Saturday, November 10, 2018

My Week in Review: 11/3/18-11/10/18

I've got a three day weekend to look forward to and I am trying to decide what books I want to read next week.  :)  

This weeks theme: Post Apocalyptic/EMP

The Borrowed World by Franklin Horton - 4 Stars ****

Jim Powell thought he was ready but when ISIS operatives unleashed a coordinated attack on America’s infrastructure, he found himself in a terrifying predicament. Trapped hundreds of miles from his family, with thousands of stranded travelers and scarce law enforcement across the country, the miles between Jim and his family become a brutal gauntlet where the rules of a civilized society no longer apply.

But Jim has years of planning under his belt. He’s spent most of life outdoors, studying survival, and obsessing about preparedness. He soon finds that training for societal collapse is very different from actually experiencing one.

If Jim wants to make it back to his family, he'll need to find the strength and brutality to meet this new, harsh world head-on — even if it means rising to unimaginable levels of violence.

The Ophidian Horde by Ryan Schow - 4 Stars ****

A scathing attack. A city teetering on the edge of ruin. Under the weight of an extinction level event, the end of one world marks the beginning of another...

The unraveling of society is beyond perilous. With the city in chaos, injuries to her party and a sharp loss of resources, Cincinnati McNamara looks to Indigo for help in forming a new homestead, a place where she can tend to the wounded and safeguard her family. Indigo, however, is a bruised soul with an irrevocable need to stop the Ophidian Horde and its ilk from overtaking the city. The only problem: she’s waging war on an enemy too enormous and too ferocious to handle on her own. She needs the McNamara’s help. Their numbers aren’t enough, but times being what they are, they’ll have to suffice...

Fight to Survive by Dave Bowman - 4 Stars ****

Could you push past your limits to survive the apocalypse?

After the deadliest virus known to man, law and order have collapsed. The surviving few are left to find their way among the ashes of civilization. Chaos reigns.

What if your preparations weren't enough?

Nick thought he was ready. He has a lodge in the mountains in New Mexico, packed full of supplies and ammo. He thought he could protect his family, but the virus took them anyway. Soon, he finds others that rely on him. With everything lost, can he find the strength in himself to go on?

Could you face your greatest fears?

Liz is trapped in Albuquerque. A dangerous battle rages around her, and she doesn't have long to live if she stays. The only way out is through the mountains, and there's only one man who can take her. But can she put her faith in a stranger's promise?

Only a few survived the outbreak, but that was just the beginning. Now they'll have to fight harder than ever to stay alive.

The Journey Home by John Winchester - 4 Stars ****

This is the story of the Miller family, Jack, Amy, and their sons Kenny and Danny. Separated by half a continent after an EMP attack sends the United States back to the Stone Age, the Millers are desperate to reunite as they struggle to survive.

Jack Miller isn’t too worried about the apocalypse. He has been prepping for a few years and has a basement stocked with the food and supplies his family needs to ride out a disaster. Today though, he is out of town on a business trip. An EMP strike delivered by a rogue nation leaves him stranded over a thousand miles away from his home. This is the last place he expected to be during a disaster. He sets out on an epic journey home armed only with his know how and survival skills. What he encounters leaves him questioning how prepared any lone man can be.

Amy Miller is all set to enjoy a well deserved vacation day. She’s a hard working mother of two with a full time career and rarely has a quiet moment to herself. The EMP throws a wrench in the works and leaves her unprepared for the chaos to follow. With the city falling down around her ears, she is pushed to the limit. Her suburban home is well stocked with supplies, but she clings to the hope that order will be restored. Faced with the darker side of humanity, will she overcome her inhibitions and do whatever it takes to protect her family?

Darkness Begins by Harley Tate - 3 Stars ***

If the power grid fails, how far will you go to survive?

Madison spends her days tending plants as an agriculture student at the University of California, Davis. She plans to graduate and put those skills to work only a few hours from home in the Central Valley. The sun has always been her friend, until now.

When catastrophe strikes, how prepared will you be?

Tracy starts her morning like any other, kissing her husband Walter goodbye before heading off to work at the local public library. She never expects it to end fleeing for her life in a Suburban full of food and water. Tackling life’s daily struggles is one thing, preparing to survive when it all crashes down is another.

The end of the world brings out the best and worst in all of us.

With no communication and no word from the government, the Sloanes find themselves grappling with the end of the modern world all on their own. Will Madison and her friends have what it takes to make it back to Sacramento and her family? Can Tracy fend off looters and thieves and help her friends and neighbors survive?

The EMP is only the beginning.

That wraps my week.  I hope you are reading something wonderful.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


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