Monday, September 6, 2010

Mailbox Monday

Not long ago I discovered the Romantic Suspense genre - and I dig it. :) I am slowly finding new to me authors in this genre and Lorie O'Clare is the latest. This is the first book in her FBI Sex Crimes series.

Book Blurb:

Grace Jordan is leaving her dark past behind. Having traded in her big-city badge for life in the slow lane in Rockville, South Dakota, Grace and her daughter were hoping to make a fresh, clean start.

But crime is at-large in small towns, too, and young women keep turning up brutall
y murdered. Before she knows it, Grace has got a serial murder case on her hands - and the infuriatingly seductive FBI agent Justin Reece by her side.

Grace did not come to Rockville looking for romance. But she can't
deny the chemistry between her and Justin - no matter how much she might want to.

Meanwhile, things keep heating up as more women turn up dead, and a disturbing new pattern points to a killer who seems to be sending a message for Grace alone.

But how could he know such secre
t, scandalous details about her life? Unless he happens to be someone from the past she would kill to forget.

How about you, do you like Romantic Suspense? Who are your favorite authors or series in this genre, who should I add to my list of 'to try' authors?



Blodeuedd said...

It does look good, and I'd sure like to read some romantic suspense one day- Since I haven't really tried it

Lea said...

I love, love romantic suspense Michelle. Some of my faves are Elizabeth Naughton, Stephanie Tyler, Elizabeth Jennings is supposed to be good (I've not read her but will)... Umm Jaci Burton's Wild Riders Series..

I've got one here called "Damage Control" by Ay Fetzer that looks really good. :-)

Enjoy your book - looks good!

JenM said...

I'm not a big romantic suspense fan, but I do like Shannon McKenna - her males are seriously alpha.

Mary G said...

You lucky girl Michelle. Tons of rom. susp. out there. Christy Reece is brilliant (6 books in the series) as is Pamela Clare (4 books in the series). Other faves are Cindy Gerard, Joyce Lamb (with a bit of PNR - smart writing). Just read The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks in one sitting - grabbed me from the first page. Lea mentioned my other faves.

Marce said...

That title is hot, thats for sure. Jean Holloway's Ace of Hearts will fit that category, I just downloaded the 2nd in the series.

Michelle Greathouse said...

Thank you ladies. I've added several authors to my list. :)