nora will soon discover that the world is much stranger than she ever imagined, and there's a war for the very soul of mankind. A war she now finds herself a part of.

Her mission, should she choose to accept it, is simple: take out a powerful vampire adversary hellbent on conquering the world. A seemingly impossible task for a new vampire. Then again, Nora has a few tricks up her sleeve... 

Vampire's Quest by Alexa Dare - 4 Stars ****

To a Dark Knight, she’s his fated mate. To his vampire nature, she’s like the sun. Tempting. Desirable. Elusive. Dangerous.

Since medieval times, Ryder Judson has existed as a vampire. Although he welcomes the lifting of an ancient curse, he loathes the end of knighthood. As his duty comes to an end, a prophecy unfolds. With his fellow knights scattered about on their final quests, he is forced to stand down as a protector of mankind. And the last thing he needs is a potential fated mate.

Traveling nurse and touch healer, Jess Willowbook is targeted for her supernatural healing powers. Although part of a coven, she resists the label of witch. But she’ll do anything to fight the unexpected evil that plagues the mountain community. When he crashes into her life, she cannot deny her desire for an injured man whose true nature defies reality. He’s not human, but something more.

Passion entwined with peril, Jess must join forces with Ryder in an epic battle from which neither may survive unscathed. With tension at its peak in the Appalachian mountains between a vampire knight and a reluctant witch, what could go wrong?

Moonshade by S J West - 3 Stars ***

How would your life change if you inherited a vampire?

“Find me, Sarah…”

When a handsome stranger whispers these three little words to Sarah Marcel, she knows her life is forever changed.

For two weeks straight, Sarah’s been unable to eat, sleep, or even form a coherent thought properly. She fears she’s losing her mind until a chance encounter brings a man into her life who seems to hold the key to solving her problems. With a single touch, he’s able to ease her troubled soul and bring her some much-needed peace. Yet, just as Sarah believes she’s found the solution to her dilemma, he disappears.

As Sarah begins to unravel a mystery surrounding her family’s past, she quickly discovers her role in a world that’s hidden from most humans. Being a Marcel comes with certain responsibilities, and there are some things that you can’t hide from forever.

Night School by Alex Dire - 3 Stars ***

Norman Bernard thinks the vampire war is over. He’s wrong.

Norman has one wish: to live a quiet life teaching Shakespeare to his night school students. But his world is shattered when vampires, long thought destroyed, start showing up in his classroom. When his old arch enemy causes a bloodbath in his school, Norman flees to the underside of the city to hide and protect a group of his mortal students. 

Underground, Norman discovers an invisible world of vampire survivors, most of whom want to kill him. Can Norman piece together a resistance and save his students, or will they all become the final victims of a revived vampire war?

His Beloved by Anna Santos - 3 Stars ***

It was just a silly reality show...
Until he chose her.

Absurdly rich and gorgeous Daniel Wolfe is used to get what he wants. And he wants Jade. The powerful vampire male picks her from the crowd of screaming females willing to do anything to please him. He's convinced that she's the One, His Beloved. But he wasn't prepared for a feisty girl who loathes vampires and doesn't want to be his for all Eternity.

Jade will sacrifice anything—even her freedom—to protect her orphaned little brother. But when she's forced to join a reality show that may keep her away from him, she has to survive hell and temptation to get the money she needs to pay for her brother's treatment.

In a world that reveres vampires and reality shows rule the entertainment channels, Jade needs to endure Daniel's seductive games for a week before she can be released from her contract and go back to take care of her brother.

However, not everything is what it seems and despite her secret past and her hate for vampires, Jade may be facing a worse danger than being bitten: falling in love.

I hope you see something you like.  As always, thank you for stopping by.


Sunday, June 17, 2018

My Week in Review:: 6/9/18-6/16/18

Last week found me reading a genre of books that I've not read in a long while.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed them.

This weeks reading genre: Cozy Mysteries

The Deadly Daiquiri by Tegan Maher - 4 Stars **** 

What's a witch to do when her boss turns up poisoned right after she'd wished him dead?

Witch Destiny Maganti loves working at a tiki bar on the Enchanted Coast, a beach getaway for paranormals. Between delivering drinks to mermaids and serving rare steaks to werewolves, she meets all sorts of interesting people. Plus, as a water witch, she's right at home on the ocean.

The only downside is dealing with her boss, a disgraced angel who thinks the world owes him a living just because of his ancestry. An hour after he publicly humiliates her, he ends up dead. Though her friends know she's innocent, all the evidence points to her.

Can she clear her name before she's kicked off the Enchanted Coast forever?

Alice in Murderland by Samantha Silver - 4 Stars ****

Moving from Miami to small-town Oregon was supposed to be boring...

When Alice Calliope takes over her recently deceased aunt's bookshop in Sapphire Village, Oregon, she's not expecting her world to be flipped upside down, but that's exactly what happens when her cousin Cat reveals to Alice that she's actually a witch. Add in the fact that the two of them stumble upon a dead body, and Alice's first day in town ends up being a lot more eventful than she could have possibly imagined!

What was supposed to be a simple cross-country move winds up with Alice having to learn how to navigate a whole new magical world while at the same time trying to clear Cat's name as she emerges as the main suspect in the murder. Add in the eccentric Grandma Cee, witchcraft lessons, a whiny old ghost and the laziest cat ever, and Alice definitely has her hands full.

With pressure mounting for the super-hot local sheriff to arrest her cousin, will Alice be able to hunt down the real killer before it's too late?

Southern Magic by Amy Boyles - 4 Stars ****

It only takes a second for life to go to heck-in-a-hand-basket!

In less than twenty-four hours Pepper Dunn loses her job, her boyfriend, and her home.

It's the worst day of her life.

But when Pepper discovers she’s a witch and has inherited the most important store in the magical town of Magnolia Cove, Alabama, she’s as happy as a pig in mud.

Too bad the shop is a familiar pet store and Pepper doesn’t like animals—not even a teensy bit. Determined to sell the shop and get the heck out of town, Pepper’s plans go haywire when a local storeowner winds up dead and Pepper gets accused of murder.

Thrust into a magical mystery, Pepper teams up with a mysterious private detective and a cat so traumatized by the murder that she’s not talking—and that cat could hold the key to Pepper’s innocence.

Now Pepper must avoid trouble, solve the mystery, and placate her new grandmother, who keeps a strict ten p.m. curfew that’s enforced by the talking end of her shotgun.

Sounds like a simple day in the life—as if. Can Pepper solve the mystery or will she become the next victim of the Magnolia Cove murderer? And most importantly, will Pepper learn to love the animals she’s in charge of?

Hoodoo and Just Desserts by Constance Barker - 3 Stars ***

Murder by Statue?

When a murder jolts the tourist town of Stillwater, known for its Civil War battlefield and witch coven history, it's up to two witch sisters and their stub tail cat to figure out who had it in for the victim.

Even the ghosts in the Civil War battlefield had no use for a business man hell bent on disturbing their peace. Narrowing the suspect pool can be difficult, especially when a sarcastic telepathic cat inserts herself into...well, everything.

Beware the Orchids by Cynthia Hickey - 3 Stars ***

Ditched at the altar, Shelby Hart tosses down her bouquet, quits her job, and accepts a position as gardener and event coordinator at an upscale retirement community. Her first day on the job results with a dead body in the greenhouse under the orchids and with her as the prime suspect!

Toss in a handsome handyman, quirky characters, and a flirtatious grandma and the fun never stops.

I hope you see something you'd like to read.  :)

As always, thank you for stopping by.


Sunday, June 10, 2018

My Week in Review: 6/2/18-6/9/18

Last week rocked along fairly well.  I've taken a new job within my company and my brain is filled with new info - but I still found time to read.  :)  I needed that break.

This weeks' genre theme is: Zombies (you had to know they were coming)

ZPOC: The Beginning by Alex Laybourne - 4 Stars ****

The zombie apocalypse has begun and for a band of military survivors, trapped miles from their base, hunting the dead is just another war to be fought in the name of freedom.

For some, the end was always on the cards, and being prepared was the name of the game. Yet, when faced with the reality of the new world, being prepared is not always enough.

Stranded in a harsh and violent world, there is no single path for survival. It is time to …

Hunt, survive and thrive.

The Infected: Jim's First Day by Joseph Zuko - 4 Stars ****

On a day like any other, Jim Blackmore finds himself at ground zero of the zombie apocalypse. 

He is forced to run a blood-soaked gauntlet through a city overrun by an insurmountable horde of the dead in a desperate attempt to reach his wife and two small children. As he fights to get home he discovers that the living are just as dangerous as the dead. 

But does Jim have the strength of will to survive the perilous journey?

Dead: Snapshot - Estacada, Oregon by TW Brown
4 Stars ****

Welcome to Estacada, Oregon...population, 2,713.

Ken and Bennett Johnson own Fearless Brewery, a place where you can come in for a bite to eat and sample their newest beers in a relaxing atmosphere...until the undead rose and began to destroy humanity. The big cities are falling--or have fallen--and Ken decides to spearhead an operation that will help keep not just a handful of survivors alive, but as many of the town's citizens as possible. It will be no small feat as he faces not only the walking dead, but also small town squabbles and worse...outsiders.

Nano Z by Brad Knight - 4 Stars ****

Fired from his job of twenty-two years, Mack is contemplating his bleak prospects when things take a turn from bad to worse.

While desperately trying to survive, he unwittingly helps Amber, a fourteen year old girl with a dark, troubled past.

Brought together by overwhelming circumstances, Mack tries his best to protect her as they travel through lawless lands with roaming undead. But what they are forced to endure may be more than either of them can handle.

Affliction by Dottie Daniels - 4 Stars ****

Twenty-six year old paramedic Seanna Burges wakes up five hours late to the sound of breaking glass on what was to be the eighth day of her work stretch. She finds out the hospital she works at along with most other parts of Allentown, Pennsylvania has been overrun with people who quickly succumb to an unknown but fast-acting infection that causes them to reanimate only to inflict the same outcome on anyone they can. By now, her hospital has been closed and reporting to work is both useless and dangerous.

Seanna is subsequently bitten during her travels to reach her loved ones, however there's one difference between her and the countless others who've become infected: she remains alive. Unbeknownst to her, there is a very intentional reason why.

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