Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finders Keepers

This is a Bantam Spectra Sci/Fi novel by Linnea Sinclair.

Book Blurb:

Independent trader Trilby Elliot is making some not-quite-legal modifications to her starfreighter, when an unexpected visitor falls out of space. Literally. He's crashed onto the uninhabited planet of Avanar in a crippled 'Sko fighter-the last place you'd expect to find a Zafharin military officer because the 'Sko and the Zafharin have been at war as long as Trilby can remember.

Rhis Vanur is your typically arrogant Zafharin. But to Trilby's surprise, he doesn't look down on her or her slapdash ship. Still, Trilby's learned the hard way that even though she found Rhis, she can't keep him. She's just a low-budget jump jockey as far as men like him are concerned. She's not falling for his offer to help...until Port Rumor reports her best friend missing and Trilby learns that the 'Sko are hunting both her and Rhis. Now they're in it together for better, for worse-or till death blasts them to oblivion....

So I've been mixing things up a little bit lately...stepping out of my lovely paranormal box. :) And I have to say that I've come across some wonderful books that I may not have otherwise read.

Finders Keepers is one of those books.

Trilby Elliot, for all intents and purposes, is alone in the world. No family to speak of, save the other orphans she grew up with - a group of ragtag children used as an expendable labor force for the powers that be. But Trilby took what she learned and parlayed that experience into her own freighting business. A very small one woman freight service - but a freight service nonetheless. :)

Now the independent freighters are being taken over - some bought out by larger companies and others gone missing. Trilby, for the first time that she can remember, is worried.

Rhis Vanur is accustomed to giving orders and having them followed without question. He has a reputation as Tivahr the Terrible and even his own men fear him. But for reasons of his own, Rhis does not tell Trilby who or what he really is - instead leading her to believe that he is merely a Lieutenant in the Zafharin forces. His knowledge of illegal modifications impresses Trilby and eventually Rhis wins the trust of Trilby - no small feat.

That is until Trilby learns the truth about Rhis' identity - but by then things have gone from bad to worse and Trilby and Rhis have to work together to save the universe. :)

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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Lea said...

Hi Michelle!

Great review! I have a Linnea Sinclair book in the stacks and have yet to read it (I won it actually - yikes). You have certainly spurred me on to give it a try. ;)

By the way, tell your daughter I love your new Avatar. :)

Happy Reading

Blodeuedd said...

Hi Michelle,
This one sounds pretty good, and must be if you give it 4 stars. I could do with a little more sci-fi in my life

Carolyn Crane (aka CJ) said...

Lea! Read the Sinclair you have!! Oh, I love her but I haven't read this one. It sounds like I should - I never see it reviewed, so this is good to see.

I resisted the sci fi bit for a while, too, but now I'll pick them up. Games of Command is my fave book of hers. So great!

Michelle G said...


I have one more on the shelf - Gabriel's Ghost. I hope it is just as good. It is the first in a trilogy.

My daughter says thank you very much. :)


I think you would like it. :) I'm all about the gutsy gals that don't need a fella to save her.


I really enjoyed Ms. Sinclair's style of writing. It has a great flow and doesn't get bogged down with an overabundance of details. I don't like 2 pages devoted to the color of socks someone is wearing. LOL

Kimberly Swan said...

Hi Michelle - Loved the review and it made me think that I really need to pick this one up! You should love Gabriel's Ghost, it's a really great series too. I reviewed the third book in that series a few months ago (Hope's Folly).