Saturday, September 10, 2011

December Moon Blog Tour & Giveaway with Suzy Turner

Suzy Turner

As part of the blog tour for her new release, December Moon, author Suzy Turner joins Michelle's Book Blog with a guest post about how a childhood fascination inspired December Moon.

Welcome Suzy.  :)

As I mentioned yesterday, witchcraft has always fascinated me. I explained that a number of my all time favourite films have been about witches. But it's not just the movies that have inspired me. When I was much younger, I was a little bit of a goth. I could often be found wearing black clothes, dark nail polish and, according to one friend, I even had a bit of a penchant for black lipstick (but I don't remember taking it that far!) and my long dark hair often hung down by the side of my face. 

Before I'd actually met my husband (when we went to the same school), he and his friends apparently even had a nickname for me: the witch.

Even now, occasionally I'll wear black clothes and dark eye make-up and people will comment on my very slightly goth appearance. Its something that will probably always be with me... although I can't imagine being an old lady goth... but you never know!

I should mention here that it was always just about the way I looked, I never really took the whole goth thing any further. The same goes for the witchcraft. Even though I often bought books about the subject (even spell books!), I never tried any of them. I was just intrigued by it all.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to visit Glastonbury in England, a place renowned for its links to witchcraft and to Avalon. On every corner I found gorgeous little shops selling all manner of items associated with Wicca. I could so easily have spent a fortune on clothes, trinkets, cauldrons, dolls, jewellery, etc. 

It was like an Aladdin's cave to me!

My obsession with all things surrounding witchcraft finally led me to base the sequel to Raven on a witch, December Moon, a young girl who grew up without any knowledge of her magical heredity... until her 15th birthday when something strange happens in the school gymnasium... 

The Raven Saga:

Part One: Raven

Part Two: December Moon

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Suzy has offered one lucky commenter an E-Book of both Raven and December Moon.

To enter, just leave a comment with a valid email addy so I can contact you when you win.  Because these are e-books, giveaway is open to all followers of this blog.

Using Random dot Org, winner will be chosen and announced 10-17-11.

Good Luck!


_yay_ said...

I imagine school reunions must be super fun haha.
Guess who I'm married to? The Witch / The one that called me The Witch. I'm pretty much the opposite- always wearing lots of colors + dreadlocks :-)
Both books sound really interesting. Would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway.
_yay_ @ BookthatThing

Diana said...

I hadn't heard for this series before. It sounds great. Thanks for the giveaway!

artgiote at gmail dot com

Estella said...

Both books sound like great reading.

kissinoak at frontier dot com

ML said...

LOL, I remember going through a similar phase. I watched The Craft several times. I wore nothing but black for a stretch-and I still have black lipstick and nail polish. But I also just kept the whole goth thing as a veneer and it is fun to pull out every once in awhile. Thanks for the interview and giveaway!

mljfoland AT hotmail DOT com

Lieder Madchen said...

These books look great! I have never really thought of myself as goth, but now that I think of it all of my favorite outfits are black... :)


Suzy Turner said...

I had to giggle after reading some of your fun comments! Thanks for reading my guest post.
Michelle, thanks for having me on your site. It was an absolute pleasure being here!
Best wishes
Suzy Turner

Misusedinnocence said...

I would love to read this.