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My Week in Review: 5/6/17 - 5/13/17

This week was another mixed bag for me.  I started and stopped a few books within the first couple of chapters because I just could not get interested - but I will not waste your time listing them here.

That being said, I did find a few gems to share with you.  Here they are:

Sweet Cherry Pie by J.D. Monroe - 4 Stars****  

Charity Pierson’s life might as well be a country song. Mama went crazy, her sister up and left in the middle of the night, and now it’s just Charity and her pickup truck cruising the highways and hunting anything dumb enough to crawl out of the grave where it belongs.

Mama hasn’t said a word since Charity put a bullet in her skull ten years ago, so when she gets a call from the state penitentiary, she knows something’s up. Her mother claims something possessed her and turned her into a killer all those years ago. Worse still, that same evil is stirring once more. When Charity learns about a bizarre unsolved murder in a North Carolina college town, right on cue, she can’t ignore it. She might not believe Mama’s tall tales, but she doesn’t much believe in coincidence either.

Along the way, Charity meets fledgling hunter Georgia Browning, who’s got more money than sense and a dark past of her own. The past comes roaring back to life when Charity learns that the knife used in the most recent murder is the same one her mother used ten years ago, a copycat down to the last gruesome details. Now Charity and Georgia must dodge walking corpses, campus police, and a killer who prowls among the living while stirring the dead.

Into the Darkness by K.F. Breene - 4 Stars****

I'd always been different. I saw objects in the night where others saw emptiness. Large, human shaped shadows, fierce yet beautiful, melting into the darkness. I collected secrets like other women collected bells; afraid to fully trust lest my oddities be exposed.

Until I saw him. He'd been gliding down the street, unshakable confidence in every step. It wasn't just that he was breathtakingly handsome with perfect features. Something about him drew me. Sucked my focus to him and then tugged at my body. As his eyes met mine, I was entrapped.

No one had noticed him. He'd been right there, just beyond the light, but only I had perceived.

I had to know if he was real. Or maybe I really was crazy. And even when my secret box was blasted wide open, dangers hurled at me like throwing knives, I couldn't stop until I unraveled his true identity.

I just had to know.

Mystic Ink by Casey Wyatt - 4 Stars****

The last thing Nix, a Sea Nymph, wants to see behind the Dumpster near her tattoo shop is another dead mortal. 

She also doesn’t want to hear Hades piss and moan about how the souls of the dead aren’t making it to the Underworld. And Nix certainly doesn’t want to be attracted to supernatural police agent, Calder Quinne when he comes to investigate. 

All Nix really wants is to run her tattoo shop in peace and quiet. Hey, we don’t always get what we want, now do we?

Them: Invasion by M.D. Massey - 4 Stars****

When a surprise nuclear attack forces Aidan from hiding, he finds the world to be a much different and more deadly place. Now he'll traverse a post-apocalyptic landscape populated by violent redneck looters, rogue military factions, and an army of hungry undead...

I don't know if anyone can hear this, but the world has to know...

The dead have risen. And they're hungry.

You can't help them, so don't even try. In fact, it might put you in danger of being infected and, well... it's not a pretty sight when that happens.

If you're out there with friends, and you can hunker down somewhere secure where there's food, water, and shelter, then stay put. You're better off than most if that's the case.

But if you're alone, or short on supplies, or lacking the essentials like drinkable water... God help you. And failing that, here's some advice:

Keep quiet if you see one of the walking dead. They seem to hunt more by hearing than sight, so if they're around just stay hid and let them pass. If you shoot 'em, it'll just bring more. Trust me, I found out the hard way.

And move during the day. They don't seem to like sunlight all that much, so you're probably safest in the daytime. But stay put at night. Nighttime is their time, and moving after dark just ain't worth the risk.

Plus, there's something else out there, at night. Something worse than the dead. Much worse.

I guess that's all, for now. I'm headed to Austin to save my folks, before the dead overrun their home. I know it's a long shot, but I still gotta try.

God help me, but I'm going back out there. God help us all.

This is Aidan Sullivan, signing out.

Sunfall: Journey by D. Gideon - 3 Stars***

An immense coronal mass ejection, the likes of which the modern world has never seen, blankets the Earth and destroys the power grid worldwide.

Ripley Miller's a tomboy at heart who has never met a stranger. Her plans were to finish her veterinary studies and take her family to the country, where life wouldn't be such a struggle. She thought the worst she'd have to deal with at the University of Maryland were the unwelcome advances and attitudes of affluent students, and the occasional East Coast hurricane.

She never expected the sun to fall down.

Now Ripley has no communication with her family at home and--thanks to the University's zero-tolerance policy--no weapons to protect herself. Society is becoming increasingly panicked and desperate, and the government seems slow to respond.

The world, as she knew it, has ended.
A new world of lawlessness, betrayal, and scarcity is beginning.

Can she become the woman she needs to be so that she and her friends can make it home?

With the thin veneer of a civilized society collapsing, can she even survive?

Scorpius Rising by Rebecca Zanetti - 3 Stars***

For Nora Medina it started when she was yanked off a gorgeous Hawaiian beach, still in her bikini top, and onto her ex-husband’s government jet. A microbiologist doesn’t see a lot of emergency extractions, but marriage to Deacan Devlin McDougall taught her plenty about adrenaline. Nora knows it’s more than their unfinished business that has brought the sexy, maddening Scot back into her life. But she’d never have guessed this.

As a soldier of fortune, Deke has seen too much by any standards. But the terrifying bacterium sneaking through the highest halls of power isn’t his kind of battle. All he can do is keep close to his brilliant, fiery Nora and fight like hell to keep her safe. Because if he lets her get sucked down by the horror that’s coming, he’ll never get another chance at her heart . . .

Winter's Edge by Mike Sheridan - 2 Stars**

When they killed his family, they killed a part of him too. The good part.

Seven years after a global war has devastated mankind, Frank Brogan and his family live in the safety of New Haven, a newly-formed authoritarian state deep in the American northwest. Beyond the Exclusion Wall lies the Outzone, a lawless territory ceded from federal jurisdiction. Brogan never thought he would go there. He was wrong.

When three Outzone bandits cross into New Haven and murder his wife and daughter, Brogan quits his specially-trained police unit to hunt them down. Entering the Outzone, he travels to its de facto capital, Winter's Edge and picks up the bandits' trail. In a violent city controlled by rival gangs, he needs to use all his hard-won skills as a police officer and war veteran to survive.

It isn't long before Brogan's quest takes him out of the city and deeper into the territory, where a beautiful but dangerous woman takes a keen interest in him. Can he survive encounters with the nomadic tribes that roam the Outzone's mountains and plains to finally confront the men who murdered his family?

Darkness Haunts by Susan Illene - 2 Stars**

Melena Sanders faced her fair share of danger with insurgents and terrorists when she served in the U.S. Army, but now she is about to go up against a new threat. Her best friend, Aniya, has disappeared while on a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska—a supernatural haven. Most humans have no idea darker races lurk amongst them. Mel knows better. If she wants to get her friend back, she’s going to have to go in alone—but not unarmed.

Melena has a few special skills the Army didn’t provide, but the odds are still against her. She’s got to come up with a plan fast that doesn’t involve her, or her friend, dying. But danger likes to play it rough. A war for power is about to rise in Fairbanks and if she wants to get Aniya back, she’s going to have to step right into the middle of it.

That covers my last week of reading.  I hope you found some keepers out there.

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