Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Upcoming CSN Review

By now most of you are familiar with CSN Stores and their great products - but just in case you are new to CSN, I've been given an opportunity to review a product of my choosing.

Our daughter has decided to go 'away' to college sooner than we had anticipated - and everyone knows that space is tight in the dorms and storage is minimal.  

With an ottoman coffee table she would have storage as well as an extra flat surface - and the tray top is removable.  An added bonus is that these are smaller in size and won't take up much space.

CSN has over 200 online stores and millions of products.  If you haven't heard about CSN, stop by and take a look around.  You won't be disappointed.

And be sure to stop back by for my product review.

CSN Stores   


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Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I have one of those in my home office! They are so cool!