Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: Afterlight by Elle Jasper

Afterlight is the first book in the Dark Ink Chronicles by Elle Jasper and a Paranormal Romance from Signet Eclipse.

Book Blurb:

There is a reason we fear the night....

As Savannah’s most unconventional tattoo artist, Riley Poe is quite familiar with the local underground scene.  She lives and works on the edge of it every day.  Now she’s about to step over the edge.

When her younger brother is taken by a sinister cult led by centuries-old vampires, Riley discovers a world of shadows and blood - and those who exist there.

Her ally is the hot-tempered vampire Eli Dupre, who is attracted to Riley’s beauty as well as to her one-of-a-kind blood type - a blood type he is not alone in craving.

To save her brother from certain undeath, Riley will face dangers she’s never dreamed of, ruthless bloodthirsty enemies, and an evil of endless hunger that wants to devour all in its vile grasp.

My thoughts:

Riley Poe was a wild child growing up - gave her mother all kinds of grief - until she lost her mother at the hands of someone who professed to love Riley.

Left alone with a younger brother to raise - Riley cleaned up her act, got an education and opened her own tattoo business.

Now, years later, Riley is a well known and respected tattoo artist.  She is raising her brother to be a productive member of society and with the help of her elderly neighbors - doing a pretty good job of it.

When a teenage prank gone wrong unleashes an evil unlike any Riley has ever heard of - she learns that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to her elderly neighbors - and in order to beat this evil, she is going to have to listen to what they have to say - and do what she is told.

Even if it means doing nothing for the time being.  Patience has never been Riley’s strong suit - and taking orders from others is at the bottom of her to-do list.

I love reading books that are set in Georgia, and having lived in Savannah for several years, I really enjoyed Afterlight.

I give Afterlight 4 out of 5 stars and can’t wait for the next book in this series.



Blodeuedd said...

Another good series recommended, oh you are bad lol. Too many good books out there

Estella said...

Sounds like the start of another great series!