Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Review: Tempt Me With Darkness

This is the first book in the Doomsday Brethren series by Shayla Black.

Book Blurb:

Cursed by Morganna LeFay, Marrok of Cadbury has lived in isolation for fifteen centuries without friendship, sex, or hope. When he begins dreaming of another LeFay woman with the trademark violet eyes and birthmark of the spell-happy witch who doomed him, he's determined to do whatever necessary to make her release him and grant him death--even abduct her. But soon Marrok discovers they are mates and that he must protect her from an evil wizard who knows she holds the key to a power both terrible and awesome--a power he will do anything to seize.

After her mother's death, Olivia Gray discovered that the father she thought died before her birth is actually alive and in London. Determined to find him and the acceptance she's always yearned for, she moves to the British capitol, opens an art gallery, and begins her search. It isn't long after a sexy stranger appears in her erotic dreams that he walks into her shop and abducts her--demanding she release him from a curse. As Marrok ingrains himself in her life, evil stalks her, and Olivia is caught between her long-lost family and her immortal mate. Will she and Marrok choose the dreams they've held dear or the love in their hearts?

I really liked this book. :)

Marrok is a warrior from King Arthur's time who has been cursed by a scorned witch to be immortal and unfulfilled until she, the witch, feels that he has learned his lesson. The only problem - she has been banished and Marrok has no idea how to end his curse.

Olivia is magical. She does not know this until she is told by a member of 'magickind' that she is an ancestor of the witch Morganna LeFay - the very witch that cursed Marrok. Olivia has no idea that magic exists and so she knows nothing of even the smallest of magicks. She has 18 months until she comes into her full powers - that being her 25th birthday.

This first book introduces us not only to Marrok - but also to the 'magickind' males that have re-formed the Doomsday Brethren :
the leader Bram, considered to be 'magickinds' play boy
Duke - an actual member of Royalty
Ice - who suffered the loss of his sister at the hands of the bad guys
Shock - who has family ties that are eager to help the bad guys
and Lucan - who has been mated for 10 years to the woman that Shock is also in love with - needless to say those two don't get along. :)

I give Tempt Me With Darkness 4 out of 5 stars and I have the next two in the series on the tbr shelf. :)


Tempt Me with DarknessSeduce Me in ShadowPossess Me at Midnight


Anonymous said...

Great review. This one sounds good.
I am loving the hot hunk with the long hair and sword on the cover.



Tamsyn said...

I think I'm going to like this series. Thanks for the reiew.

Blodeuedd said...

Oh I like the premise of this book, I would read it and want more

Patti said...

I've seen this one but couldn't decide if I'd like it or not...sounds intriguing. Nice review!

SusiSunshine said...

I totally agree! I loved this one too! Can't wait to start the next one!

Michelle G said...


Thank you. :) I like the cover as well - you can never go wrong with a dark haired man holding a sword. LOL


I think it's going to be a good one. :)


I think you would like it. I look forward to your thoughts once you've read it.


Thank you. I have had it on the shelf for a couple of years now and thought I really needed to read it - especially since I received the next two in the series for Christmas. :)


I look forward to your review. :)

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)


jacabur1 said...

Hope you like it, have read all three books by Shayla and they are not my usual reading material but needed something lighter than the normal darker paranormal stuff that I read all the time...

The story of course with the references to King Arthur hooked me and once read it got into the whole idea of keeping up with the main characters stories and was glad that I did. It has been a while now since have looked at the info but books 4&5 are coming out later in 2010 November and December but not titled as yet...

Jackie B Central Texas

Donna [F.D. Ramblings] said...

I can't wait to read this one. Glad to see you enjoyed this one so much.

All of the covers on this series get me excited about reading them. Covers to do that for me sometimes. ;)