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My Week in Review: 10/21/17-10/28/17

I had high hopes for my book choices of last week.  Unfortunately, they did not turn out to be as great as I would have liked, several are not worth mentioning.  That being said, here are the ones I'd like to share with you:

Dead Mech by Jake Bible - 4 Stars ****

Hundreds of years after the zombie apocalypse decimates the world, human civilization has put itself back together again. Their secret weapon against the zombie hordes: the Mechs. 

Massive robotic battle machines. 

But what happens when a mech pilot dies in his mech and becomes a zombie? Hell on earth is unleashed... Prepare for a high action, fast paced, hell ride through a futuristic wasteland as Mech Base Commander James Capreze and his crew of mech pilots battle zombies, cannibals, religious cults and worst of all, the Dead Mechs, all to try and save the human race one last time.

Warlock for Hire by Sean Stone - 3 Stars ***

Murderous seer. Mother taken hostage. Someone needs a warlock for hire.

Eddie Lancaster is a warlock for hire. He can provide almost any magical service for a price. After a mysterious woman, Ashley Sheridan, hires him to remove her magic, he starts investigating to find out why. When he finds out she’s being forced to work for a murderous psychic things take a turn for the worst. Killian Myers is the most powerful psychic Eddie has ever met — there is nothing he doesn't see coming.

Eddie attempts to help Ashley get free of Killian but ends up on the receiving end of a violent encounter with the psychic. He is given an ultimatum: help Ashley create a ritual that will make Killian invincible, or watch everyone he cares about die.

Eddie has to find a way to stop Killian before everyone he loves ends up dead. But how do you beat a man who sees your every move before you’ve even decided to make it?

Ashen Rayne by Skye Knizley - 3 Stars ***

Young women are vanishing from Miami’s club scene, most disappearing without a trace, others found suffocated in plastic bags, their battered corpses filled with a deadly cocktail of narcotics.
There are no suspects and few clues.
When exotic dancer Rayne is taken, her sister Blaze calls the ladies of Shadowlands to find her.
With only five days before Rayne is found dead or never found at all, Smoak and Ash dive into Miami’s underworld of drugs, prostitution and slavery, using every skill they have to find her before the clock runs out.
In trouble and have nowhere to turn?
Call Shadowlands. We’re here to help.

Rogue Magic by N R Hairston - 3 Stars ***

My name’s Rekia, and I’m wanted dead or alive.

So, how does a small town girl from the south end up in the fight for her life between two powerful worlds? It’s simple. I have the ability to open portals to alternate dimensions.

This works out great for my business. I take crooks, thieves, criminals on the run from the law, etc. . . and I hide them where they’ll never be found- in one of the many alternate worlds- for a small fee of course.

Everything’s going fine until I discover a secret plot between two powerful worlds that could have widespread conquests across all dimensions. Now I’ve made enemies of the wrong people, and they’re coming for me.

I could walk away. I could hide myself on some inconspicuous world and never look back. Except, there’s a fire in my gut now, and like a dog with a bone, I’m not letting this go.

So instead of hiding, I crack my neck, flex my hands, and tell them to bring it. This may very well mean my death, but I don’t plan on going down without a fight.

Planet Dead by Sylvester Barzey - 3 Stars ***

Zombies Are The Least Of Your Problems! During This Apocalypse, People Can Be Just As Horrifying!

It's 2019 & Catherine Briggs is having a very messed up year. Her car got stolen, her family thinks she's dead, there's an unwelcome late night visitor at her door and oh yeah, the world's become infested with zombies!

Catherine is on a mission to find her family, no matter the cost, but fate seems to have other plans in store for her.

Will she find her family before the rest of the world falls into this new era of hell or will Catherine Briggs became just another zombie in...

Planet Dead: Bloodthirsty!

There you have it.  :)  Hope you're reading something great.

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