Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Flash Fiction: Week 6

Amy C over at Romance Book Wyrm and Dottie over at Tink's Place
have come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge. Each Monday a new picture prompt wi
ll be posted and if you choose to participate - you post your story on Friday.

And here is the sixth picture prompt:

Here is my story:

A Whisper Across Time

She sat on her favorite bench, like a hundred times before; lost in thought as she gazed at the painting.  She could remember the first time her mother brought her to the museum - she had been six years old and it was during the summer; the cool interior of the museum such a contrast to the scorching midday heat outside. 

When they arrived at the painting she stopped and laughed aloud.  Her mother asked her what was so funny.  She pointed to the painting and said, “It’s me Mommy.  I’m all grown up.”  She remembered the look on her mothers face.  Bemusement.

She could not explain what drew her to the painting.  It was almost as if it talked to her, whispers like the rustling of the wind in the trees, there and gone again.

But whatever the reason she was ensnared by its beauty, by the story it told and the promise it held - as well as the solace it offered.  She lost her parents in an accident over a year ago - and the painting brought back wonderful memories of the time they shared at the museum.

Now in her twenty third year, she was as recognizable to the museum patrons and employees as the beautiful art that surrounded her. 

She sighed, it was closing time and she was, again, the last person in the room.  Rising, she walked to the painting for one last look.  The image blurred and she blinked her eyes, hoping to refocus. 

Light headed and dizzy, she reached out her hand to steady herself and accidentally placed it on the painting - and then through the painting.

A strong hand held her arm.  “My lady Petra, are you well?”

Petra opened her eyes and found herself gazing into the face of the man in the painting.  Quickly recovering, Petra smiled at him - feeling as if she had known him her entire life.   

“Yes Tarek.  All is well my love.  All is well.”

She hugged her husband.  “I don’t think I have ever been more happy.”

Though she retained her memory of the future and everything she left behind, Petra never regretted her trip through time.  She and Tarek lived happily together, raising four children who provided them with sixteen grandchildren and more happy memories than Petra ever thought possible.

Petra lost Tarek in her forty ninth year, and followed him five years later.  Their love was an inspiration to all who knew them and songs were sung in their honor for years following their deaths.   

The End
Word Count: 429


I have to say that this week was the hardest for me so far...:)


Blodeuedd said...

Awww, how nice Michelle :D
I liked this one, but then time-travel have always been a fav of mine.

I am happy to hear everyone had a hard time thsi week mouwahahha. Lol, no, a challenge is good

Amy C said...

Oh, Michelle! Sigh! Something not dark. That was wonderful :). What an awesome take of this picture. Very unique!

Loved it!

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Michelle!

Aw, sweet love that expands the bounds of time. I love the part where she laughs at her adult self, peeking back from the past!

I too had a yeck of a time coming up with something...

Nicely done with a sweet love!

Dottie :)

Michelle Greathouse said...

Thank you ladies. I am proud that this one turned out blood free. LOL


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I love the prompt and I love your story! This is my favorite prompt yet!

Michelle Greathouse said...


I didn't know you were following along. LOL

I am having so much fun with these stories - I'm always amazed at what the picture inspires.

Have a great weekend.