Thursday, March 12, 2009

Promises in Death

This is the 29th book in the Eve Dallas 'In Death' series by JD Robb.

Book Blurb:

The vicious murder of a fellow cop has Lt. Eve Dallas steamed, particularly since
the victim was romantically involved with Eve’s good pal, Chief Medical
Examiner Li Morris. Naturally he’s looking for answers, and Eve’s
bummed that all she’s got is questions that just keep piling up….
For starters, it seems Detective Amaryllis Coltraine asked for a
transfer to New York City from Atlanta to escape a lover whose father,
a criminal mastermind, is behind bars. Is it just a coincidence that
Eve is the one who put him there? Her initial shock turns to abject
fury when a box containing Coltraine’s gun arrives on her doorstep,
promising Eve’s will follow if she doesn’t drop her investigation.
Maybe the killer doesn’t know that neither Eve nor her devoted spouse
Roarke take kindly to threats, but he's about to find out….

This is another favorite series. Eve and Roarke never disappoint and I love the dynamic that the secondary characters bring to the story.

This one, though serious in nature as all these book are, brought out a humorous side to Eve that has me laughing out loud a time or two. No, Eve was not intentionally being funny - but her responses to the things that were going on around her - things so totally out of her element - were brilliant. :)

I give this book and the whole series 5 stars!!



VampFanGirl said...

The 29TH BOOK! OMG! You know it's for that reason alone that I've never started this series.

I have to read a series in order. I develope a twitch if I don't.


Michelle G said...

I am the same way. My father gave me the 5th book. I was like - this is the 5th book. He said yeah, it's good. I said okay, but it's the 5th book - I can't start with the 5th book. LOL It sat on the shelf until I was able to get 1-4, but then I was hooked. This is a great series. I have the first 24 or so in paper back - but when they started coming out in hard back - I bought them. This is one of the few series I will buy hard back. :) They are that good.