Saturday, July 14, 2018

My Week in Review: 7/7/18-7/14/18

The new job is going well.  I don't have as much time to read as I did with my other job - but I still get an hour for lunch every day - and I always have my Kindle with me  :)  

This weeks' genre theme: Witches & Wizards

Stir Until Petrified by Theda Vallee - 4 Stars ****

Welcome to beautiful Palermo Bay, where the witches are fierce

...and the biscotti is to die for.

Violetta "Etta" Massoni is an Italian witch living and working with her overbearing family in the sleepy seaside town of Palermo Bay. Healing from tragedy, she wants nothing to do with the magic she was born with.

Etta soon finds herself forced into the world of magic that she had resisted for so long. The peaceful calm of her community is shattered by a string of attacks that leaves fifteen people trapped in their dreams. An ominous magic task force is sent to investigate, with Etta as their number one suspect.

Her family has never been able to mind their own business, and they aren’t about to start now! Dragging her grandmother from crime scenes will be the least of her worries. Join Etta and the whole Massoni girl gang on a perilous, hilarious adventure filled with magic, myth, and minestrone!

The Lame-Assed Doppleganger by Gary Jonas - 4 Stars ****

What do you do when you've been replaced?

I come home from a vacation to find that another version of me has taken my place. He's living my life. He has my friends. He has my career. And what really sucks is that he's doing it all so much better than I ever could. Everyone loves him!

I'm the real me, but he insists that he's the real me. Not cool. One of us has to go!

Oh, and one more pesky little problem. Someone's trying to kill me.

Renegade Witch by T S Bishop - 4 Stars ****

A witch on the run. Her three gorgeous protectors. Demons invading Chicago.

And the truth about her past that could destroy everything.

There's always been something strange about me, everyone always said. So they avoided me, gossiped about me. But they didn't know about the demons. Because only I can see them.
Instead of letting my foster parents lock me up in an institution because of my 'hallucinations', I ran away from home and I've been living on my own in Chicago ever since.
And I was doing fine selling cheap magical trinkets on the black market to get by, until dangerous men with knives and guns decided to kidnap me and throw me in their murder dungeon.

Attracting the wrong kind of attention was never part of my plan. And even more dangerous than the men who kidnapped me are the men who saved me...
Adrian, the most inhumanly gorgeous boy I've ever seen in my life helped me escape and introduced me to his two equally attractive friends who needed me and my so-called abilities.

Turns out, I might be a witch.
And only I could help them save Chicago from the demons. If I could remember to focus on the mission and stop myself from falling for them...

Then there's the rude, beautiful boy in a prison cell who I keep dreaming about...I'm not even sure if he's real but there's a connection between us that I can't explain.

My life just got really complicated. With secrets from my past snapping at my heels, demons invading the city, and my enemies two steps ahead of me at every turn...

My name is Sophia Landry, and I might not be getting out of this one alive.

Wicked Folk by Jamie McFarlane - 3 Stars ***

Late one night, a teenaged witch witnesses her uncle perform a forbidden ritual to summon a demon. His carelessness results in the demon breaking free and being released into the world. Drawn to the young witch's powers like a shark, the demon is only temporarily thwarted when she manages to escape.

Felix Slade is a wizard living far from the family he grew up with. Recently he's been unable to sleep as night after night a beautiful young witch is stalked by a demon in his dreams. Each night, new details are exposed and Felix is soon convinced that it’s up to him to prevent the woman’s demise. The dreams reach a critical point when Felix’s own family is threatened by the violence he’s sure is yet to come.

With his sister and the woman he loves by his side, Felix rushes to face the greatest challenge he’s encountered yet. There is great darkness inside him and he must choose to embrace or reject it in order to face the demon’s evil.

Tallow Jones by Trevor H Cooley - 3 Stars ***

When Detective Douglas Jones' son goes missing under strange circumstances everyone assumes he ran away. The first break in the case comes when a long lost relative shows up with a new name and a strange tattoo on the palm of his left hand. His name is Tallow Jones. He is a private detective . . . and a wizard.

A wizard is needed too because, in Atlanta, strange abductions are just the tip of the iceberg.

There you have witches and wizards.  I have to admit, my favorite witch & wizards will always be Hermione, Harry and Ron.   :)

As always, thank you for stopping by.


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