Monday, October 26, 2009

Mailbox Monday

I did purchase a few books last week. :) But these are the two I received in the mail.

Book Blurb:

Loup Garron was born and raised in Santa Olivia, an isolated, disenfranchised town next to a US military base inside a DMZ buffer zone between Texas and Mexico. A fugitive "Wolf-Man" who had a love affair with a local woman, Loup's father was one of a group of men genetically-manipulated and used by the US government as a weapon. The "Wolf-Men" were engineered to have superhuman strength, speed, sensory capability, stamina, and a total lack of fear, and Loup, named for and sharing her father's wolf-like qualities, is marked as an outsider.

After her mother dies, Loup goes to live among the misfit orphans at the parish church, where they seethe from the injustices visited upon the locals by the soldiers. Eventually, the orphans find an outlet for their frustrations: They form a vigilante group to support Loup Garron who, costumed as their patron saint, Santa Olivia, uses her special abilities to avenge the town.

Aware that she could lose her freedom, and possibly her life, Loup is determined to fight to redress the wrongs her community has suffered. And like the reincarnation of their patron saint, she will bring hope to all of Santa Olivia.

Book Blurb:


They hunt in every major city, hidden by the crowds, shielded by disbelief. They are Killers, and their prey is human.

Not all vampires are Killers. The Guardians of the Night sacrifice the superior physical and psychic strength that comes with feeding on humans to protect them. But the Guardians walk a thin line, for even a single kill could leave them helplessly addicted to murder.

Jules Gerard has vowed that he will never become a Killer. But when he discovers that the man who turned him into a vampire is dead and kicking in Baltimore, the allure of extra power is tempting.

Standing in his way is a human, spitfire Hannah Moore, who has followed him to Baltimore to help him confront his past. Hannah doesn't seem to realize how dangerous vampires can be--and despite his fa├žade of disdain, Jules has a real soft spot for the petite P.I.

Jules is going to have to choose: vengeance or love? Damnation or redemption?



Blodeuedd said...

Nice week :)
I am very curious about Santa Olivia

Patti said...

Nice mailbox! Werewolves and vampires - what more can you ask for?!

Michelle G said...


I am as well. I couldn't really get in to the other series she has. I'm hoping this one will be more along the lines of what I like. :)


It's a perfect mix. :)


Anna said...

Secrets in Shadows is a good one. :)

SusiSunshine said...

I read the first of Jenna's Hunter series(is that the name,or was it watcher series, I'm not sure) a long time back. I can't really remember everything but I liked the book over all. I should probably read the first one again before reading tis one. Can't wait to read your thoughts.

Christine said...

Did you get a chance to start Santa Olivia yet? I had my eye on it since before it came out and simply never got around to reading it. Can't wait to hear your thoughts.