Sunday, June 24, 2018

My Week in Review: 6/16/18-6/23/18

It was another week of new to me authors and I am pleased to announce that I am excited to read more.

This weeks' genre theme: Vampires

The Queen's Vampire by K T Tomb - 4 Stars ****

She was a lady of the night. A woman of ill repute. A harlot.

Nora never cared what people called her. After all, she'd worked the mean streets of London nearly all her adult life, looking for clients, looking to survive, and looking for her next opium fix. That is, until an English gentleman spots her from high atop his carriage...and sees just how special she is.

Now she has a choice to make: continue working as a lady of pleasure or take Lord Alfred Covington's offer? On the one hand, she can continue what she's doing, getting high and fighting off her overzealous clients. Or, she can join Alfred's elite team of handpicked spies...all of whom bear the same unique mark. A mark that Nora shares, too.

What she chooses next, and where her life leads, is the stuff of dreams. Or nightmares. After all, Alfred's elite team of spies are also vampires. Nora will soon discover that the world is much stranger than she ever imagined, and there's a war for the very soul of mankind. A war she now finds herself a part of.

Her mission, should she choose to accept it, is simple: take out a powerful vampire adversary hellbent on conquering the world. A seemingly impossible task for a new vampire. Then again, Nora has a few tricks up her sleeve... 

Vampire's Quest by Alexa Dare - 4 Stars ****

To a Dark Knight, she’s his fated mate. To his vampire nature, she’s like the sun. Tempting. Desirable. Elusive. Dangerous.

Since medieval times, Ryder Judson has existed as a vampire. Although he welcomes the lifting of an ancient curse, he loathes the end of knighthood. As his duty comes to an end, a prophecy unfolds. With his fellow knights scattered about on their final quests, he is forced to stand down as a protector of mankind. And the last thing he needs is a potential fated mate.

Traveling nurse and touch healer, Jess Willowbook is targeted for her supernatural healing powers. Although part of a coven, she resists the label of witch. But she’ll do anything to fight the unexpected evil that plagues the mountain community. When he crashes into her life, she cannot deny her desire for an injured man whose true nature defies reality. He’s not human, but something more.

Passion entwined with peril, Jess must join forces with Ryder in an epic battle from which neither may survive unscathed. With tension at its peak in the Appalachian mountains between a vampire knight and a reluctant witch, what could go wrong?

Moonshade by S J West - 3 Stars ***

How would your life change if you inherited a vampire?

“Find me, Sarah…”

When a handsome stranger whispers these three little words to Sarah Marcel, she knows her life is forever changed.

For two weeks straight, Sarah’s been unable to eat, sleep, or even form a coherent thought properly. She fears she’s losing her mind until a chance encounter brings a man into her life who seems to hold the key to solving her problems. With a single touch, he’s able to ease her troubled soul and bring her some much-needed peace. Yet, just as Sarah believes she’s found the solution to her dilemma, he disappears.

As Sarah begins to unravel a mystery surrounding her family’s past, she quickly discovers her role in a world that’s hidden from most humans. Being a Marcel comes with certain responsibilities, and there are some things that you can’t hide from forever.

Night School by Alex Dire - 3 Stars ***

Norman Bernard thinks the vampire war is over. He’s wrong.

Norman has one wish: to live a quiet life teaching Shakespeare to his night school students. But his world is shattered when vampires, long thought destroyed, start showing up in his classroom. When his old arch enemy causes a bloodbath in his school, Norman flees to the underside of the city to hide and protect a group of his mortal students. 

Underground, Norman discovers an invisible world of vampire survivors, most of whom want to kill him. Can Norman piece together a resistance and save his students, or will they all become the final victims of a revived vampire war?

His Beloved by Anna Santos - 3 Stars ***

It was just a silly reality show...
Until he chose her.

Absurdly rich and gorgeous Daniel Wolfe is used to get what he wants. And he wants Jade. The powerful vampire male picks her from the crowd of screaming females willing to do anything to please him. He's convinced that she's the One, His Beloved. But he wasn't prepared for a feisty girl who loathes vampires and doesn't want to be his for all Eternity.

Jade will sacrifice anything—even her freedom—to protect her orphaned little brother. But when she's forced to join a reality show that may keep her away from him, she has to survive hell and temptation to get the money she needs to pay for her brother's treatment.

In a world that reveres vampires and reality shows rule the entertainment channels, Jade needs to endure Daniel's seductive games for a week before she can be released from her contract and go back to take care of her brother.

However, not everything is what it seems and despite her secret past and her hate for vampires, Jade may be facing a worse danger than being bitten: falling in love.

I hope you see something you like.  As always, thank you for stopping by.


Sunday, June 17, 2018

My Week in Review:: 6/9/18-6/16/18

Last week found me reading a genre of books that I've not read in a long while.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed them.

This weeks reading genre: Cozy Mysteries

The Deadly Daiquiri by Tegan Maher - 4 Stars **** 

What's a witch to do when her boss turns up poisoned right after she'd wished him dead?

Witch Destiny Maganti loves working at a tiki bar on the Enchanted Coast, a beach getaway for paranormals. Between delivering drinks to mermaids and serving rare steaks to werewolves, she meets all sorts of interesting people. Plus, as a water witch, she's right at home on the ocean.

The only downside is dealing with her boss, a disgraced angel who thinks the world owes him a living just because of his ancestry. An hour after he publicly humiliates her, he ends up dead. Though her friends know she's innocent, all the evidence points to her.

Can she clear her name before she's kicked off the Enchanted Coast forever?

Alice in Murderland by Samantha Silver - 4 Stars ****

Moving from Miami to small-town Oregon was supposed to be boring...

When Alice Calliope takes over her recently deceased aunt's bookshop in Sapphire Village, Oregon, she's not expecting her world to be flipped upside down, but that's exactly what happens when her cousin Cat reveals to Alice that she's actually a witch. Add in the fact that the two of them stumble upon a dead body, and Alice's first day in town ends up being a lot more eventful than she could have possibly imagined!

What was supposed to be a simple cross-country move winds up with Alice having to learn how to navigate a whole new magical world while at the same time trying to clear Cat's name as she emerges as the main suspect in the murder. Add in the eccentric Grandma Cee, witchcraft lessons, a whiny old ghost and the laziest cat ever, and Alice definitely has her hands full.

With pressure mounting for the super-hot local sheriff to arrest her cousin, will Alice be able to hunt down the real killer before it's too late?

Southern Magic by Amy Boyles - 4 Stars ****

It only takes a second for life to go to heck-in-a-hand-basket!

In less than twenty-four hours Pepper Dunn loses her job, her boyfriend, and her home.

It's the worst day of her life.

But when Pepper discovers she’s a witch and has inherited the most important store in the magical town of Magnolia Cove, Alabama, she’s as happy as a pig in mud.

Too bad the shop is a familiar pet store and Pepper doesn’t like animals—not even a teensy bit. Determined to sell the shop and get the heck out of town, Pepper’s plans go haywire when a local storeowner winds up dead and Pepper gets accused of murder.

Thrust into a magical mystery, Pepper teams up with a mysterious private detective and a cat so traumatized by the murder that she’s not talking—and that cat could hold the key to Pepper’s innocence.

Now Pepper must avoid trouble, solve the mystery, and placate her new grandmother, who keeps a strict ten p.m. curfew that’s enforced by the talking end of her shotgun.

Sounds like a simple day in the life—as if. Can Pepper solve the mystery or will she become the next victim of the Magnolia Cove murderer? And most importantly, will Pepper learn to love the animals she’s in charge of?

Hoodoo and Just Desserts by Constance Barker - 3 Stars ***

Murder by Statue?

When a murder jolts the tourist town of Stillwater, known for its Civil War battlefield and witch coven history, it's up to two witch sisters and their stub tail cat to figure out who had it in for the victim.

Even the ghosts in the Civil War battlefield had no use for a business man hell bent on disturbing their peace. Narrowing the suspect pool can be difficult, especially when a sarcastic telepathic cat inserts herself into...well, everything.

Beware the Orchids by Cynthia Hickey - 3 Stars ***

Ditched at the altar, Shelby Hart tosses down her bouquet, quits her job, and accepts a position as gardener and event coordinator at an upscale retirement community. Her first day on the job results with a dead body in the greenhouse under the orchids and with her as the prime suspect!

Toss in a handsome handyman, quirky characters, and a flirtatious grandma and the fun never stops.

I hope you see something you'd like to read.  :)

As always, thank you for stopping by.


Sunday, June 10, 2018

My Week in Review: 6/2/18-6/9/18

Last week rocked along fairly well.  I've taken a new job within my company and my brain is filled with new info - but I still found time to read.  :)  I needed that break.

This weeks' genre theme is: Zombies (you had to know they were coming)

ZPOC: The Beginning by Alex Laybourne - 4 Stars ****

The zombie apocalypse has begun and for a band of military survivors, trapped miles from their base, hunting the dead is just another war to be fought in the name of freedom.

For some, the end was always on the cards, and being prepared was the name of the game. Yet, when faced with the reality of the new world, being prepared is not always enough.

Stranded in a harsh and violent world, there is no single path for survival. It is time to …

Hunt, survive and thrive.

The Infected: Jim's First Day by Joseph Zuko - 4 Stars ****

On a day like any other, Jim Blackmore finds himself at ground zero of the zombie apocalypse. 

He is forced to run a blood-soaked gauntlet through a city overrun by an insurmountable horde of the dead in a desperate attempt to reach his wife and two small children. As he fights to get home he discovers that the living are just as dangerous as the dead. 

But does Jim have the strength of will to survive the perilous journey?

Dead: Snapshot - Estacada, Oregon by TW Brown
4 Stars ****

Welcome to Estacada, Oregon...population, 2,713.

Ken and Bennett Johnson own Fearless Brewery, a place where you can come in for a bite to eat and sample their newest beers in a relaxing atmosphere...until the undead rose and began to destroy humanity. The big cities are falling--or have fallen--and Ken decides to spearhead an operation that will help keep not just a handful of survivors alive, but as many of the town's citizens as possible. It will be no small feat as he faces not only the walking dead, but also small town squabbles and worse...outsiders.

Nano Z by Brad Knight - 4 Stars ****

Fired from his job of twenty-two years, Mack is contemplating his bleak prospects when things take a turn from bad to worse.

While desperately trying to survive, he unwittingly helps Amber, a fourteen year old girl with a dark, troubled past.

Brought together by overwhelming circumstances, Mack tries his best to protect her as they travel through lawless lands with roaming undead. But what they are forced to endure may be more than either of them can handle.

Affliction by Dottie Daniels - 4 Stars ****

Twenty-six year old paramedic Seanna Burges wakes up five hours late to the sound of breaking glass on what was to be the eighth day of her work stretch. She finds out the hospital she works at along with most other parts of Allentown, Pennsylvania has been overrun with people who quickly succumb to an unknown but fast-acting infection that causes them to reanimate only to inflict the same outcome on anyone they can. By now, her hospital has been closed and reporting to work is both useless and dangerous.

Seanna is subsequently bitten during her travels to reach her loved ones, however there's one difference between her and the countless others who've become infected: she remains alive. Unbeknownst to her, there is a very intentional reason why.

That's a wrap on Zombie week.  I am sure they will show up again - you know how I love them.  :)

I hope you are reading something wonderful.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


Sunday, June 3, 2018

My Week in Review: 5/26/18-6/2/18

I had a couple of new to me authors this week that I am really excited to read more from.  

This weeks genre theme is: Sirens/Mermaids

Here are the books I want to share with you.

The Sea Queen by Jovee Winters - 4 Stars ****

Calypso, Queen of the Seas, is mad. Spitting mad. Ghosts of the dead are fouling her waters. She wants this problem fixed, and she wants it fixed now. Rushing off in search of Hades, Lord of the Underworld, to demand answers, she’s soon shocked to discover him bound and standing trial before a jury of his peers—for nothing less than murder.

Calypso normally despises the beastly gods, all of them, but there’s something about seeing Hades bound as he is that gives her an evilly clever idea. Tired of being a virgin queen, she wishes to shed that boring image once and for all, and no one seems quite as fit for the task as the gorgeous and brooding Hades. Of course, there is the minor problem of murder to deal with, but Calypso is bound and determined to have her way.

And when a dark queen gets an idea, nothing and no one can stand in her way…

Immersed by Katie Hayoz - 4 Stars ****


Forget petticoats and demure female behavior. Melusine Doré prefers armored corsets and knives and slays evil creatures for a living. The grim and gruesome don’t frighten her; she’ll take on a cyclops or a dragon and not even break a sweat. But when her rival, the charismatic Levi Cannon, comes to town, all her buried fears begin to surface. Melusine realizes she is in danger of something much more horrifying than facing blood-thirsty beasts – she’s in danger of falling in love. Because love alone has the power to reveal a secret terrible enough to completely shatter her world.

Set in the muddy streets of 1850s steampunk Chicago, Immersed by Katie Hayoz is a dark yet romantic fantastical romp. It is a stand-alone novella, the first in a series of adventures that follow Melusine on her quest to rid the world of monsters…and her struggle to come to terms with every monstrous facet of herself.

Mermaid Trouble by Andy Mulberry - 4 Stars ****

My name is Lana Ingram, and I can tell when people are lying. 

It got me kicked out of high-school, go figure. 

My mom's kinda weird, my sister social-media famous and my boyfriend is the best. 

Then Kellen shows up—tall, dark, way too handsome, carries weapons—and my life takes a fairy tales turn...

The Mermaid's Escape by Kellie McAllen - 3 Stars ***

Destined to marry the gorgeous, high-ranking Kai and inherit the throne from her grandfather, Princess Coral is the envy of every mermaid in the shoal. But all she really wants is the freedom to decide her own fate.

When Coral runs away from her own wedding and escapes to the land, she knows the clock is ticking. She has five days before her human body will succumb to the curse that binds all mermaids to the sea. Overwhelmed by the harshness of a deserted island, Coral is ready to accept her fate and return to the shoal, but with the arrival of four shipwrecked divers, Coral starts to understand why her mother was lured away by the human world.

When Coral is given the choice she always wanted, will she make peace with her destiny, or risk everything to forge her own path in a whole new world?

Breakwater by Catherine Jones Payne - 3 Stars ***

Mermaids. Murder. Mayhem.

A red tide is rising.

Seventeen-year-old Jade is recently engaged to a handsome soldier and about to choose her own career. But she didn't expect to witness a murder.

When her fiancé kills a naiad, plunging the underwater city of Thessalonike into uproar, tensions surge between the mer and the naiads. Jade learns too late that the choices she makes ripple further than she'd ever imagined. And as she fights against the tide of anger in a city that lives for scandal, she discovers danger lurking in every canal, imperiling her family and shattering the ocean's fragile peace.

Can the city's divisions be mended before the upwelling of hate rips apart everything Jade loves?

That wraps up this weeks reads.  I hope you see something you like.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


Sunday, May 27, 2018

My Week in Review: 5/18/18-5/26/18

This is the second week for the new review format.  I am finding it a bit daunting to read so many books in the same genre.  But I am not a quitter - at least not so soon after starting.  :) 

This weeks genre theme is: Post Apocalyptic

Here are the books I want to share with you today.

Reaper by Craig Buckhout - 4 Stars ****

Actions, reactions, political differences, religious fanaticism, ambition, fear, violence, lawlessness, and moral corruption pit the government, the governed, the cops, criminals, militia groups, and terrorists against one another in a wild, unpredictable free-for-all. It all culminates with an act so unthinkable mankind’s continued existence is in jeopardy.

As the events unfold, Officer Max Calloway and his partner, Steve Woods, find themselves caught right in the middle as they try to carry out an assignment essential to the preservation of at least some semblance of law and order. But as the world around them disintegrates into an ever increasing cycle of violence, they and the people they have sworn to protect, find themselves more and more isolated and less and less effective in keeping local government functional. Eventually, attacks by criminals, threats from ambitious government officials, betrayal by insiders, bombings, kidnappings, murders, assassinations, and a final terrorist inspired apocalyptic event, force them to make a decision that condemns enemy and friend alike, so they may survive.

This is the first story in a planned series that follows a group of people who through luck, cunning, and leadership, survive a world ending event. They plan, struggle, and endure only to, in the end, find themselves in a dystopian world they could never have imagined, and they must quickly adapt or die.

The Long Fall by Logan Keys & Mike Krause - 4 Stars ****

When the world starts to collapse, what will you do to survive?

A research station in the Arctic suffers catastrophic destruction. A soldier in Poland dies in a mysterious accident. A reporter in Manhattan stumbles across a conspiracy that has global consequences. As millions succumb to the strange attack across the globe, a handful of brave souls must step forward and fight not just for their own survival but that of the entire human race.

The Long Fall is a thrilling post-apocalyptic episodic series that follows the survivors of a global catastrophe that threatens the survival of the entire world. As each survivor learns more about the reasons and sources behind the apocalypse, they must work to save themselves and their families as they seek a way to reverse the disaster before it's too late.

Blackout by Boyd Craven - 4 Stars ****

Westley Flagg isn’t your usual lawbreaker. He’s a poacher, a moonshiner and a prepper, out of necessity. Despite trying to live on the straight and narrow, he knows the law can turn things on you in a heartbeat. When Wes has to come up with money for his Grandpa’s surgery, he gets involved with an unsavory group.

Living deep in poverty for most of his life, he’s become resilient and flexible, but college education can only take him so far. A solar storm sends the northern lights as far south as Texas, and cascading failures in the grid cripple the nation. Now, without communications, Flagg has to prove he has what it takes to still survive.

The Road to Ruin by Rebecca Fernfield - 3 Stars ***

When the world dies will you be ready?

Beautiful but neglected, Cassie Morgan watched the world die from the comfort and safety of her penthouse. She never once imagined her life of privilege would come to an end. Three weeks in, food is running short, and she's going to have to face the city - alone.

Would you do anything to survive?

Rick Carter never expected everyone to die, or for the worst in human nature to rear its ugly head so quickly. With his unit dead, and left to fend for himself, he determines to get out of the city and head for the safety of his friend’s farm in the north - alone. Rescuing an over-privileged, thirty-something woman without any idea of how to survive is the last thing he needs.

What depths will Man sink to when humanity is on its knees?

With most of the city dead, and no sign of rescue, Cassie and Rick have to rely on their own ingenuity to deal with the end of the world. Working together wasn’t what either had planned, but these are desperate times. Does Rick have what it takes to get them to the farm? Can Cassie rise to the challenge of survival?

A man of honour, will Rick have the stomach to help when he discovers Cassie’s secret?

An extinction-level plague is only the beginning.

Black Storm by Mark Gillespie - 3 Stars ***

These are the last days...
The Black Storm – a permanent state of darkness has engulfed the Earth.
The world is going mad without sunlight.

Ex-movie star, Cody MacLeod will do anything to protect his daughter Rachel from the Black Widow - a mysterious ghostly figure who has emerged from the Black Storm.

And he's got a plan.

A plane is taking off at San Antonio Airport in a few hours. To get there, Cody and Rachel must risk everything. They must drive through the darkness together.

But the road is a dangerous place. Civilization is crumbling. Desperate people are lurking in wait with bad intentions.
A breathtaking race to the finish line awaits. Will Cody and Rachel get to the airport in time?
Or will they succumb to the Black Storm?

I hope you are reading something wonderful.  As always thank you for stopping by.


Sunday, May 20, 2018

My Week in Review: 5/12/18-5/19/18

I have decided to switch things up a bit with the blog - I am going to be doing genre themes.  This means each week I will feature five books from the same genre, with a different genre each week.

This week the feature genre is Young Adult.  Here are the books I'd like to share with you:

Feral Recruit by Ginger Booth - 4 Stars ****

She survived. That's not good enough.

When Ebola struck Manhattan, Ava Panic was a bright high school sophomore. Two years later, Ava's still kicking. Also hitting, biting, and gouging eyes.

Nine out of ten didn't make it. Half the survivors are feral teens like Ava. During the Starve, their gangs terrorized the city. The Army finally stopped the dying, and resettled desirable refugees into the countryside.

But no one wants the gang rats, least of all the adults in the city. The generations loathe each other.

The new nation of Hudson hopes Army discipline can salvage these kids. Ava is game. Because the Army holds all the cards now. And if the streets taught her anything, Ava knows that only the ones with power survive. But for this to work, either the Army or gang rat Ava will have to change.

If you enjoy vivid characters, compelling world-building, and page-turning action, you'll love the climate change apocalyptic Calm Act Feral America series.

Get it now.

The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde - 4 Stars ****

In the good old days, magic was indispensable—it could both save a kingdom and clear a clogged drain. But now magic is fading: drain cleaner is cheaper than a spell, and magic carpets are used for pizza delivery. 

Fifteen-year-old foundling Jennifer Strange runs Kazam, an employment agency for magicians—but it’s hard to stay in business when magic is drying up. And then the visions start, predicting the death of the world’s last dragon at the hands of an unnamed Dragonslayer. 

If the visions are true, everything will change for Kazam—and for Jennifer. Because something is coming. Something known as . . . Big Magic.

Awaken by Michelle Bryan - 4 Stars ****

They destroyed her village. But they left Tara alive. That was their first mistake.

When everything she loves lies in ruins, Tara must run. From the deadly sand lands. From a merciless Prezedant.

And from the lies she’s been told her entire life.

With nowhere else to go, she heads to the town of Rivercross. But if Tara thinks she’ll find safety there, she’s mistaken. And the answers she receives raise only more questions.

And fear.

For her surviving kin. For what she must now do. Because being a New Blood is dangerous. She’ll be feared. She’ll be hunted.

And if she doesn’t find the power within herself soon, the crazed Prezedant’s grip on the world will become unstoppable.

The Fifth Sense by Erik Nickerson - 3 Stars ***

Vision is an illusion, a hoax created by manipulators and savages to corrupt the purity of innocent minds. Fall in line. Be a good citizen. Never open your eyes.

Young Apple Peterson is not a good citizen.

How could she be? She does not echolocate well. Her singing sucks. Her hair is coarse. (And no one likes a girl with coarse hair.) All the cool teenagers smell like fresh mint, feel like soft velvet, sound like ecstatic songbirds, speak only words of loyalty, and never, ever pretend that eyes are actually good for anything.

Apple is not cool, and she knows that something is desperately wrong with her world. But is she willing to bet her life on it?

Two Spells by Mark Morrison - 3 Stars ***

Sarah and her twin brother Jon are heirs to an ancient magical realm and its most valuable treasure, an enchanted library. The library endows readers with the supernatural means of crossing into the uncharted inner-sanctum of the second dimension, inhabited with peculiar and sometimes perilous creatures.

The children are emboldened with a wondrous mystical gift that no other being has ever possessed. But fate intervenes and triggers a disastrous inter-dimensional war that disrupts the fabric of time and space spanning multiple universes, tearing destiny a new and savage pathway.

The two must rescue their world from a phantom hybrid alien race controlled by a demented dark-wizard, Jeremy Sermack. They will either assimilate or be exterminated.

Will they be the saviors the prophets spoke of, or will they retreat to the perceived safety of their distant homeland?

That wraps up YA week.  I hope you see something you like.  

As always, thank you for stopping by.


Sunday, May 13, 2018

My Week in Review: 5/5/18-5/12/18

Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies out there.  I hope you are having a wonderful time with family and friends.  :)

Here is what I want to share with you today:

Dark Glitter by C M Stunich & Tate James - 5 Stars *****

Ciarah O’Rourke was born into torture.

A human spirit reincarnated in the body of an ancient fae goddess, she’s spent the last five years in iron shackles, her mind poisoned with magic for secrets she doesn’t know.

Waking up in a dirty alley with no memory of her escape, Ciarah finds herself in the hands of The Wild Hunt Motorcycle Club--a ruthless and violent group of bikers with faerie blood in their veins.

Arlo. Reece. Killian.
Three men drenched in death, sin, and old magic.
From their clubhouse in the middle of the Louisiana bayou, they’ll offer Ciarah the keys to unlock her memories and control the veil between worlds. But even her knights can’t erase the twisted scars that remind her they aren’t the only ones who hunt.

When The Wild Hunt rides, the souls of the dead join their parade.

All that’s missing now is their queen.

Kiss of the Demon Girl by Eddie R Hicks - 4 Stars ****

Ruthless, foulmouthed, and sometimes drunk. That’s me on a good day. Just imagine what I’m like on a bad day.

My name is Reika. I don’t know who I am anymore other than the following facts:

I’m unlikeable.

I used to be a member of the Yakuza.

I think a succubus has a thing for me.

The police shot me six times.

After my discharge from the hospital I learned that I had the unique talent to control fire. That’s right, a modern day pyromancer. I have no idea where these powers came from, the doctor that worked on me upped and vanished, along with all records of me ever being admitted to the hospital.

That’s when shady people from the shadows began to stalk me, some even had the balls to attack me. Don’t worry, I flambéed them all, I can take care of myself. What I am worried about are the people of New York City. Who’s going to defend them when my war with these shadow people reaches a boiling point?

I don’t want to be a heroine. I just want my life back.

Safe Zone by Suzanne Sussex - 3 Stars ***

The news reports spoke of a virus sweeping across South America. Entire villages were wiped out, yet events soon turned the media attention elsewhere.

Then a video hit the Internet and quickly went viral. A video showing a woman, attacked, bitten and dying.
Then she rose again.

Experts confirmed the video as a fake and prank. It was widely condemned as fear-mongering.

But all the expert denials counted for nothing when the virus reached the UK.

Chloe finds herself left behind, abandoned by Steve who rejoins the army to fight the new enemy. She does not know if she can survive without him.

Sam, arrogant and selfish in his immaturity, is miles from home, alone and scared. He knows he must change, must become a man, to endure this strange new world.

They must all make sacrifices to do what is right.

To do what is right for the greater good.

Awakening by Ben Swallow - 3 Stars ***

I was just a regular girl.

But then my parents are killed, I discover I have magic potential, and everything goes to hell.

The other mages reject me because I'm not as "noble" as they are. My parent's killer is still on the loose, and no one seems to care.

Only one mage is on my side. And lucky for me, he's hot.

The more we secrets we uncover, the more danger we get into. But I'm not going to stop until the killer is brought to justice.

Consort of Secrets by Eva Chase - 3 Stars ***

Every witch knows the rules: Stick to your own kind. Never reveal your powers to outsiders. Take a consort from the witching families or kiss your magic good-bye forever.

For years I've been quiet, obedient Rose Hallowell. I accepted the man my stepmother chose for me. But I never stopped missing my long-ago friends: brilliant Kyler, stoic Seth, passionate Jin, daredevil Damon, and Gabriel, whose self-assured warmth brought us all together.

Now we're back on my childhood estate to arrange my marriage. The boys I grew up with? They're still in town—and they haven't forgotten me either. And damn if they haven't grown up well.

They've got no magic, no place in my life. But they're charming and sweet and infuriatingly hot, and I can't seem to stay away. The more I try to resist, the more secrets I uncover about my family, my betrothal, and everything I thought was true about the witching world.

I've been lied to. I've been betrayed. So to claim my magic and my happiness, I'll break every rule there is—and then some.

Don't mess with this witch. Every rose has thorns.

That's it for this week.  I may switch gears next week and try some YA books.  :)  I hope you are reading something great.

As always, thanks for stopping by.