Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review: Shotgun Sorceress by Lucy A Snyder

Shotgun Sorceress is the second book in the Jessie Shimmer series by Lucy A. Snyder and a Fantasy from Ballantine Books and Del Rey.

Book Blurb:

Burning Down The House

For Jessie Shimmer, everything changed when she went to hell and back to save her lover, Cooper Marron.  After tangling with supernatural forces and killing an untouchable spirit lord, Jessie finds herself gifted - or perhaps cursed - with dark powers.  And when she and Cooper make love, her pleasure throes light the whole house on fire.  What is a sorceress to do?

Jessie is about to find out.  The circumstances of her birth, the mystery of a father she never knew, and the help of a cuddly ferret turned fearsome monster have made Jessie not just an outlaw from mundane society but an accidental revolutionary in the magic realm.  Encountering portals stitched into thin air and a fiercely sexy soul harvester, Jessie rushes headlong among enemies, horrors, wonders, and lovers into a place of self-discovery - or destruction.

My thoughts:

Jessie Shimmer is a completely unique individual.  She rushes in to save those she loves - heedless of the danger to herself and sometimes without a clear plan of action.  She flies by the seat of her pants - and often ends up flat on her a$$ - but in the end - she gets the job done.

Not much time has passed since she entered her boyfriends hell and pulled him and his younger brothers out safely.  This feat cost her an arm and an eye.  Now Jessie has an enchanted stone replacing her missing eye - and her missing arm - well, it’s been replaced with hell fire.  Kinda makes it hard to cuddle.

Oh and she killed a Virtii - they are like the bosses of the magically inclined.  Now they are pretty ticked at Jessie and want her dead.  

When a group of Virtii chase Jessie and her friends into a portal, the group end up in the middle of a Texas that has been taken over by a nasty Japanese demon.  In order to get herself, her friends and the remaining towns people to safety - Jessie just has to kill the demon.

Not a problem....right?

Shotgun Sorceress is a terrific installment to a series that rocks out loud.  Wildly unpredictable - I love it.

I give Shotgun Sorceress 5 out of 5 stars.

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