Friday, April 2, 2010

Review: Revamped

Revamped is the second book in the Void City series by J F Lewis.

Book Blurb:


Eric has lost his strip club, his Mustang, and even Marilyn, the elderly love of his (mortal) life. Even his body was obliterated. In short, they almost got him. But when you're a vampire, "almost" is a very important word. With a little magical help from his friends, Eric is restored to corporeal form, but his treasured Mustang gets caught up in the sorcery and winds up with an unlife of its own. Now, along with "Fang the 'Stang," he's out to save Marilyn from one of Void City's most powerful soul-stealing demons. But salvation comes at a high price, forcing Eric to venture into his own worst nightmare, Vampire High Society, to uncover the truth about the origin of his powers.

At the same time, Eric's ex-girlfriend, Tabitha, has begun to wonder exactly what it was that she admired about those High Society Vampires in the first place. Her quest to find her own place in this deceptively vicious circle may lead her right back to Eric's side -- if her little sister, Rachel, doesn't kill her first. And Eric will need all the help he can get, because it looks like someone is after his soul, too. Blood will flow, fangs will be bared, and the claws will come out, because revenge is never pretty...and Eric has plenty to pass around.

I absolutely love this series!! :)

This series is not your average vamp story - and Eric is not your average vamp. He is a smart a$$ed uber vamp with crazy mad fighting skills - strength, speed and incredible regenerative powers - but his social skills leave much to be desired.

With his personal life in the toilet and no place to call 'home' Eric is bouncing from place to place trying his best to scare the living (or undead) hell out of all the vamps in town - hoping one of them will cough up the secret to who or what is responsible for this string of unfortunate events that have taken place.

Revamped is full of quirky humor and plenty of action - enthralled whores and Fang the vampire Mustang - it is a must read. :)

I give Revamped 5 out of 5 stars and hope the sequel is soon forthcoming.


Void City
1. Staked (2008)
2. Revamped (2009)


Cecile said...

OH Michelle, I am happy to see you have reviewed this book. I read the first one last year. I thought it was a riot, but I was left feeling.. I am not sure... I have never read a book from that stands point before... but I loved the humor Eric offered up and his love for his 'Stang.
So I am glad to see that you loved the second one. You are tempting me to get it and read that one too.
It is a great story...
Happy Friday to you!

Blodeuedd said...

The main character is a guy? The who is that girl?

Michelle G said...


I love Eric and his sense of humor - or the lack of a sense of humor - because he is serious - it just comes across as funny. :)

Happy Friday to you my friend.



Yes, the main character is a guy - Eric. The girl on the cover is one of the women in his life - he has several - but for different reasons. LOL

Have a wonderful weekend.


Lea said...

Ooooh this sounds like a good one Michelle. *Sigh* I don't know if I can add another to my alps right now. lol Thanks for the great review and sharing your thoughts.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Patti said...

Nice review! This is one of the series I want to start this year. Glad to see good reviews about it!

Donna [F.D. Ramblings] said...

I have Staked, I should move it up on the TBR pile. You make this series sound fabulous.