Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cover Finds: Shaede's of Gray & Devil's Kiss


Take equal parts bad-ass, weapon-wielding, tough girl and add a splash of gorgeous, uber-protective, leading man. Stir in generous helpings of the supernatural, action, danger, and romance. Let it simmer for a few hundred pages, and what you’ll get is SHAEDES OF GRAY. The story of Darian, an assassin hiding in the shadows who’s lived too long to have a conscience–until the loves of her past and present collide, destroying everything she once believed about herself and her place in the Shaede Nation. SHAEDES OF GRAY, the first novel of Darian’s many adventures will be released on December 6th, 2011 by NAL/Penguin.

The Hellraisers trilogy is a Paranormal Historical trilogy that begins with Devil's Kiss, which will be released 12-6-11 from Zebra.

Blurb Forthcoming.

As always, thanks to Wicked Scribes for the finds.

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scarletkira said...

I love the cover of Shaedes of Gray.