Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December RAK is here. :)

Random Acts of Kindness is brought to us by the ladies of Book Soulmates.  How big is your RAK?

Another month is upon us and we have another opportunity to share in our love of books.  Thank you for stopping by to take a look at my RAK wish list.

I’ve broken it up into two categories - in no particular order:


Blood Bound - Rachel Vincent
Night Veil - Yasmine Galenorn
Chosen By Fate - Virna DePaul
Primal Law - J D Tyler
Flesh and Blood - Kristen Painter
Rebirth - Sophie Littlefield
Darkness Descending - Devyn Quinn
Deadline - Mira Grant
Shadow Walker - Allyson James


Cinder - Marissa Meyer
Ashes - Ilsa J Bick
Dearly, Departed - Lia Habel
Hollowland - Amanda Hocking
The Reapers Are The Angels - Alden Bell
Possess - Gretchen McNeil
Misfit - Jon Skovron
Hunger - Michael Grant
The Replacement - Brenna Yovanoff

My complete wish list can be found on GoodReads.

As always, I am happy to accept ARC's and used books. 


Kathy Ann Coleman said...

Not sure if you are into ebooks, but Hallowland is free over on right now. It was a couple weeks ago and I just double checked to be sure. Hope this is helpful. :)

Michelle Greathouse said...

Thank you Kathy - but I just can't get into an e-book. I've tried, but I just enjoy the feel of an actual book more. And with doing my reviews - if I need to reference something - it is so much easier to find it in a book as opposed to trying to find it on an e-reader. I guess I could take notes as I'm going along - but that makes reading seem more like a chore than an escape.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Have a great evening.