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My Week in Review: 3/10/18-3/17/18

I was very pleased with last weeks' reads.  I found a couple of new to me authors that I enjoyed very much.  I have been missing my zombie reads - so I may have to throw one of those in for next week.  :)

Here are the books I want to share with you today.

Queen Heir by Leia Stone & Jaymin Eve - 4 Stars ****

Betrayal. Forbidden romance. And a fight to the death.

Arianna is a 20 year old queen heir, eligible for the crown of wolf shifters. Heirs are trained and groomed from birth so that they're ready to rule should the queen perish during their time of eligibility. Only heirs can control the mecca, a powerful force of magic that runs beneath the boroughs of New York City.

Of course, there's little chance that the Red Queen will fall, she has stood for a century, and her power is beyond reckoning. Or so Arianna believes, right up until the final tolling of the bells. The queen has been murdered and four heirs will now fight it out for the crown.

If that wasn't enough to keep Arianna busy she also has to deal with a forbidden kiss, a bear king who may or may not be behind the war on her people, and the reappearance of a race of beings who were thought to be no more than urban legends.

Just another day in New York City. Let the Summit begin.

Bound in Flames by Milly Taiden - 4 Stars ****

Morgan Polley is an empath who helps people. When she meets Tor and his family of dying dragons, she wants to assist them in finding their mates. Except for Tor’s. She wants to keep him and make lots of babies with the big sexy man. It’s getting hard to remember her objective when her hormones go out of whack around him.

Tor Drachen is one of a handful of dragons left on earth, dying due to their mates being targeted and killed before finding each other. He’s been told Morgan Polley will be a mate to one of his kind, but who? He’s having a hard time keeping her at bay and the thought of getting her pregnant to start a family is a very tempting idea.

A breed of evil dragons is after Morgan, but Tor promises to protect her to the very end. Even if it turns out that she’s one of his brothers’ mates. If he can’t find a way to cheat fate, he will walk away without his heart.

Relic: Blade by Ben Zackheik - 4 Stars ****

Cocky vampires. Mythical Swords. A horde of nasty ghosts.

Kane Arkright has been put in charge of tracking down hundreds of ancient artifacts, each packing nasty supernatural powers. But when thousands of vampires wake up after a 1,000-year slumber, the world shudders because they want their treasures back.

As Kane, and his partner Rebel, do all they can to stay one step ahead of the vampire legions who are hot on their tails, the very fabric of reality sits on the edge of a blade. Worse, if the sword Kane is tracking falls into the wrong hands, darkness will consume everything...

Moon of Fire by H D Gordon - 3 Stars ***

Hustling wolfsbane is the only way Dita Silvers knows how to survive.

As a werewolf from the slums, she longs to lift her family out of poverty, and getting involved with the prominent criminals in town seems worth the potential earnings.

But when Dita makes a snap decision that changes the course of things, and a handsome stranger comes to town asking questions, her resolve to accomplish her end goals will be put to the test.

With a witty sorceress as a best friend and partner in crime, and five siblings to look after, Dita has her hands full. Female werewolves do not command the respect male werewolves do, and they certainly don’t run a bootlegging operation at the height of prohibition.

Hell Bent by Dan Thompson - 3 Stars ***

Alice Koufax desperately wants to break out of the Herald’s Lifestyle section, and when a local football hero proposes to the mayor’s succubus daughter, she thinks it’s finally her ticket to the front page. But when the bride-to-be disappears with rumors of a cursed engagement ring, Alice realizes she’s grabbed a demon by the horns.

On top of all that, she has to deal with her half-elf mother’s interference in her love life, the inscrutable Fae, and the mysterious Stonemen. Can she save the day, reunite the lovers, and most importantly, get her story filed before the deadline?

Welcome to the five ‘burghs, where the Gates in Pittsburgh put power, ruins, magic, and Hell itself just a subway ride away.

I hope you find something here you want to read.  I'm looking forward to the books I have lined up for next week.  :)

As always, thanks for stopping by.


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