Monday, March 19, 2012

My thoughts on The Walking Dead Finale

*Contains Spoilers*

What did you think about the season 3 finale of The Walking Dead?  I liked it - but I was also expecting more.

Before I go any further let me stress how much I love this show!  And I have not read the graphic novels - so all of this is new to me as the seasons unfold.

My first observation is the herd.  If they were in fact following the noise from that helicopter, why didn’t they stop when the helicopter out distanced them?  In the first season, when Rick was in the middle of Atlanta on the horse, a helicopter flew overhead and the zombies did not follow it.  That the zombies followed the copter and then continued walking such a huge distance was a bit of a stretch for me.  But, okay.  I’ll go with it.

The whole dodge and weave Rick and Carl displayed while trying to make it to the barn was laughable.  I’m guessing after walking such a long way, the zombies were tired and that made them a little more lethargic giving the guys a leg up on speed.

Jimmy to the rescue in the RV.  Who is Jimmy again?  Oh yes, Beth’s boyfriend - zombie fodder.  He was needed to save our guys and then perish heroically - or stupidly in my opinion.  Why not make sure the door was secure? Speaking of zombie fodder - we lost Patricia too, I guess she wasn’t needed to help with any more surgeries... 

Hershel was determined to stay with his ancestral home. A noble gesture.  And he did show an extreme amount of cajones standing there firing at the herd - but I am glad Rick was able to make him see the reasoning behind leaving it all behind.  I am glad they are off the farm - it was getting a little boring.

Lori.  Oh my goodness.  I have never liked Lori and last night just confirmed that feeling.  She can’t seem to keep up with her kid - who in my opinion needs a firmer form of discipline than a stern talking to or he is going to end up zombie food.  She is holier than thou, sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong.  No matter that she may be impregnated by her husbands best friend.  The way she reacted when Rick told her what happened with Shane just made me angry.  I hope the zombie’s eat her.

Daryl is my favorite.  Cool as can be, sitting on his bike watching the barn burn - not a care in the world that a zombie herd is running rampant on the farm.  But when Carol screamed - he wasted no time rushing to help.  He is truly a knight is very rusty, red neck, armor.  I hope he and Carol pair up.

And Daryl was willing to go back and look for Andrea. That bugged me a lot - that no one was willing to go back and look for her.  Yes, she has had some issues in the past - but come on, she is part of the group.  No one left behind - right?  Right?  I guess not.

Now to one of the most shocking things for me.  Who in the world was that hooded figure that saved Andrea?  And what’s up with the pet zombies?  If you know, don’t tell me.  I can’t wait for more on that front.

I think the pressure has finally gotten to Rick.  The fact that he had to kill Shane, coupled with the emergency evac of the farm and the reaction Lori had to his announcement was just too much at once.  I’m hoping the gang will stick by him - and that Lori will be eaten by zombies.  Just saying.

And speaking of Lori.  If they are all infected - what does that mean for her baby?  Will she give birth to a zombie baby - or will it try to eat her from the inside?  Let’s ponder that for a moment...  

What do you think about the huge facility we saw off in the distance?  I’m thinking it was a prison or maybe a military installation of some kind.  I wonder what our gang will find there?

I hate that we lost Shane.  He was Nuts - but he was unpredictable and kept us guessing.  We need another renegade to take his place.  One who isn’t so crazy and doesn’t want to sleep with Lori.      

It is going to be a long wait for Season 3.


Dana Fredsti said...

well, I've read all the graphic novels and know who the mysterious hooded figure is... and all I can say is SO COOL!!! :-) Trust me, you'll love her/him.

As for Lori... yeah, I wanted to slap her when she did the whole "Don't Touch me!" thing with Rick. Robert Kirkman says it's because she's mad at herself for causing the situation... but we'll see.

Daryl is the best character in the show. And he was NOT in the book.

Michelle Greathouse said...


There is a great deal of talk about the hooded figure and before I could avert my eyes - I did find out that it is a woman. :) I can't wait for that story line. It makes me wonder if Andrea has found just the right person to help her with the girl power trip she's on right now.

Lori might be mad at herself - but she's acting like she's mad at Rick for killing Shane. Hmm...I still want her to be eaten by zombies.

I can't believe Daryl was not in the books. I'm glad he's in the series - and Norman Reedus is the perfect person to bring his character to life.

Living in Georgia, we get excited when we recognize a setting in an episode. Are the books set in Georgia as well?

Thanks for stopping by.