Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review: Dead City by Joe McKinney

Dead City is the first book in the Dead City series by Joe McKinney and a novel of Fiction from Pinnacle.

Book Blurb:

Texas? Toast.

Battered by five cataclysmic hurricanes in three weeks, the Texas Gulf Coast and half of the Lone Star State is reeling from the worst devastation in history. Thousands are dead or dying - but the worst is only beginning. Amid the wreckage, something unimaginable is happening: a deadly virus has broken out, returning the dead to life - with an insatiable hunger for human flesh...

The Nightmare Begins

Within hours, the plague has spread all over Texas. San Antonio police officer Eddie Hudson finds his city overrun by a voracious army of the living dead. Along with a small group of survivors, Eddie must fight off the savage horde in a race to save his family...

Hell On Earth

There's no place to run. No place to hide. The Zombie horde is growing as the virus runs rampant. Eddie knows he has to find a way to destroy these walking horrors...but he doesn't know the price he will have to pay.

My thoughts:

The day began as any other for officer Eddie Hudson - patrolling the streets of San Antonio, Texas - protect and serve.

Then news starts coming in from other states - talking about attacks. Hundreds of people attacking each other for no apparent reason.

Eddie receives a call from dispatch to break up a fight and he and a fellow officer head out. What they find when they arrive is shocking to say the least.

A group of people have gathered and no matter what Eddie says, they will not disperse. It is like they can’t comprehend what he is saying to them. And then they attack.

Eddie is hesitant to use deadly force - but to save himself and his fellow officer he must. But his shots are brushed off - they make no difference at all. And now the crowd is growing - what was a group of ten is now thirty - and more are coming.

All Eddie can think about is his wife and young son and getting them to safety. But getting to them is going to be the hardest thing he’s ever done.

Dead City is a fabulous read - but intense. From the moment Eddie confronts his first zombie it is non stop action.

And Dead City is gory. This is no sugar coated zombie book - these critters are nasty. I loved it!

I give Dead City 4 out of 5 stars and can’t wait to read more.


Blodeuedd said...

That is one gross cover!

Michelle Greathouse said...


But it really fits. This is a pretty gory book - but it is so very good. I can't wait to read the next two in the series.

You know me and zombies. LOL And this one is for the 'die hard' zombie fans.


Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

That.cover.is.awesome! Holy crap...I'm really going to have to read this one. There must be something about Michelles and zombies!

*dashes over to Goodreads wishlist*