Thursday, December 16, 2010

Review: Dark Viking by Sandra Hill

Dark Viking is part of the Viking Series II novels by Sandra Hill.

Book Blurb:

If life weren't dangerous enough, stuntwoman Rita Sawyer has been recruited by the Navy SEALs.  Now instead of being lit on fire and hurtling through skyscraper windows, she's trying to survive her grueling SEALs training. 

But when a sea operation goes wrong, Rita awakens to find herself still clad in her wet suit and in a cage with a bunch of Vikings staring at her.  With no idea how she traveled back in time to the Norselands, all Rita is certain of is that her Viking warlord captor is tempting her beyond reason...

Steven of Norstead can't believe the sight before him.  The strange sea creature he found is actually a beautiful woman.  But with her sharp tongue and irksome ways, Rita's like no other woman he's ever known.  Steven's been in a cold, dark mood for many a sennight.  Mayhap this unusual woman will be the one to light his fire...

My thoughts:

Dark Viking is the first book I have read by author Sandra Hill and I liked it. 

Historicals aren't really my thing anymore - but this a historical with a twist - time travel.  In this series of books either someone from the past comes to the future - or someone here goes back there.

In Dark Viking a modern day woman goes back in time and what follows is a fun, quirky look at what could happen if time travel were possible.

The story is nice.  Ms. Hill's writing style is very fluid, moving from one point to the next will apparent ease.

I kept thinking that everyone just seemed to accept Rita's appearance and they treated her well.  Steven is very intelligent and mannerly to some extent.  Very nice.

But in the back of my mind I was thinking there is no way this would have happened.  If she had not been killed on sight - she would have been raped, passed around, raped some more and then killed - or sold or bartered away for a goat.

I think Ms. Hill's version is much nicer.  LOL

I give Dark Viking 3 out of 5 stars and I am interested in this series enough to want to read more.


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Blodeuedd said...

No historicals for you, oh come back to us Michelle :( But hey if timetravel still counts then yay