Saturday, September 27, 2008

Odd Thomas

This is the first book in the aptly named 'Odd Thomas' series by Dean Koontz and is a far departure from the type of books I normally read : paranormal romance & fantasy.

Odd Thomas is a twenty something fry cook at the local grill. He lives a seemingly normal life - except for the ghosts and 'bodachs' that he sees on a regular basis. Ghosts come to him for any number of reasons, some want to spend time with him, others want him to help solve their murders, still others just need a little help crossing over.

'Bodachs' on the other hand are dark entities that Odd sees whenever something bad is going to happen. And here lately Odd is seeing a lot of 'bodachs' all over town, congregating in peoples yards, running thru the streets and swarming all over the place. Odd knows that something bad is about to happen and based on the number of 'bodachs' he is seeing, it is going to be big.

Can Odd stop whatever is about to happen? Can he keep those that he loves safe?

This was a good book. I can't stand the way it ended, but it was a good book. I have the next one and then the third one and I'm looking forward to the whole series. :)

I give this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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