Sunday, February 11, 2018

My Week in Review: 2/3/18-2/10/18

This week was a little better than last week - I did not have as many starts and stops.  That being said, I did not get as much reading done because I was binge watching Shameless.  :)

Here are the books I'd like to share with you:

Fair Haven by Red Lagoe - 4 Stars ****

A rabies-like super virus bleeds into Melody’s neighborhood, turning all those infected into ravenous aggressors. While watching society crumble beyond her threshold, Melody hides in the safety of her attic, waiting for her husband to return. Four days have passed, and it’s becoming apparent that he’s not coming home. She pushes her fear aside and propels herself out the front door, with a baseball bat in hand, ready to venture across town on a mission to save her husband—and their failing marriage.

However, after teaming up with her neighbor John, her determination is put to the test. Despite butting heads with the man next door, she develops an unsettling attraction to him, and they grow to rely on each other for strength and friendship.

Unsure if her husband is still alive, her reasons for going on are called into question and it doesn't take long before she begins to doubt her strength.

The Scale Empire by Cate Farren - 4 Stars ****

Queen Victoria has cursed Kezia to hunt down the demon that murdered her son.

130 years later the hunt is still on, but Kezia is growing weary. When a chance comes along to find the demon and kill him she jumps at the chance.

But what will she find on a parallel world ruled over by dragon shifters? Will it be love or vengeance or both?

Vampire's Curse by Lysa Daley - 4 Stars ****

What animal would you be?

Lacey, a class II animagus witch, can shift into dozens of different animals. She's up to squirrels and sparrows. But will she ever make her way to dragons like her powerful father?

Lacey McCray has a secret. She isn't just a grad student living in Los Angeles. She's also a class II animagus or a witch. When her grad school scholarship mysteriously gets canceled, she receives a strange offer to work for a firm that specializes in collecting missing supernatural treasures. Desperate to make enough money to pay her tuition, Lacey agrees to give it a try.

After breaking into a troll's lair to retrieve an enchanted necklace, Lacey starts to think that she's a natural. And the money's not half bad either

It doesn't take long before she's ruffled the feathers of one of the firm's top agents named Stryker Smith. Oh, and then there's the young human cop who keeps turning up wherever Lacey happens to be.

Just when Lacey thinks she's made enough money to pay her rent and go back to being a full-time grad student, a rogue vampire threatens the life of someone she loves. Lacey McCray will find out just how good she actually is at this new supernatural job.

Sarah's Inheritance by Katherine Kim - 3 Stars ***

Sarah knew she was getting a house. She didn’t know about the rest of it.

Learning of her grandmother’s death shook Sarah Richards. She hadn’t seen the woman since she was a child, kept far away on the other side of the country by her controlling mother. They had built a long-distance relationship though secret phone calls and unmentioned emails, and even though Sarah was now well into adulthood she still hadn’t gathered the courage to go visit the grandmother she missed, and now it was too late. Now, though, she owned the house Gran had lived in, and Sarah was determined to break free of her mother’s grasp. Moving from New York City to a town just outside of San Jose, California was scary, but she felt drawn there to learn more about her grandmother, and if she was lucky, to find her own path in life.

What she didn’t expect was to be thrown into a supernatural battle between monsters from her worst nightmares and Gran’s strange, not-quite-human friends. It turns out that the house was the least important part of what Rosemary Richards passed down to her granddaughter, and now Sarah has to decide if she is willing to learn more about the world she’s been dumped into or if she would rather go back to her mother where life was dull, but at least it was safe.

That was my reading week.  I hope you are reading something wonderful.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


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