Friday, September 10, 2010

Series Discovery: Blood & Sex by Angela Cameron

Some of you may be familiar with the series (and if you are, why didn't you tell me about it?) but I just found it and I wanted to share. :)

Book Blurb:

This is an original -- spine-chilling and sexy -- a tale of a Mafia vampire and the detective who is determined to bring it to justice...Detective Victoria Tyler is investigating Collins Bay's new serial killer, one of the city's vampires. Since they have marked her as a human to be killed or conquered, Tori knows that Michael is her only hope for survival. But she hasn't spoken to him since the night she tried to kill him. As the enforcer for the Italian vampire cosca, Michael expects a certain amount of cooperation from his boss. That amount has been shrinking ever since their leader took a new sadist lover. So when the detective requests his help, it's just the excuse he needs to take control of the city -- and the delicious human.

Risking it all, Tori agrees to let Michael take her neck and lead her on a
journey through a world of bondage, domination and blood to stop the killer. But can she resist the dark lusts he sparks? Or will her weakness get someone else killed?


Book Blu

The second and sexiest book yet in the scorching Blood and Sex series. Dr. Elena Jensen is an immunohematologist with DIACorp, the world's leading medical research facility. She's worked hard to get where she is and loved every second of it. But on the eve of announcing her discovery of an immunity booster that will change the lives of every human on earth, a delicious new man walks into her life. Jonas, the strangely appealing owner of the new vampire themed bondage club, could be the perfect distraction from her otherwise workaholic life. But their worlds couldn't be farther apart.

Elena walks away, hoping that she can put Jonas's memory behind h
er and focus on her work, but he won't leave her alone. Even in her steamy dreams, Jonas is absolutely enthralling. The fact that he's starring each night as a powerful vampire lover makes him even more irresistible. At least until a werewolf attacks her, forcing Jonas to reveal his identity and the truth of her dreams. When she sees him again, can Elena keep dreams separate from reality? Or will her twisted fantasy get them both killed?

Warning: This story contains handcuffs, werewolf violence, intense sex, light bondage, and a dominating, butt-kicking hero...who likes to use his fangs.

And Available 12-01-10

Book Blurb:

In the third book of Angela Cameron's steamy trilogy about a vampire mafia, we discover Blane's hidden passions and struggle to succeed within the vampire hierarchy. We get glimpses into Michael and Tori's established relationship, and learn more about the opportunities and threats that the vampiro faces as they journey to Venice. Will the Alleanza survive the modern pressures of the vampire cosca? Will Blane be able to break through the guarded reserve of Christiana, the beautiful woman the vampire leader has sent to educate the newest vampires? Or will her sense of duty be stronger than the passion that threatens to sweep her away?

Don't miss this exciting continuation of the series Romance Junkies named a "debut that rocks"!

Sound pretty steamy. Have you read this series? What are your thoughts?



Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) said...

Its been a while since I read them but I really like them. I like my vampire to be more over powering and these fit the bill. I will say they are more hard core erotic then your regular romance. I have book one and two and now they are out of print and I dont want to get rid of them now. I really wanted the third book, but I guess I will have to give it up for a stinking ebook. I will say they needed an editor, but I can look over things. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. I may need to re-read them on day soon they are a quick read.


Michelle Greathouse said...


They have them at Barnes & Noble online. You can pre-order the third book now. :)

I have the first one on my Christmas wish list.


Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) said...

OMG!I have to have it. I looked at amazon and bam and couldnt find them I never check B&N I guess I need to. Thanks

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I haven't read it, but it sounds intriguing enough that I may pick up the series. Nice review.

M. Wilkins said...

I read the first two and enjoyed them. They're coming out in print with nationwide distribution (not just on Amazon). That's why some of the ones on Amazon say they're out of print now. Try searching the ISBN 9781590032039. I found them listed on BAM and B&N. Michael I found locally at a B&N.

Lea said...

This does look like a steamy paranormal series Michelle. The cover art depicts the tone of these type of novels really well - it's beautiful!

Thanks for sharing.