Saturday, March 9, 2019

My Week in Review: 3/2/19-3/9/19

I have not read much this last week, sadly I have had a sinus infection.  This crazy weather is to blame.  Highs in the 70's one day followed by high's in the 40's the next.  We are all ready for Spring.  :)  

Here are the books I want to share with you today.

Wicked Abyss by Kresley Cole - 5 Stars *****

The terrifying king of hell...

As a boy, Abyssian "Sian" Infernas had his heart shattered by a treacherous fey beauty who died before he could exact vengeance. Millennia later, a curse has transformed him into a demonic monster--just as she's been reincarnated. Sian captures the delicate but bold female, forcing her back to hell.

Meets his match.

Princess Calliope "Lila" Barbot's people have hated and feared Abyssian and his alliance of monsters for eons. When the beastly demon imprisons her in his mystical castle, vowing revenge for betrayals she can't remember, Lila makes her own vow: to bring down the wicked beast for good.

Can two adversaries share one happily-ever-after?

As Calliope turns hell inside out, the all-powerful Sian finds himself defenseless against his feelings for her. In turn, Lila reluctantly responds to the beast's cleverness and gruff vulnerability. But when truths from a far distant past are revealed, can their tenuous bond withstand ages of deceit, a curse, and a looming supernatural war?

Leverage in Death by JD Robb - 5 Stars *****

For the airline executives finalizing a merger that would make news in the business world, the nine a.m. meeting would be a major milestone. But after marketing VP Paul Rogan walked into the plush conference room, strapped with explosives, the headlines told of death and destruction instead. The NYPSD’s Eve Dallas confirms that Rogan was cruelly coerced by two masked men holding his family hostage. His motive was saving his wife and daughter—but what was the motive of the masked men?

Despite the chaos and bad publicity, blowing up one meeting isn’t going to put the brakes on the merger. All it’s accomplished is shattering a lot of innocent lives. Now, with the help of her billionaire husband Roarke, Eve must untangle the reason for an inexplicable act of terror, look at suspects inside and outside both corporations, and determine whether the root of this crime lies in simple sabotage, or something far more complex and twisted.

Zombie Road VI by David A Simpson - 5 Stars *****

"I would do great and terrible things for you." she said.

Time is running out for the star crossed lovers, the teenagers thrown together by fate who were supposed to be trying to kill each other.

The undead infection is spreading in Scarlet, slowly worming its way through her body.

As they race across the wastelands to the last outpost with medical facilities, their fathers go to war.

The Cult begins its advance on the Free States headquarters and Casey's ruthless cannibals are gathering their forces and preparing their own attack.

No one gets to sit this one out.
Everyone fights.

Out of Sorts Aphrodite by S E Babin - 4 Stars ****

After the debacle with Eris, Abby has settled into her new life. She’s living in tentative peace with Artie and Keto and beginning to deal with the new powers thrust upon her after her last battle. Everything appears to be fine until Ares shows up unexpectedly one morning and appeals to Abby for help.

Someone has stolen the Sword of God, a priceless relic allowing the wielder to control the world. But that’s not all. A monstrous, ancient being has awakened sending Olympus into panic mode and Abby scrambling to figure out who’s behind it all. Once again she gets caught up in politics and danger, but this time, the stakes are higher. Her friends are keeping deadly secrets and the most obvious villain may not be so evil after all. Will Abby figure the puzzle out in time, or will this be the time the power hungry Olympian gods win?

Back to the Fuchsia by Melanie James - 3 Stars ***

For some people, time travel is a fantastic daydream, but for Gertie O'Leary it's just another magically induced accident.

Just when you thought things couldn't get weirder at the Paranormal Plantation, Gertie decides to jazz the place up with another DIY project.

Fuchsia's a great color, don't you agree?

Sure, it's great. But after Gertie mixes her favorite color with a heavy dose of untried witchcraft, creating a strange time-warping side effect, she and her paranormal posse land in the court of King Henry VIII.

You know what isn't great? Your friend loses her memory and tries to steal your boyfriend, you can't figure out how to get back home, and worse, you're accused of witchcraft!

Add in a pair of mischievous Sasquatches along with a curious dragon and it spells certain doom for Gertie and her friends as they take their magical buffoonery to the sixteenth century!

That wraps my week.  I hope you see something you'd like to try.  As always, thanks for stopping by.


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