Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Review: Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest is the second book in the Onic Empire series by Anitra Lynn McLeod and an Aphrodisia Erotic Romance.

Book Blurb:

To be a Harvester is to exist with pain that should be pleasure and desire bound by duty. Until one who can spark a change meets the perfect mate. Now he needs only to convince her--one shattering climax at a time. . .


Harvester Sterlave of Gant knows his mission: initiate all the virgins of the season and choose a bondmate from among them. The one he selects is perfect, both physically and politically--she is, after all, the empress's daughter. Kasmiri, however, has other ideas. She wanted to be chosen by Sterlave's best friend, Chur, who instead rebelled by selecting a mere servant girl! Kasmiri knows she now must submit to Sterlave--although she doesn't have to like it. . .

But Kasmiri soon realizes she more than likes Sterlave's sensual attentions. A man like no other, Sterlave is a warrior who satisfies her deepest physical needs, even as he strives to win her heart. . .

Dark Harvest picks up right where Wicked Harvest ended. Chur and his bondmate are trying to change the thousands year old tradition of Harvester and paratanist - which has been corrupted over the years.

Sterlave has become the new Harvester and he has chosen Kasmiri as his bondmate - Kasmiri is outraged - but knows that nothing can be done to change her fate.

Dark Harvest is full of black mail and political intrigue - Kasmiri is thrust into a position she is ill prepared for - Sterlave has pledged to be by her side - but will that be enough to stop the machinations of an unlikely foe?

Kasmiri is not the only pawn involved in this plot. A rival for the position of Harvester has opened himself up to an unknown entity - and this entity has twisted him into a horrible being of rage. The long held tradition of Harvester has been defiled by this entity - and many have suffered his Dark Harvest.

Dark Harvest has a more sinister story to tell than Wicked Harvest - the sensual bonding of Kasmiri and Sterlave is prominent - but the outrageous acts of the dark harvester are more pronounced in my mind.

I quite like the way this book ended - and I am looking forward to the next installment.

I give Dark Harvest 4 out of 5 stars. :)


** Please note: Dark Harvest has several instances of rape - of both men and women. They are not graphic scenes - but I wanted you to be aware of the fact.


Blodeuedd said...

Thanks for that discloser, I do not think I would wanna read about that, even if it was only mentioned

Michelle G said...


I understand. Even though the instances are integral to the story line, and as I said, not graphic - some people may not wish to read it. I thought it best to let the reader know what to expect. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle!
Are the rape scenes like in JR Ward's book when Vishous is telling about his past and what happened to him? Like something that makes the character who they are? If that's the case, I can probably read it.


Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) said...

Hey Michelle is this ebook or paperback? This sound good.

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Thank you again for another thoughtful review. Dark Harvest is getting a lot of attention for the darkness of the storyline but also, like you said, it's part of the story, not just tossed in for titillation or shock value.

Michelle G said...


In one instance it is a re-telling - but in the others it is happening right then. Due to the 'nature' of the people that this is happening to - they are resigned to it - so they do not put up much of a struggle - if any at all.


You can find both Wicked Harvest and Dark Harvest on line at Barnes & Noble and Books-A Million, they are trade paperback.


You are welcome. :) I am not surprised at the attention Dark Harvest is getting. I think, like with any book, it is going to be a situation where each individual reader has to decide whether they want to read it or not.

I put the warning up because I would want that on a review I read of any book that contains scenes of this nature. But as I said, it is not graphically brutal - and it was not something that made me put the book aside and walk away. :)


Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Absolutely people should know, and I think the way you explained the nature of the events is much better than what I could do. :) I was worried when I sent DH to my editor, but he concurred that the events arose out of the character and the story line. I hope people will understand that it's not gratuitous and give the series a chance. :)

Lea said...

Hey Michelle:

Wonderful review. Disclosure is so important when a scene such as you've described is in a book. Then folks know what to expect. It isn't a spoiler at all.

Thanks so much for sharing, I'd put this series on my list if I had room but I'm beyond buried in books right now. LOL


Tricia said...

Hey Michelle! Great review and thanks for the heads up if the scenes aren't graphic I can usually move past them so I'll be looking for this series.