Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Book Cover: Bound to Shadows

This is the cover for the 8th Riley Jenson Guardin novel by Keri Arthur.

Release date 10-27-09

Book blurb forthcoming.


Donna (Fantasy Dreamer) said...

This is yet another series I want to read but haven't gotten to yet. Have you read the books in this series?

I've noticed the covers for this books usually has the woman with her throat exposed, as soon as I seen this cover I thought of this series.

Lea said...

What beautiful cover art Michelle!

I will look forward to the blurb.


Michelle G said...


I have read all but the last one, it is on the tbr shelf. :) I enjoy this series very much. The earlier covers have a couple on them. I will post them when I post my review of the latest book. :)


I like this cover as well and I'm looking forward to the blurb. LOL


Kimberly Swan said...

Hi Michelle - I love this series, and can't wait to read Bound to Shadows. Just a few more months. :)