Monday, October 1, 2012

Review: Dark Light of Day by Jill Archer

Dark Light of Day is the first book in the Noon Onyx series by Jill Archer.


Armageddon is over. The demons won. And yet somehow...the world has continued. Survivors worship patron demons under a draconian system of tributes and rules. These laws keep the demons from warring among themselves, and the world from slipping back into chaos.

Noon Onyx grew up on the banks of the river Lethe, the daughter of a prominent politician, and a descendant of Lucifer's warlords. Noon has a secret: She was born with waning magic, the dark, destructive, fiery power that is used to control demons and maintain the delicate peace among them. But a woman with waning magic is unheard of, and some would consider her an abomination.

Noon is summoned to attend St. Lucifer's, a school of demon law. She must decide whether to declare her powers there...or to attempt to continue hiding them, knowing the price for doing so may be death. And once she meets the forbiddingly powerful Ari Carmine - who suspects Noon is harboring magic as deadly as his own - Noon realizes there may be more at stake than just her life.

My thoughts:

Noon Onyx is a young woman on the verge of the biggest change of her life.  By law, anyone with waning magic much announce it before their twenty first birthday - the penalty for not doing so is death. 

Noon hates that she has waning magic - hates everything that comes with it - everything that is expected from someone who wields that magic.  

She and her parents have kept her abilities hidden from the rest of the world.  But the decision has been taken out of her hands now - as time has run out.  Noon must announce her abilities and take her rightful place among the other students who possess waning magic - or face the consequences.

Dark Light of Day is a very different read - not in the way it is written.  It reads very much like a YA novel - but in the world that has been created.

I’ve read a great many books - most of us have - and in all of the good versus evil books I’ve read - good eventually wins.  Not so in Dark Light of Day.  Some people may be offended by this book simply because evil has won.  It was a bit off putting for me - if I am being completely honest.  Not so much that evil won - but that goodness was dead and no longer relevant.    

That being said, Dark Light of Day is just not my cuppa tea.      

Product Details
Reading level: Ages 18 and up
Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Ace (September 25, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0425257150
ISBN-13: 978-0425257159

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Mary said...

Great review, thanks for the heads up on this one. I haven't read it yet, but I plan to.