Thursday, April 23, 2009

Way of the Wolf

This is the first book in The Vampire Earth series by E. E. Knight.

Book Blurb:


Welcome to David Valentine's world. It is a world where conquered humans occupy a role somewhere between livestock and slaves. A world ruled by unearthly monsters of such dark intent and limitless hunger that they can only be called Vampires.

Violently orphaned at the age of eleven, Valentine's aimless life changes when he meets a group of men bearing arms against the vampiric invaders and their human allies. These men are Wolves: elite guerilla fighters engaged in an ongoing battle to win back the Earth.

The Way of the Wolf is not an easy road to travel. Few men or women can master the disciplines involved, and those who do rarely survive for long. But for young David Valentine, compelled by the losses of his past and the dreams of his future, there can be no other choice. It is a choice that will lead him to adventures beyond his wildest imaginings...and to horrors worse than any he has ever faced.

This is a huge departure from my normal steamy paranormal romance fix - but I must say I am very glad that I read this book. It is a ROC sci/fi.

Think of the setting of the post apocalyptic 'Mad Max' movie - Earth has lost all technological advancements, humans are scattered far and wide trying to eek out a living and keep their loved ones safe - from the invaders as well as the humans who have sided with them in the hopes of keeping their own lives.

The alien invaders, known as the Reapers, are vampire like in the regard that they tear into the humans and suck the 'aura' or 'soul' out of them - it is this aura, rather than blood that sustains them.

Small bands of humans have gathered around what was once the United States of America - these bands of resistance fighters train with the Lifeweavers to fight the Reapers in the hopes of one day killing them all and reclaiming Earth for the surviving humans.

Reapers are actually Lifeweavers who have gone rogue and broken the covenants of their race by killing humans. The Lifeweavers are unable to fight the Reapers themselves, that is way they train the humans to do it.

I really enjoyed this book and have ordered the second one - I hope to read the entire series. :)

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. :)


The Vampire Earth Series:
1. Way of the Wolf (2001)
2. Choice of the Cat (2004)
3. Tale of the Thunderbolt (2005)
4. Valentine's Rising (2005)
5. Valentine's Exile (2006)
6. Valentine's Resolve (2007)
7. Fall with Honor (2008)
8. Winter Duty (2009)
Way of the WolfChoice of the CatTale of the ThunderboltValentine's Rising
Valentine's ExileValentine's ResolveFall with HonorWinter Duty


Anna said...

I'm really glad to hear you liked this one. I'm looking forward to reading it. :)

Amy C said...

Wow, 5 out of 5. I might have to consider this series. I don't read too many sci/fi, but it's more the outer space sci/fi that doesn't suit me :).

Lea said...

Hi Michelle!

This sounds like an excellent book and series! Have you read "Red", by Jordon Summers?

It is a similar storyline only with a romance involved.

If you would like a copy of the book, I can send you mine. Just e-mail me at

I notice you are reading "Desire Unchained"! My favorite series. I love, love Larissa Ione's books. I hope you enjoy.

Best Regards

Michelle G said...


It was different - but I could not put it down. :)


This does have the 'outer space' element due to the aliens and the doors they found that allowed them to travel from place to place. But that is not a main topic - merely the explanation for how they got to Earth. :)


I have not read Red - it is on the 'must have' list. I would love your copy - thank you for the offer. I too love the Larissa Ione series - I have the 3rd on the shelf as well. :)


SciFiGuy said...

Hi Michelle I like this series too. I think I have read up to Valentine's Rising. I am so way behind on this. Vampires and a post apocalyptic world. What's not to like :)