Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dark Embrace

This is the 3rd book in the Masters of Time series by Brenda Joyce and the story of Brianna and Aidan.

Brianna Rose is a self proclaimed computer geek. She does all she can to play down her looks, wearing baggy, over sized clothes and unattractive glasses. Brianna wants nothing more than to do her job with the CDA, researching time anomalies on the computer.

Aidan, the Wolf of Awe, is an Immortal Highlander. He has turned his back on the Brotherhood, their gods and the vows he took as a Protector of Innocence. All because sixty-six years ago he father, the demon Moray, killed Aidan's nine year old son Ian. Since then he has had only one thing on his mind, gaining power so that he can defeat his father.

Brianna is an empath and she senses Aidan's pain from across time. She knows that even though she is in 2008, somewhere in time Aidan is being tortured and she feels that it is her Fate to save him. Making her way to the CDA, Brianna is intent upon her task and overlooks the fact that it is almost dark. When night falls the gangs of soulless humans roam the street and everyone is fair game. Brianna is trapped.

Calling out to Aidan across time, Brianna is surprised when he actually shows up. He saves her from those soulless beings, the first Innocent he has saved in years. Brianna sees goodness in Aidan and is determined to meet her Fate head-on. While Aidan is just as adamant that he wants nothing to do with Brianna or her Fate.

This was a good read - but for one thing. I can't stand how sappy the Brianna character is in this book. I am more of a kick butt and take names later kinda gal and all this 'My love can save him.' 'All he needs is a loving touch.' makes me nauseous. LOL

Seriously though, that is the type of dialogue that comes from Brianna most of the book and I just don't like that sort of thing. That is why I am giving this book a 2.5 out of 5 stars. The first 2 books were much better.

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