Thursday, August 25, 2011

Early Review: Ghost of a Smile by Simon R. Green

Ghost of a Smile is the second book in the Ghost Finders series by Simon R. Green and an Urban Fantasy from ACE.

Book Blurb:

A distress call was received from the private research centre of one of the biggest drug companies in the world.  The police went in - and never came out.  A national security team stormed the place.  No-one’s heard anything further from them, either.

Now it’s in the hands of the Carnacki Institute’s rising stars.  They have the wrong equipment.  They have no idea what awaits.  And they have the clock ticking in the background.  But they also have a secret weapon: JC’s very lovely-and very dead- girlfriend.

My thoughts:

The members of the Carnacki Institute are JC Chance, Melody Chambers and Happy Jack Palmer.

JC is the team leader and babysitter, urging his team forward with praise or sarcasm - whatever works at the time.

Melody is the equipment geek, always there to poke holes in the supernatural using Science and sound reasoning.  

Happy Jack is not so happy.  He is a telepath and relies heavily on pills to block out the voices he constantly hears.

Together the threesome, along with JC’s ghost girlfriend - Kim, work to solve the unsolvable cases by putting the spirits to rest.  But this new case is different, something they have never seen - possibly man made and more than likely intentional - and they may have a traitor in their midst.  

Ghost of a Smile is a unique read.  I enjoyed the banter between the threesome which was often sarcastic and snarky.

I give Ghost of a Smile 3 out of 5 stars.

Product Details

    Paperback: 288 pages
    Publisher: Ace (August 30, 2011)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0441020755
    ISBN-13: 978-0441020751


Sullivan McPig said...

Hmmm.... I was in two minds about reading this one, as I thought the first book had a couple of big flaws, but some good points too. Now I'm still undecided after seeing you give it 3 stars.

Blodeuedd said...

You usually do not see many women with glasses on covers so I like that :)

And do the book, sounds good