Sunday, July 5, 2009

Winner of the Book Giveaway!!

Thank you all for participating in my first book giveaway. :) I used to determine the winner.

There were 17 items on your list.

1. I Heart Book Gossip
2. Amy C.
3. Barbara
4. Cindy W.
5. Lea
6. Patti
7. Upper West Side Writer
8. tetewa
9. Stephanie Reed
10. Linna
11. SusiSunshine
12. Love My Coffee
13. Crystal
14. Vamp Fan Girl
15. throuthehaze
16. Deborah
17. SiNn

And the winner is #2 - Amy C. :) Please contact me at kweenmg at yahoo dot com - with your mailing info.


Lea said...

Thanks for the Giveaway Michelle!

Congratulations AmyC. :) You enjoy....


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Thanks for the giveaway Michelle!

I've been out of town and missed it!
So Sorry!

Dottie :)

Anonymous said...

So close ;) Congrats to Amy!

Cecile said...

Congrats Amy!!! You will enjoy them, I know you will!!
I hope you have a great weekend Michelle!

Cindy W said...

Congrats Amy!

Amy C said...

Well, shit, I was reading through the comments and I kept saying "But I didn't win, I was number two." So I had to go back and read the WHOLE post and it does say that I won!

Thank you, Michelle, for having this giveaway! I'll send you off an email.

Anna said...

Congrats Amy!

Michelle G said...

LOL Amy!!

Thanks ladies. I'm hoping to have another giveaway soon - so keep in touch. :)