Friday, June 26, 2009

Amazon Ink

Amazon Ink is a Pocket Books Fantasy and the first in a new series from author Lori Devoti.

Book Blurb:

Meet Mel: Business owner. Dedicated mom. Natural-born Amazon.

It's been ten years since Melanippe Saka left the Amazon tribe in order to create a normal life for her daughter, Harmony. True, running a tattoo parlor in Madison, Wisconsin, while living with your Amazon warrior mother and priestess grandmother is not everyone's idea of normal, but Mel thinks she's succeeded at blending in as human.

Turns out she's wrong. Someone knows all about her, someone who's targeting young Amazon girls, and no way is Mel going to let Harmony become tangled in this deadly web. With her mother love in overdrive, Ms. Melanippe Saka is quite a force...even when she's facing a barrage of distractions -- including a persistent detective whose interest in Mel goes beyond professional, a sexy tattoo artist with secrets of his own, and a seriously angry Amazon queen who views Mel as a prime suspect. To find answers, Mel will have to do the one thing she swore she'd never do: embrace her powers and admit that you can take the girl out of the tribe...but you can't take the tribe out of the girl.

This is a murder mystery. The big difference between this and other whodunnits is that the players are Amazon women. :) Amazon women with the power to control the elements, strength ten times greater than the biggest weight lifter, and major attitude to spare.

Mel feels that she was wronged years ago - wronged in a way that can never be forgiven or forgotten. With no other choice before her, Mel takes her young daughter and leaves the tribe - vowing to live among humans and never tell her daughter about the Amazons.

Now Mel finds herself again without a choice - young Amazons are being killed and the killer has brought their deaths right to Mel's door.

I've read one other book by Ms. Devoti and it wasn't one of my favorites - but this book was a very good read. :)

I like the whole concept of the Amazon women living in today's world. Mel and her family trying to blend in - the rest of the tribe vowing to do the opposite no matter what. The way the Amazons are separated into groups is also interesting - warrior, priestess, artisan, hearth-keeper.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to finding out more about Mel and the Amazons.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Michelle!

Since I love the superheroes, this is probably one I would enjoy.

Thanks for the great review!

Dottie :)

Michelle G said...

Hello Dottie,

I thought the Amazon women made the book - without that mystical aspect it would have just been another murder mystery.


Fantasy Dreamer (Donna) said...

I've seen a lot of this book lately, great cover! I've always been just a bit fascinated by women of the Amazon. I'm adding this to my TBR. Thanks!

Blodeuedd said...

Hi Michelle,
Amazon women in today's society, became intrigued there :)
I would be curious to see what would happen

Kimberly Swan said...

Hi Michelle - This book was a surprise, wasn't it? I think it was just so much more than I expected, especially with her facing the rest of the tribe. Glad to see that you enjoyed it. :)

Michelle G said...


I like the cover as well - very fierce pose. :) And the Amazon point of view turns this mystery into something different. :)


Not all of the tribe want to be in today's society - as a matter of fact only the main character does and that makes the interaction very tense.


I was very pleasantly surprised. I'm looking forward to seeing what is in store for the Amazons (and the fella's).