Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review: Death's Rival by Faith Hunter

Death’s Rival is the 5th book in the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter.

Jane Yellowrock is a shapeshifting skinwalker you don't want to cross - especially if you're one of the undead...

For a former vampire killer like Jane, having Leo Pellisier as boss took some getting used to. But now, someone is out to take his place as Master Vampire of the city of New Orleans, and they're not afraid to go through Jane to do it. After an attack that's tantamount to a war declaration, Leo knows his rival is both powerful and vicious, but Leo's not about to run scared. After all, he has Jane. But then, a plague strikes, one that takes down vampires but leaves humans untouched, as carriers of the dread disease.

Now, to uncover the identity of the vamp who wants Leo's territory, and to find the cause of the vamp-plague, Jane will have to venture into the underbelly of vamp society, where rules were made to be broken. As she circles closer to the truth, she finds the answers to the secret that could turn every vampire in the U.S. true-dead...

My thoughts:

Some time ago, to save her own hide, Jane declared herself Enforcer to Leo Pellisier - Master Vampire of New Orleans.  Well, that has come back to bite her - no pun intended.  It would seem that a war is on the horizon - there is a new vampire in town and he wants to take Leo's place.  And he is not above using Jane to do just that.

Vampire's all over Leo's territory are falling sick - something that is unheard of in a vampire.

Leo feels that Jane has caused this problem - so it is up to her to fix it.  Some in Leo's camp feel like Jane has too much freedom and could be a weak link that this interloper could use against Leo.  In a move that Jane never saw coming - Leo tries to bind Jane to him - against her will.

Never one to back down from a challenge or renege once her word is given - Jane is determined to see this through to the end - no matter the cost to herself - or Beast.

I was very disappointed in Jane in this installment.  I don't understand how she could continue to speak to Leo - much less work for him after what transpired in Death's Rival.

I give Death’s Rival 3 out of 5 stars.

Product Details
Reading level: Ages 18 and up
Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Roc (October 2, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0451464850
ISBN-13: 978-0451464859


Patricia Eimer said...

Hmm. Not sure if this is going on the TBR pile or not. Either way thanks for the heads up on it.

Pabkins said...

Only 3 stars ? wow - well if Jane was annoying in her choices I could see that. Nothing irks me more than when the MC starts to annoy you. I haven't read it yet but I was just thinking about reading it this weekend. I'd kill him if he tried to bind me unwillingly! kill i say ....