Monday, June 11, 2012

My thoughts on episode 1 of True Blood

What can I say about last night's premier of True Blood?  It was AMAZING.  

Here are a few points that stuck out in my mind:

Vampire Tara:  My goodness, I've never liked Tara.  She is a whiner and I could enjoy the show just as much without her..but vampire Tara?  That may be an entirely different scenario all together.  Pam as her maker is perfect and makes me wonder if the two won't hook up along the way.  I do wonder though if Tara will regain all of faculties considering half of her brains are on Sookie's kitchen floor.

LaFayette:  Poor LaFayette.  The loss of Jesus and the role he himself played in the demise of his boyfriend has cast a long shadow on one of my favorite characters.  I think we have seen the last of the happy and carefree LaLa.  In his place is a more cautious and determined LaFayette.  And can you say cajones?  This man may wear more eyeshadow than I do - but he confronted Alcide and had no intentions of backing down.

Speaking of Alcide:  Grr!  I do wish this man wore less clothes.  When Alcide killed the pack master - he set himself up for challenges from the pack.  Some of the pack immediately knelt before their new leader - while others refused.  This could prove exciting in the coming weeks - as we see how Alcide handles his new roll as pack master.

Sam:  Sam has always had the worst luck in my opinion.  He's a nice guy - until he's not.  And when he's not, I really don't like him.  But I did admire the fact that he tried to protect Luna and her daughter from the werewolf pack.  We'll just have to wait and see how things play out with him.

Jason:  Amazingly enough, I believe Jason has decided to give up his player ways - but I don't think the girl he's interested in (Jessica) is ready to settle down.  Poor Jason, he never seems to catch a break....but he caught something else... the eye of Reverend Newlin.

Reverend Newlin:  At the end of last season when Jason opened the door to the newly turned vampire Reverend Newlin I almost fell out of my chair.  Reverend Newlin is hilarious and when he put the whammy on Jason last night I had no idea what to expect....but it certainly was not a declaration of love.  Jason response that 'his dog didn't bark that way' had me howling with laughter - until Reverend Newlin took exception and got a liitle too close to Jason neck for comfort...

Jessica:  The timely arrival of Jessica saved Jason and put the baby vamp Newlin in his place - an action Jason placed more value in than Jessica did.  Upon receiving word that Bill would be out of town for awhile, Jessica has set herself up as "Temporary Queen of New Orleans" and is determined to spread her wings - or at least host a frat party or two...

Speaking of Bill:  At the end of last season, Bill and Eric killed Nan and decided to make a clean break from the Vampire Authority.  Sookie decided she could have neither of them - so walked out on them, leaving them both upset.  I did note that in Sookie's despair, Bill tried to go to her - but Eric had a far more flippant response - he didn't care.  While trying to get to Sookie, Bill was captured by the Vampire Authority who then caught Eric, tossed them both in the trunk of a car and proceeded to transport them to the VA.

Eric:  Eric has kept it secret for years that his 'sister' is high ranking within the Vampire Authority - which came in handy last night when she was the one sent to capture him and Eric.  I was immediately icked out when Eric called her 'sister' and then planted a huge wet one on her.  The ickyness continued when they proceeded to jump each other and Eric once again called her 'sister'.

Sookie:  Sookie and Lafayette begged Pam to change Tara - a fact I'm sure is not going to go over well with Tara.  Then the twosome buried Tara and Pam in the back yard - went back inside, grabbed Debbie Pelt's dead body, rolled her in a shower curtain and buried her as well. Sookie is getting really good at buring bodies.

Hoyt:  I understand he is upset about the whole Jason/Jessica thing - but he's a grown man and shouldn't act like he's still in school and Jason stole his girlfriend.  He and Jessica were broken up - and though I do not condone what Jason did - (there is a code against dating a girl/boy that broke up with your best friend) Hoyt is acting like a jerk.  And from the previews of upcoming events - it looks like Hoyt is going all emo and heading to the vampire dark side...

Andy:  I have no idea what is up with this Judge who came in last night and 'convinced' Andy to fix a ticket for him.  And him being found nekkid in Holly's bed was hilarious.

Terry:  Something is going on with the men who served with Terry in Iraq - but Terry wants no part in it.  He is determined to leave Iraq behind him - but whatever he and his unit did - has something after them and Terry may have to face it - whether he wants to or not.

All in all - the first episode was fantastic and I can't wait for more.  :)  What are your thoughts?


Patricia Eimer said...

I agree with everything you said. I was laughing my butt off at vampire Reverand Newlin and Jason.

Tina B said...

Great recap! I loved it. I am waiting to see what happens with Lafayette and Jesus. I agree that Eric and his "sister" was yucky. I think Bill thought the same thing. Lol.