Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November Book Giveaway!!

My favorite time of year is officially here. Hubby and I went to Wal-Mart today they were already putting the Christmas goodies out. :) I'm so excited. So because I am in the holiday spirit November's book giveaway is going to consist of two (2) books. Here they are:

Book Blurb:

A creature doomed to wander the earth in eternal darkness, he searched the ages for someone to share the endless night of his existence, for that one woman who would recognize the man within the monster.

An angel of purity and sunlight, she feared the mysterious stranger whose eyes promised endless ecstasy even as he whispered dark secrets she dared not believe.

They were two people longing for fulfillment, braving the danger of a love like no other. Alone, they faced desolation and despair; together, they would share undying passion, defy eternity, and....Embrace the Night.

Book Blurb:

In all his four hundred years, Rayven had never met a woman like Rhianna McLeod. She was a vision of light, of warmth, of everything he was not - nor could ever be. Doomed to live forever in darkness and solitude, he knew all too well the risk in getting close to her, yet he hungered for her with a fierce passion he swore he'd never allow himself to feel.

Rhianna's father had sold her to Rayven to put food on the table - so she had no choice but to go with the dark stranger. To her surprise, he gave her everything she wanted - the finest clothes, education, and the run of the castle - everything, that is, except his touch. For although she sensed danger beneath his soft spoken manner, although even Rayven himself warned her away, she was drawn to this creature of the night, and loved him as should would no other.

These books are old school Paranormal Romance. I hope you find them interesting. I have not read Amanda Ashley - but she is author Madeline Baker. :)

Contest is open to all followers of this blog. To be entered, just leave a comment with your email addy.

I will choose a winner on Tuesday 11-10-09.

Good Luck and Happy Reading!!


***UPDATE*** Author Amanda Ashley has graciously offered a signed book and book marks to the winner of this contest. I will email Ms. Ashley the address of the winner and she will mail the signed book and book marks.

Good Luck Everyone!!


Milka said...

Count me in! I am a follower.


Anonymous said...

They sound good,please count me in

Amy J - Book Addict said...

OMG! I love this author! I am a follower and count me in for sure!
(sending out the pick me vibe!)

Amy J

VampFanGirl said...

I'm lovin' these covers, especially the red and blue one. I haven't read this author but I've read really great things about her novels.

Count me in!

;) VFG

tetewa said...

I'd like to be included!

Mary Ann DeBorde said...

Mary D
zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Hi Michelle :) Congrats on a great giveaway and being *in the holiday spirit* ~ me, too!

I follows ya and would love to win these, the synopsis sounds yummy :D

Cecile said...

OMG... This woman rocks!! No need to enter me... Just know that I will be pimping you out on my side bar!!!
Loving the Holiday cheer from you!!! Now that my Halloween buzz is wearing off... My holiday spirit is fixing to be rekindled!!!!

Anna said...

I love Amanda Ashley too, good stuff. You don't need to enter me though, just wanted to stop on by. I'll add the contest to me sidebar. :)

KiraR said...

I would like to enter.

kiris089 at gmail dot com

donnas said...

I would love to be included. This would be a new author in one of my favorite genres.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Martha Lawson said...

Please throw my name in the hat. Amanda's books are awesome..

I am a follower.

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

Madwoman-doing-cartwheels said...

I love old school paranormal romance. Comfortable like a cozy throw and easy chair. Thanks for the chance. I'm an old follower.

rubymoonstone at gmail dot com

Amanda Ashley said...

Hi ~ You don't need to enter me :)
But it made me feel so good, reading all these wonderful comments, I want to add an autographed book and some bookmarks to your giveaway. When you pick a winner, please email me her snail mail addy.
Amanda Ashley

Michelle G said...


Thank you very much. :) I will edit the post now to include your generous offer. :)


Tamsyn said...

Please throw my name in the hat for the giveaway. I would love to read one of Amanda's books!


jacabur1 said...
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jacabur1 said...

I follow and please count me in for this drawing. Have read this wonderful ladies work for more years than can count now and would love to have signed book(s) and or bookmarks... Color me excited on this one....(Hint Hint would make a wonderful Christmas present to put in my other signed PB's treasure trove)
Jackie B. Central Texas

kansassweet43 said...

Can you ask Mandy if the covers are new? I don't remember exactly what they looked like. (it was a while back that I
first read them.) So my memory could be faulty. LOL
I wouold like to be included in the drawing too.

Michelle G said...


I know that these are re-issues. They first came out in the late 90's.


RachieG said...

Such a fan of Amanda Ashley! Old School Paranormal Romance is good...ecspecially Amanda's!

I'm a happy follower too!

rachie2004 @ yahoo (d0t) com

Lyoness2009 said...

Jumpin' up like a wild child...Count me in!

lyoness2009 AT hot mail **dot** com

Amanda Ashley said...

Hi KansasSweet ~ As Michele said, these books are reissues with new covers.

Amanda Ashley said...

Hi Ladies ~ thanks for all your wonderful comments!!!! Hope you all have a great weekend. Best of luck in the contest!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to read any books by Amanda Ashley, but they sound like great reads! I would love to read them. Please count me in!

Anna ♥

Cherry said...

Please count me in!

I'm follower number 101.

Re-posted your contest at

mischivusfairy-inbox12 [at] yahoo [dot] com

ErotRomReader said...

Please count me in. I'm a new follower. Love to read one of these novels. She's a new author to me.