Friday, October 22, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday: Week #10

Amy C over at Romance Book Wyrm and Dottie over at Tink's Place
have come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge. Each Monday a new picture prompt wi
ll be posted and if you choose to participate - you post your story on Friday.

And here is the tenth picture prompt:
My story:
Avenge, Seven Fold
By Michelle Greathouse

Seth landed on the terrace, changing to his human form seconds before his feet hit the floor; Elizabeth’s parents right behind him.

Gathering her still body to his chest he brushed the hair from her forehead and placed a gentle kiss upon her brow.  Shock and grief ripped through him like lightening, followed closely by rage and a powerful need to kill.

“I am going for Conrad, take care of Elizabeth.” 

Elizabeth’s mother caught Seth’s eye and he saw his own rage looking back at him.  Sarabetta was fierce, firm in her resolve and resolute about her mission.  Elizabeth’s father, Warren, stood at Sarabetta’s back.  A man of few words, he was content to let his actions speak for him and right now, he was barely holding on to the beast within.

With a nod to the people he considered his own family, Seth gathered Elizabeth, stood and made his way into the lavishly appointed room that had been Elizabeth’s prison for several days.

Seth placed Elizabeth upon the bed and tried to access the damage done to her body.  The gown she wore was stained with blood and singed from the bullet that had penetrated at such a close range.  Seth gently eased the material away from Elizabeth’s body and stared at the mess that was once her heart.

“Damn you Conrad.”  Seth savagely ripped his own wrist and placed the bleeding wound over Elizabeth’s mouth.  “Drink, Beth.”  He encouraged her to drink with sweet words and soothing sounds.  But she would not drink.  

Taking his wrist from her mouth, Seth placed it over her heart and let his blood drip into the gaping hole.  “Heal, damn it.”  

Frantic with worry, Seth savaged his other wrist, placing one at Beth’s mouth while the other dripped onto her chest.  It was no use.  She was dead, truly dead, and there was nothing Seth could do.

He gathered her into his arms and left the bedroom making his way down the corridor.  He passed fighting at every turn, but gave the combatants not a second glance, so intent was he in his mission.  He had to get her out of this place, had to find her parents.  Surely they would know what to do, how to save her.

Seth arrived at the courtyard and found Sarabetta engaged in fierce battle with three of Conrads baby vamps, Warren was similarly engaged with Van, Conrad’s lieutenant.  The courtyard was littered with the bones of Conrad’s ancestors.  This was considered a holy place by the King.      

Throwing back his head, Seth let loose with a primal roar that drew everyone’s attention to him - and the body he carried.

Sarabetta beheaded one vamp, threw her sword at the head of another, successfully decapitating him on the run, and made her way to her daughter just as Warren knelt at Beth’s side, Van's head still in his grasp.

“What happened?”  Sarabetta took in Beth’s wound and the blood that surrounded her mouth and ran unchecked down her throat.

“I could not get her drink, nor the wound to heal.”  Seth shook with a combination of grief and rage.  “I don’t understand, I thought she would rise as a vampire.”

Warren looked at Sarabetta, “We need to get her home.”  Nodding her consent Sarabetta moved to allow Warren to pick Beth up.  “Follow me.”

Sarabetta moved quickly through the courtyard, Warren following closely and Seth bringing up the rear until they reached the area where Conrad kept his automobiles.  They loaded Beth into the first available vehicle and began the journey down the steep mountain side road.

“I’ve sent a mental command to leave no one alive and destroy the castle - Conrad will no longer find sanctuary here.”  Sarabetta calmly drove down the twisting road.

Seth, sitting in the backseat with Beth’s limp body in his arms, met Sarabetta’s gaze in the mirror.  “What about Conrad?”

“Conrad is mine.”  

Warren turned to look at his wife.  “Conrad is ours.  We will avenge Beth’s death seven fold.  There will be no one left in Conrad’s line.  This I swear.”

The End
Word Count: 677

What do you think?  If you have followed these flash fictions you will note that this story is a continuation of my flash from week # 7 - Win, Lose and Die.

I hope you enjoyed this one.  :)


Blodeuedd said...

Oh, for some reason I did not put those two together, but yay I love when someone continues a story. I must try that too :=)

Michelle Greathouse said...


It just seemed to fit. LOL


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I think you get better every week! I really enjoyed this story.

Michelle Greathouse said...


Thank you. :)


Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Michelle!

Great story, as soon as I started reading, I knew this was the continuation of the other flash! I freaking love it!! Do you think this is the start or maybe part of your NaNo story??

Dottie :)

Michelle Greathouse said...

Thank you Dottie. :) When I saw this weeks picture I immediately knew I had to continue the previous story - those picture just fit together. :)

No, I have a completely new idea for NaNo. I've been thinking about it since the day I signed up...I hope it's good. LOL But I'm worried about it - I have the who and the where - I just need to figure out the what. ROFL


Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

LOLOLOL!! I've been piecing mine together, get ready to write, expanding some of my flashes to get ready to tell a longer story... I always worry that my story will be too short, I'll fall short of my mark.... So typically of me.... LOLOL!!


Dottie :)