Thursday, March 24, 2011

Help! I am pulling my hair out.

Hubs gifted me with a Sony Pocket E-Reader over the weekend and I have yet to download a single thing.  Grrr!!

I have been to Galley Grab on Simon & Schuster and followed the directions there.  I can download the galley - but then my Reader Library opens and I get an error message:  Failed to load content. (-1166)  WTH?  And yes, I have Adobe Digital Editions downloaded as well.  :)

I have pulled half my hair out and threatened to throw the durn thing in the yard.

If you have a Sony Pocket E-Reader or have any idea what is going on please email me at kweenmg at yahoo dot com and tell me what I am doing wrong.

Thank you very much.  *Never had this trouble with a paperback* 

**UPDATE**  After all that hair pulling I finally un-installed and re-installed both Reader Library and Adobe Digital Editions.  Went back to Galley Grab and downloaded the galley - only to find out that the error code I received the first go round means - Document License Expired - that is why it would not load in the first place.

Not my problem or the Readers - it's the galley.  DOH!  This is exactly why I waited so long to get one of these gizmo's.  I'm getting too old for this stuff.   


Melissa (Books and Things) said...

First make sure that the Reader Library is up to date and compatible with your system. I think there is a mac version and a PC version. Then click on the book you downloaded and this should load it into the reader library. See if that works first. Then go to the Sony/adobe site and trouble shoot from there.

Sakura Sandra said...

Good luck! I can't help, because my ereader is a NookColor, but I can wish you good luck in solving your problem! :)

Sandra from

JillyB07 said...

Im glad you got it fixed. I have had my sony reader for over a year and I love mine! I hope you learn to love yours!

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Glad you worked it out! I was coming over to see if I could help. I've had my Sony pocket for over a year and I really like it, although I still prefer a real book. Yes, I'm a purest! Hope you enjoy yours as well. =O)

Michelle Greathouse said...

Thank you ladies. :)

I am sure I will like it once I get the hang of it - but I agree with Michelle @ The True Book Addict, it will never replace an actual book. :)

Have a great day.


Holly said...

If you run into more problems, the forums and users have a lot of knowledge to share at: Just a thought.