Thursday, April 8, 2010

Review: Don't Kill the Messenger

Don't Kill the Messenger is a novel by Eileen Rendahl.

Book Blurb:

The first in a fantastic new paranormal series about a messenger from the supernatural underworld.

Melina Markowitz is a Messenger, a go-between for paranormal forces and supernatural creatures. Problem is, when a girl's a go-between, it's hard not to get caught in the middle...

When ninjas steal an envelope from Melina, her search leads her to a Taoist temple in Old Sacramento, where the priests seem to practice Zen and the art of mayhem. Melina learns from the handsome ER doctor (and vampire) who gave her the envelope that it contained talismans created by the priests to control Chinese vampires, who are attacking gang members to spark a street war.

Although he may look more like a surfer than a cop, Ted Goodnight is dead serious about investigating the surge in gang violence. At every turn he runs into Melina, a very attractive-and very mysterious-young woman. Can Melina enlist his help to battle something he doesn't even believe in without blowing her cover?

Don't Kill the Messenger was an okay read.

After a near death experience as a three year old - Melina has been able to see things that other people can't see - and those things/beings want her to help them. Help them by delivering messages or parcels to other beings like them.

When a vampire asks Melina to deliver an envelope to another vampire Melina questions why - usually she only delivers between beings that don't like each other and therefore need a go between. But her job is Messenger and she has to deliver the package in a timely manner or suffer the consequences.

It is right along here that I did a complete WTH? Chinese vampires, Latino gang members, grow houses?

I lost interest very quickly and started skimming.

I love the idea of a Messenger - a go between for paranormal beings - and Melina is a pretty cool gal. But this story line was just too bizarre and not in a good way - it did not hold my interest.

When I read - the story unfolds in my mind like a movie...that may sound weird, but for me - books are movies in my head. LOL Don't Kill the Messenger was a very cheesy kung-fu movie in my head.

I give Don't Kill the Messenger 3 out of 5 stars.


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Blodeuedd said...

Too bizarre, hm, it does sound and look cool. Guess it will depend on my mood :)