Sunday, November 19, 2017

My Week in Review: 11/11/17-11/18/17

Guys, I found a new to me zombie series - whoop, whoop!  I am so excited.  I know this is gonna sound so wrong - but when I read a good zombie book, I get the munchies something fierce.  I know, it is shameful.  :)

Here are the books I read last week:

Dead: Revelations by T W Brown - 5 Stars *****

The zombies have risen, the world has spiraled into chaos. Small pockets of survivors continue to struggle each day to survive. The best and worst of humanity fight the undead and themselves as they come to grips with a new, violent reality.

Dead: Fortunes & Failures by T W Brown - 5 Stars *****

The DEAD saga continues...
It has been months...

Steve has seen the worst in himself...and others. Now, it seems that zombies aren't the only threat to the lives of his companions. Will he lose those he loves to the walking dead...or a murderer?

Kevin is the last geek standing, and a reunion with an old acquaintance puts him back in charge of a group of survivors. Will he fail in the one thing he thought he was prepared for? Or will he find his redemption?

Juan struggles with Mackenzie's past...a scientist tries to create Eden with an unlikely Eve...and a young girl struggles to keep her sanity at the hands of a monster far worse than the ones gathered outside the walls of her family estate.

Dead: Winter by T W Brown - 5 Stars *****

Winter is coming... 

As survivors around the world struggle to get their feet under them in a world overrun by the walking dead, a new problem rears its head. As unstoppable as any horde of zombies, the seasons march on, heedless of the fragility of the human race. The first winter is approaching.

Up in the mountains of northeastern Oregon, Steve's band settles in but discover something so horrible that it may destroy them before the weather has a chance. Kevin faces ghosts from his past while struggling to maintain unity among his people. 

In other parts of this dead world, a team of scientists struggle to devise a cure... A new pharaoh rises in Egypt... Chad learns he will do anything to keep his daughter safe... Juan struggles with the demons of his past that tell him he is unfit to lead...or love... A military unit tries to restore order at any cost...

Brush With Death by Ware Wilkins - 4 Stars ****

Introducing Sadie Salt, Paranormal... Dentist?

All Sadie Salt ever wanted was to make smiles whiter... and to track down the creature that murdered her parents. She spends her days as a dental assistant to the humans in her small town of Grimloch and her nights doctoring to its, well, not-so-human residents.

Unfortunately, the nightlife doesn't know how to stay in the shadows where it belongs. Sadie's working tirelessly to pay off a nasty debt to a fairy she doesn't want to cross, coping with a magic she can't use, and dreaming of a relationship with the local Sheriff-- not that that's going to happen.

But when a corpse turns up in her apartment, Sadie's dragged deeper into a world where wielding a scraper and a water pick does more harm than good. Her past is coming back it haunt her in a bad way, and she's suddenly closer to her parent's killer than expected. With a vampire keeping tabs on her and a best friend whose predictions rarely hit the mark, Sadie's discovering revenge is more muddled than she expected.

Will she be able to clean up the mess before someone tries to scrub her out permanently?

Witch and Moan by Val St. Crowe - 3 Stars ***

Petra Brightshade gets captured and then wakes up on a circus train in a car with some elephants, with a dampener on her wrist that keeps her from using her primal magic.

It’s not exactly her favorite day ever.

When she finds out she’s been captured because her blood is the only thing that can reopen the breaches she just closed, she knows she’s got to escape, find the others, and figure out some way to stop her captors once and for all.

No way is she reopening the breaches. No effing way.

There you have it.  I hope you are reading something wonderful!

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