Friday, May 14, 2010

Review: Shadowlight

Shadowlight is the first novel in the Kyndred series by Lynn Viehl and an Onyx Paranormal Romance.

Book Blurb:

With just one touch, Jessa Bellamy can see anyone's darkest secrets, thanks to whoever tampered with her genes. What she doesn't know is that a biotech company called GenHance has discovered her talent, and intends to kill her and harvest her priceless DNA.

When GenHance is poised to strike, Gaven Matthias is forced to take action. After months of tracking Jessa, he abducts her himself so he can protect her in his underground fortress.

Matthias tries to explain what she is and how she can protect others like her, but Jessa has a hard time believing the one man whose secrets she can't read. She senses he's hiding a terrible truth, and yet his touch ignites a passion she's never known.

As a monstrous assassin closes in and forces them on the run, Jessa will have to find another way to discover whether Matthias is her greatest ally...or deadliest enemy.

Shadowlight was an okay read. :)

Jessa Bellamy can see anyone's secrets with just one touch of her hand - so it is understandable that she rarely touches anyone. This makes her seem cold and standoffish - and prevents her from any type of social life. Jessa chooses to use her ability as a way to make a living - forming Phoenix, Inc. - a company that runs background checks for new hires. Through Phoenix, Inc. - Jessa has come in contact with people who have a criminal background - and she has anonymously contacted the authorities about their criminal behavior.

This has brought Jessa to the attention of GenHance - and they want her. GenHance knows about Jessa's ability and they want it for themselves.

Gaven Matthias is also aware of Jessa - and the interest that GenHance has in her. He is determined to save her from them - whether she wants his help or not.

I did not enjoy this book as much as I did the Darkyn series - even though a few people from the Darkyn series made an appearance. I'm thinking I just need to give it a little time. I had difficulty shifting gears from Darkyn to Kyndred...but I am not giving up.

I give Shadowlight 3 out of 5 stars and I am looking forward to the next installment in this series - Dreamveil, due out in June, 2010.


1. Shadowlight (2009)
2. Dreamveil (2010)


Sabrina (about happy books) said...

Sounds good.

Lynn Viel is one of my favourite authors and I will definitely read this book.

Michelle G said...


I agree, I love the Darkyn series - it is one of my all time favs. :)


April said...

Great review! This sounds like a good book. Paranormal romance is a favorite genre of mine!

Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) said...

Great review. I have this one may bump it up now.

Blodeuedd said...

I was kind of too preoccupied with checking out sizzling sixteen, omg, I did not know a new one was coming! Thanks Michelle

Beverly said...

I would pick this one up just because of the great tattoo on the cover - okay and the body it's on! I will have to give it a shot - I have not read her before. Thanks for the review.

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Hi Michelle! Just wanted to let you know you have an award waiting for you here.

Have a great weekend! :-)