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My Week in Review: 8/19/17-8/26/17

I had a pretty good reading week - enjoyed some great post apocalyptic reads.  Towards the end of the week I found a very promising 15 book series that I can't wait to dive into.

Here are the books I enjoyed:

Gray Part II by Lou Cadle - 4 Stars ****

Three months have passed since the mysterious event transformed life on Earth. The air grows colder, the days shorter, the snow deeper, and Coral and Benjamin struggle to find food enough to keep them on their feet. Moving on to warmer climes seems their only long-term hope, but travel means a terrible danger: encountering other people. The rule of law is gone, the old morality is crumbling, and Coral needs all her wits and skill to survive in this brutish new world.

Gray Part III by Lou Cadle - 4 Stars****

Welcome to Idaho City

The sign was metal, the words still visible through scorching that had happened during The Event's long fire.

The words spoke of the old days, seven months ago, when civilization was intact and the world robustly populated. The sign looked normal--or would have, had it not been for the pair of human feet attached over the first two words. The feet had been severed from their owner, and hex bolts were jammed between the metatarsals.

Coral and Benjamin are starving as they flee from this sight. When they encounter scavengers a few days later, have they found food and salvation? Or is it the deadliest trap of them all?

Vampires & Vigilantes by Ella Summers - 4 Stars ****

From princess to private detective.

Exiled, stripped of her title and magic armor, former paranormal princess Terra Cross is living a new life as a private detective. Working side-by-side with her father, she hunts down galactic bail jumpers hiding on Earth, rescues kidnapped children from otherworldly gangsters, and stops ritualistic summonings of interdimensional monsters.

But her old life comes knocking when a vampire solider shows up on her doorstep with a job: to find the missing twin heirs to the vampires’ empire. Assailed by monsters and machines, Terra seeks the help of the galaxy’s most infamous assassin, a darkly tempting mage with devastating telekinetic powers. What begins as a rescue mission, however, soon grows into a conspiracy that reaches back centuries and spans worlds.

Torn by Jacqueline Druga - 4 Stars ****

Every 26,000 years the earth experiences a magnetic reversal or pole shift. These reversals are always accompanied by disasters of catastrophic proportions. They also coincide with two other events: an ice age and species extinction.

We are, at this time, 50,000 years overdue.

Darius Cobb wasn’t thinking of man’s extinction. He honestly never gave it a thought. A college professor and part time country singer, Darius worried only about teaching and playing his guitar until the day he is attacked by cockroaches and is placed into a special government quarantine.

There, he and the others start piecing together the inevitable. Using his knowledge, he begins predicting the events that unfold. Together he and his group plan and then implement a long term survival plan.

If the world is going to end, they will survive.

Rot By Damon Hunter - 4 Stars ****

A disease called the rot has spread to the United States, leading to a quarantine being imposed on most of California. Victims react in different ways. Most become like zombies, wandering about aimlessly unless they come across someone to bite and spread the disease. Others become aggressive and animal like. Rarer are those who seem to immune.

Eric Vance of the newly formed Tactical Medical Response Team is one of the immune. He is trapped in San Francisco awaiting rescue after a doomed mission into the Quarantined California left him and two others stranded. He learns his ex wife, Donna and teenage daughter, Katelin are trapped in a newly quarantine part of Southern California. Knowing they are trouble he makes plans to leave his post and go help them.

Donna and Katelin are not waiting around for help. They fall in with a motley bunch of survivors and try to fight their way out, but the rot is much more pervasive and deadly than they could have anticipated.

To complicate matters roaming the wasteland collecting the immune and processing them into samples to study is mad TMRT scientist Dr. Talbot. Even if Vance and his family can survive the rot Talbot has other sinister plans for them.

Our New World By Desiree King - 3 Stars ***

The world has changed and humans are an endangered species.

After centuries of war famine and plague, a new society has risen and grown. Magical races, such as fae, vampires, magi, and weres, have joined forces to ensure everyone’s survival by creating the highest order council and the new world laws. Unfortunately, the cost of survival could be the freedom to be with someone you love.

Sidney is on the edge of womanhood. Soon she’ll accept her birth right as lady of her people, the magi of San Diego. However, she is torn between her duty and heart.

Can she have both or will she have to choose between her people or the feelings she’s kept secret for years?

That wraps up another fantastic reading week for me.  Next week I am on vacation.  I'll be doing a staycation at home and work on the room for the upcoming grandbaby.  Not sure how much reading I will get done - but I am sure I can squeeze some in somewhere.  :)

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