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My Week in Review: 8/26/17-9/2/17

Do you remember last week I mentioned that I would be on vacation this week and that I had found a very promising 15 book post apocalyptic series?  Well, I read the entire series on my vacation.  I could not help it - I was so invested in these characters, I had to know what was going to happen next.

The series is Voodoo Plague by Dirk Patton and I give the entire series 5 Stars *****.  

John Chase has just arrived in Atlanta on a routine business trip when America experiences the worst attacks in history. Nuclear bombs destroy cities and the widespread release of virus-laced nerve gas sends the majority of the surviving population into a murderous rage. Rescuing Rachel, he must lead her to safety as Atlanta burns, raging infected roam unchecked and society disintegrates into savagery.

In the pulse pounding continuation of the Voodoo Plague series, John, Rachel and Dog have escaped from Atlanta, finding refuge at an Air Force Base in Tennessee. After being recalled to active duty, John strikes a deal with the Army that will help him rescue his wife in Arizona, but all of his plans are quickly put in jeopardy as a second wave of infection rips through the surviving population.

In the eagerly anticipated third installment of the high octane Voodoo Plague series the stakes are raised as millions of infected threaten John’s escape plan. As the group fights to survive they begin encountering more of the smarter infected and other survivors that are taking full advantage of the chaos to prey on their fellow humans. The only safety is to the west but at every turn the small group is thwarted in their efforts to escape.

An old enemy rises, revealing plots within plots as the survivors struggle to reach safety and find the missing. Those infected by the virus are getting smarter and deadlier. As the world continues to crumble, some are lost while new dangers appear at every turn. In the most sweeping story so far in the Voodoo Plague series, Red Hammer ratchets up the danger and intensity.

With the virus mutating, new dangers appear that threaten a bloody end to the struggle for survival. The next wave of infection sweeps across the remaining population. Betrayal threatens the alliance with the GRU. Roach descends deeper into madness, hiding in plain sight as he plots to capture Katie. With Rachel still missing, it's up to Major Chase to rescue her and reaffirm the alliance to bring down the Russian president.

With Katie kidnapped by Roach, John must not only save her but also deal with the betrayal of the new President. Days Of Perdition opens with the story of how Katie survived and reached Oklahoma City. Now that John knows she is alive nothing will stop him from rescuing her, but will he find her in time?

Indestructible continues the story of the struggle for survival after the events in Days Of Perdition. With massive herds closing in on Tinker Air Force Base, the only option is evacuation, and Tech Sergeant Scott, Irina and Igor must race against time to search for any survivors of the crash.

Tinker Air Force Base has fallen to the infected. Rachel's plane to Seattle has been shot down over a mountain wilderness in Idaho. Is she alive? It is up to John, Katie and Dog to race against time, invading armies, blizzards, herds of infected and vicious wild predators to reach the crash site. As they fight their way across the country, they must come to grips with the new reality of the world, and devise a long term plan for their survival. Sweeping across a wide swath of North America, Recovery continues the journey of Major John Chase and the small band of survivors he's left with after the evacuation of Tinker at the end of Indestructible. New dangers abound as the toll from the battle to survive weighs heavily on John's shoulders.

The Russian military has surged, invading the devastated United States in large numbers. Russian civilians are arriving, laying claim to the spoils of war. Events from John's past bring new dangers for the few remaining survivors as the Russians begin an all out effort to capture and send him to Moscow for trial and execution. Precipice continues the story of the V Plague survivors' struggle to evade both the infected and the invading army.

America fights back! In the thrilling new addition to the V Plague series, the decimated US Military brings the fight to the invading Russians. As battles rage, John is drawn into the melee, delaying his quest to reach Seattle with the remainder of his group. As all are threatened by escalating nuclear war, new dangers stand in the way of the survivors reaching safety.

John is in the hands of the Russian military as the conflict escalates. His only hope is to escape as those he loves are threatened by nuclear attacks. When a new Russian plot is revealed, the survivors must battle to save the last vestiges of humanity from final annihilation.

With a Russian invasion force threatening, and a downed American pilot in the Sea of Cortez, John must set aside the most personal loss of his life and continue the battle to save what remains of America. Leading a lightning mission into Mexico, he encounters survivors who have formed militias and pose a threat to anyone who is not part of their group. Meanwhile, Admiral Packard prepares for the final defense of Hawaii.

Still dealing with his personal loss and a severe injury suffered in the rescue of Igor and the captured girls, John is determined to reach Australia to punish the Russian president. But, the militia that had taken the girls is now surrounding the facility at Area 51 and is intent on exacting vengeance. John must battle his way free and find a way to make the journey to Sydney as Admiral Packard plans a mass exodus from Hawaii.

Trying to adjust to his return to civilization, John learns of the horrors yet to come that were revealed in Exodus. With Igor and Irina on their way to Siberia, he must travel to Australia to complete what may be his final and most personal mission; assassinate the Russian president.

After the disastrous events at the end of Scourge, it is left to the Athena Project to set things right. But problems arise that change the course of events in a way that could not have been predicted.

That's all 15.  I can honestly say this is one of the best post apocalyptic series I have ever read.  It is a little different from my normal reads because there is a very heavy military presence.  Most of my reads have the average Joe trying to survive with little or no survival skills - that is certainly not the case with this series.

I hope you're reading something great!

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