Monday, April 26, 2010

Mailbox Monday

Good Monday morning. Can you believe this is the last Monday in April? Time is just trucking right along. LOL I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. :)

Here is a book I received from pbs.

Book Blurb:

For Durzo Blint, assassination is an art-and he is the city's most accomplished artist.

For Azoth, survival is precarious. Something you never take for granted. As a guild rat, he's grown up in the slums and learned to judge people quickly - and to take risks. Risks like apprenticing himself to Durzo Blint.

But to be accepted, Azoth must turn his back on his old life and embrace a new identity and name. As Kylar Stern, he must learn to navigate the assassins' world of dangerous politics and strange magics - and cultivate a flair for death.

Alrighty then. :) Sounds good. Every now and then I like something a little different. I picked this one out because Blodeuedd over at has been reading them.



Blodeuedd said...

Yay :D I hope you will like it. The first part was excellent, teh second yes slower but it was still a cool book

Michelle G said...


I'm looking forward to it. :)


Donna said...

The trilogy this book belongs to is suppose to be pretty awesome. Enjoy!

Danielle87 said...

Those books are always on display at bookstores! I'm always curious about them, because the cover's remind me of Robin Hood (who I had a small childhood crush on growing up, never mind that it stemmed from the Disney cartoon featuring a fox as Hood).

Look forward to your review!

Michelle G said...

Thanks Donna. :) I had not heard of them before B started posting about them.


That is too funny. Are you planning to see the new one with - oh durn, I just drew a blank - Russell Crowe? I don't know about him as Hood. He's not my favorite actor. LOL

Have a great day.