Sunday, November 12, 2017

My Week in Review: 11/4/17-11/11/17

So, getting back on the reading wagon after vacation in Florida was a bit of a struggle.  :)  It took me two days of being home before I even picked up my Kindle.  That being said, I only have three books to share with you today.  

Dead: The Ugly Beginning by T W Brown - 5 Stars *****

The unthinkable has happened. The dead are walking! Humanity's fragile thread may be reaching its bitter end. Individuals and groups struggle to survive...some at any cost. Will there be anybody left? Or, is this just...The Ugly Beginning?

Web of Deception by K L Phelps - 4 Stars ****

Do you have one of those little voices in your head that tells you right from wrong, that tries to get you to be good and to do the right thing? I don’t. Oh, I have a voice in my head, but it never tells me to be good. Why? Because the voice in my head belongs to a demon.

My name is Cassidy Cane and in order to save my boyfriend I swapped a piece of my soul with a demon.

Worst mistake ever.

Not only did he end up leaving me, but for a while I completely lost my mind. With the help of Murph, a rather unusual priest, I learned to quiet the demon within and am coming to terms with my new reality. The world around us is full of supernatural creatures, and lucky me, now I’m one of them.

When young girls start to go missing, I’m asked to look into it. But there’s a few problems. My search for answers is only leaving me with more questions, and the demon within no longer seems content to sit back and remain silent.

It’s so hard to do the right thing when you have a demon whispering in your ear.

Poisonous Temptation by Isadora Brown - 3 Stars ***

When a witch without powers and a vampire living in isolation cross paths, the world as they know it changes forever. And with those changes come grave danger for them both.

Despite years of trying, Aurelia Stone can't seem to do even the simplest of spells, and no one in her family of purebred witches is willing to help. Instead, her mother suggests she accompany her sister during a gladiator battle in hopes to inspire magic, but the magic Aurelia ultimately taps into is not the kind she should feel. In fact, it’s downright forbidden, and the punishment for using such magic is death by pyre. When a gladiator rescues her from an attack and offers her his blood, she knows she should say no. Yet she gives into temptation anyway, regardless of the consequences.

Before the Rift, Thyos was part of the worst known clan of vampires. That is, before they excommunicated him for doing something as weak and as stupid as having a conscience. Now, he lives in the Citta di Paludi, isolated and alone. Something he prefers. When the emperor forces him to entertain by killing his own kind for the amusement of spectator, he does only so to keep the tiny shred of freedom he has. But when Thyos rescues a witch from the hands of a human, he not only breaks his own rules, but the laws of the gladiator as well.

When Aurelia's powers finally manifest at the most inopportune time, they come with dire consequences. Now she must decide what it really means to be a witch: to be part of a family and a faction that has isolated her for her entire life, or to be true to her heart. But what if following her heart puts her life and Thyos in danger?

I hope you are reading something great!  Thanks for stopping by.


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