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My Week in Review: 6/3/17-6/10/17

This past week was all over the place.  I tried to mix it up and throw a couple of cozy mysteries in with the usual zombie reads - to mixed results.  Here are the books I enjoyed:

Zombie Road II by David A. Simpson - 5 Stars***** 

The people that tried to kill the world almost succeeded. They were fiendishly clever but they didn’t take into account the vets, the truckers and the two-fisted fighters who didn’t know how to give up.

Gunny and his band of survivors continue their journey along the Zombie Road, saving as many as they can along the way. They power through the undead hordes with their modified semi-trucks to beat the ticking clock of nuclear meltdowns.

Lacy fights her way out of the high-rise office building and the kids who had managed to escape the high school and make it home face a new enemy. Boredom.
New evil raises its ugly head and new heroes are born as they all battle to make it to a place of safety.

Get ready for a Bloodbath on the Blacktop.

Zomb-Pocalypse 3 by Megan Berry - 4 Stars****

Jane has found the cabin, her best friend Abby, and most surprisingly, her parents–but now the hard part begins.

For over a month, Jane has survived on the road amid flesh eating monsters with no one to tell her what to do, but now she has her parents hovering over her, stifling her every movement. They want to treat her like their little girl, but the Apocalypse has forced her to grow up in so many ways that she just cannot go back.

Surviving day to day on the road was hard, but building a life for themselves will be an even bigger challenge. Winter is starting to settle in, faster every day, and the group finds themselves in a life or death race to gather food and ensure the safety of the cabin from dead that seem to pop up everywhere. Nothing is truly safe.

Hard lessons are learned through deadly mistakes, friendships are strained to their near breaking point, and it could all be for nothing …

Green Fields: Outbreak by Adrienne Lecter 
4 Stars****

With nowhere left to run—where will you go? 

Most of the world’s population is either dead or dying from a virus that looks a lot like the one Bree and Nate tried to destroy—and not all of them remain dead. Chased by hordes of zombies, they flee the city with what remains of their merry band of miscreants. But even when most of them survive the first day, they are far from safe—because there is no safe place left. The fight for survival forces them to become resourceful, and soon they realize that the undead might not be their only problem. 

In this new world, it’s each man or woman out for themselves—and just because someone has a pulse doesn’t necessarily mean they make a good ally. Yet there is hope—a bunker in Wyoming, outfitted with weapons and food, and above all else, defensible shelter for the winter. Can they survive the two-thousand-miles trip across the country with nothing but the clothes on their back and what they can scavenge along they way?

This is not the kind of challenge that Bree ever imagined she would have to face, but she’s determined to survive—even if that means to learn how to on the job.

Desert Bound by Elizabeth Hunter - 3 Stars***

In Cambio Springs, everything--and everyone--changes.

Wolf shifter, Alex McCann, and lion shifter, Teodora "Ted" Vasquez, came from rival clans. They left Cambio Springs together. Ted came back. Alex didn't.

Now, years later, the future alpha of the McCann wolves has returned with plans to bring new life to the dying desert community, plans that could change everything for the isolated enclave of shapeshifters in the California desert. As the town's doctor, Ted has her own concerns about exposing her community to outsiders. The two former lovers are at each other's throats. And everyone is watching to see what happens.

But when murder once again strikes Cambio Springs, can they overcome their past to help the community they both call home? And can the love they once shared burn again when so many stand against it?

Incineration by Annie Streger - 3 Stars***

Incineration is an exhilarating story about a post-outbreak, future society. Running water and electricity are a thing of the past. The streets of New York are lined with deteriorating cars and the bones of bodies long decayed. The main character, Phee, was just ten when everyone died. The handful of survivors left, are completely altered by the Avian Rodentia virus, leaving behind an unhinged and violent society. Phee herself has been scarred, unable to handle any touch from another human.

Tired of barely living life and succumbing to invasive assaults, Phee leaves the mild safety of her group behind in search of a better life. In her pursuit, death nearly finds her before a group of men intervene.

Their intentions seem well, but can she trust the men that seem to be helping her?
Everything in Phee’s life becomes questionable. She doesn’t know who to trust or if she can open her heart to love. She doesn’t know who to fight for when traitors emerge.

When her new life is threatened with Phee at the center of it all, will she survive in one piece, or will she burn from the inside out?

The Eve by Taylor Keary - 3 Stars***

A plan was laid out as the Evolution crushed mankind, a plan that was right under Eden’s nose all along. And Eve is the key to everything. New Eden—mankind—they have a small chance at fixing their dismembered planet.

But it will be a reckless sprint against time and the coming Bane to retrieve the final piece to the plot. New Eden’s worst fears have become reality. The Bane are back in the city and they’re smarter and more aggressive than ever. They know where the humans are and they’re coming to finish what they’ve nearly completed.

Eve has been content with the family she’s found—Avian, West, Gabriel, Royce. But she’s about to discover she may have the one family Eve never thought she would: blood. With every odd stacked against her, all the lies and all the secrets of her origins will be exposed.

The past and the future are about to come full circle.

A Match Made in Spell by Regina Welling & Erin Lynn
3 Stars***

Lexi Balefire, matchmaking witch extraordinaire, can find just about anyone’s perfect match—except her own.

Lexi hopes her dedication to bringing soul mates together is enough to counteract the wickedness that runs in her family, but without access to her full powers, she might never get the chance to find out. Musician Kin Clark wants to prove he’s the one to break her cycle of bad luck, but a gaggle of female groupies vying for his attention has Lexi worried he’ll break her heart instead.

When a formerly happy client gets dumped unexpectedly, Lexi will need to uncover the secrets of her past in order to put the pieces back together again—all while dealing with four fighting faerie godmothers, an obnoxious arch-nemesis, and a man who might just change her fate.

With the Beltane celebration—and a magical deadline—looming, will Lexi get exactly what she’s always wanted—or more than she ever bargained for?

Prince of Blood and Thunder by J.A. Cipriano 
3 Stars***

Hey, it’s your friendly neighborhood gamer girl, Annie.

So yeah, I almost kinda sorta stopped my bro from killing all of the werewolf nobles with his crazy blood ritual. Unfortunately for everyone, he missed one, and now wannabe werewolf king Alabaster is trying to avenge his people by going on the kind of killing spree you'd see in an eighties B-grade horror flick.

The only way to stop him is to seat Justin Bailey on the throne. There’s just one tiny problem. While he’s a swell guy, I have more power in my pinkie than he does in his whole body.

Still, I think I can pull it off, but only if I’m willing to throw Justin to the wolves.

There you have it.  I have a couple of books in mind for the upcoming week as well as a few new to me authors.  But my reading time my be cut in half seeing as how the new season of Orange is the New Black and last season of Supernatural have hit Netflix.  What is a girl to do?

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