Friday, October 23, 2009

Books Purchased This Week. :)

Hubby has been on vacation this week, and he got a great deal of yard work done. :) However, Hubby is not one to sit still for very long and we only had so much yard work to do - he was finished by Tuesday. So we decided to do some Christmas shopping - and we really made a dent in the Christmas shopping. :) In our shopping excursions I came across two or three book stores (insert snort) and I just could not pass by a perfectly good book store. :) Here are my findings. :)

Book Blurb:

Public alliances secret lovers.

Once upon a time yet to come, creatures of myth and fairy tale gained entry to the human realm and were expelled with extreme prejudice. Banished Underground, they carved out two kingdoms: the Lightworld of the Fae and their kin, and the Darkworld of demons, werewolves and their ilk. But the boundaries between these Worlds and the Upworld are about to be blood.

At a Lightworld royal gala, Queene Ayla announces the betrothal of her daughter, Cerridwen, to a high-ranking councilor. Though strategically brilliant, the engagement comes as a shock to Cerridwen especially. Infuriated by her mother s high-handedness, ignorant of her own true origins, she flees the court leaving herself vulnerable to those who would see the Lightworld destroyed. Amid burgeoning unrest, desperate desires become divided loyalties and terrifying mercenaries lurk in the shadowy space between rebellion and anarchy.

Book Blurb:

Eight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day - they fulfill the Curse of Eight Prophecy. Though no longer trapped in exile, their growing family faces new problems. Now that it's his turn to look for a bride, Koranen, the seventh-born brother, cursed with a flame that courses beneath his flesh, must find a woman able to endure the literal heat of his passion. Then Danau the Aquamancer arrives, and as everyone knows, fire and water create steam.

Book Blurb:

Gloriana St. Claire - curvy, stylish, and undead - is spending New Year's Eve alone. And it's all because her boyfriend, Jeremy Blade, is traipsing off to parts unknown to rescue his supposed daughter from the clutches of 'dangerous radicals.' But just as Glory settles in for the evening, a phone call from the bodyguard of a drunk, newly-undead rock star could end her year on a crazy note.

Book Blurb:

Fern communicates with her dog, blisters from just moments in the sun, and has correctly predicted the daily weather for more than two years. Even so, she's always seemed to be a normal twelve-year-old girl . . . until one day when Fern closes her eyes in class and opens them seconds later on a sandy beach miles away from school. When Fern disappears again, this time to a place far more dangerous, she begins to realize exactly how different she is.

With the help of her twin brother, Sam, Fern struggles to gain control of her supernatural powers. The arrival of a sinister vampire in town - who seems to have an alarming interest in Fern's powers - causes Fern to question her true identity. Who is she? More importantly, who can she count on? Soon Fern finds herself in the middle of a centuries-old battle - one that could destroy Fern and endanger everyone she loves.

Book Blurb:

Imagine a secret world veiled in fairy glamour and brimming with unearthly delights. A city swarming with half-mad fairies, where thieving spriggans rob you blind, beautiful banshees mesmerize you with their song, and big green trolls bust heads at nightclubs. And once you’re in, there’s no escape…

Enslaved by a demon lord, Jade is forced to spend her nights seducing vampire gangsters and shapeshifting thugs. After two hundred years as a succubus, she burns for freedom and longs to escape her brutal life as a trophy girl for hell’s minions. Then she meets Rajah, an incubus who touches her heart and intoxicates her senses. Rajah shares the same bleak fate as she, and yearns just as desperately for freedom. But the only way for Jade to break her bonds is to betray Rajah—and doom the only man she’s ever loved to a lifetime in hell.

I'm a happy camper. :)



Blodeuedd said...

I can sure understand that :)
Wow great books, that first really got to me

gapyeargirl123 said...

I can't wait to read Shadowfae. It doesn't come out in Britain until November 12th, though.

Mama Kitty said...

Oooh! Real Vampires Don't Diet has been on my TBR pile for a while. I hope you'll let us know how you like it!

Michelle G said...


That is the second book in a new series by Jennifer Armintrout - now I have both 1 and 2 on the shelf. I hope it won't be long before I can get to them. :)


I didn't find Shadowfae until the 3rd bookstore - Barnes & Noble. :) I'm thinking I may have to read it next. LOL

Mama Kitty,

It has been on my wish list for a while - I was so glad when I found it - in the bargain bin for $3.97 - and it's a trade paperback. I squealed like a little girl. LOL

Thanks for stopping by ladies. Have a wonderful weekend.


stacy stew said...

I bought Child of Darkness today too. However, I did not think that it would be out until November. I was glad to get it.

Lea said...

Great books Michelle!

Nice Haul. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of the Armintrout book. I loved her Blood Ties series.


Cecile said...

Wow, nice haul there honey!!! I love that you go Christmas shopping... and happen upon a couple of book stores!!! Girl, you are too much!!! But I do love what you walked away with!!
I hope you have a great weekend!

Michelle G said...


I was surprised to find it as well...and at Wal-Mart.


Hi!! I hope this series is just as good as the Blood Ties - I liked that one too. :)


It just so happens that we have a bookstore about an hour away no matter which direction we take. :) I don't get to B&N as much as I would like, those 3 are in places I don't visit quite as often as the other 2 - which are Books A Million stores - one is about 30 minutes away and the other 45. But see, it was for Christmas shopping - so we ventured further away. ROFL!!

Have a great day.


Donna [Fantasy Dreamer's Ramblings] said...

Nice purchases! Several times I've come close to buying one of Jean Johnson's books but haven't yet. You like this series?

Smokinhotbooks said...

I'm secretly envying you with all those books :O I read Jennifer Armintrout's 1st book in her faery series. I liked the beginning, but then it kind of slowed down and I lost my momentum for the story. You'll have to let me know how you liked the 2nd book in her series and your take on this series.