Friday, November 19, 2010

YA Review: Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Crescendo is the second book in the Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick and a YA novel from Simon & Schuster.

Book Blurb:
Nora's Grey's life is still far from perfect. Surviving an attempt on her life wasn't pleasant, but at least she got a guardian angel out of it. A mysterious, magnetic, gorgeous guardian angel. But despite his role in her life, Patch has been acting anything but angelic. He's more elusive than ever (if that's possible) and what's worse, he seems to be spending time with Nora's arch-enemy, Marcie Millar.

Nora would have hardly noticed Scott Parnell, an old family friend who has moved back to town, if Patch hadn't been acting so distant. Even with Scott's totally infuriating attitude, Nora finds herself drawn to him - despite her lingering feelings that he is hiding something.

If that weren't enough, Nora is haunted by images of her murdered father, and comes to question whether her Nephilim bloodline has anything to do with his death. Desperate to figure out what happened, she puts herself in increasingly dangerous situations to get the answer. But maybe some things are better left buried, because the truth could destroy everything - and everyone - she trusts.

Crescendo was submitted for review and I retain my copy. :)

Crescendo picks up right where Hush, Hush left off. We find Nora still dating Patch and Nora's mother still disapproving of their relationship.

Nora becomes jealous when she finds Patch spending time with Marcie Millar and without giving him a chance to explain - blows everything out of proportion and throws him out.

Then she meets Scott - an old acquaintance from childhood, and despite Patch's warning to stay away from him - proceeds to hang around with him - putting herself in danger.

Finally Nora finds out some very disturbing news that gives us insight into why Marcie Millar hates her so much as well as more info on her father's murder.

I must confess - I did not enjoy Crescendo as much as Hush,Hush. Nora made some very bad choices and placed herself in danger unnecessarily.

I understood her actions in Hush,Hush - because she did not really know what was going on - but in Crescendo she is very aware of the fallen and the Nephilim - and what they are capable of doing.

Making poor choices out of ignorance is not the same as making poor choices out of stupidity - and Nora, in my opinion was acting a little stupid.

I was surprised at the ending of Crescendo - I admit, I did not see that coming - and I am looking forward to finding out what happens next.

I give Crescendo 3 out of 5 stars.


1. Hush, Hush (2009)
2. Crescendo (2010)
Hush, HushCrescendo


Blodeuedd said...

Oh sigh, Nora will you never learn, I think I would have an TSTL moment with her

Anna said...

I was pretty shocked by the ending too. :)

Michelle Greathouse said...


I was thinking the same thing - why place yourself in danger like that?


I certainly didn't see it coming. LOL

Have a great weekend ladies.