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My Week in Review: 3/9/19-3/16/19

I'm happy to say that I have kicked that sinus infection and I am back on track with my reading.  My hubby was quite worried because I went two whole days without reading last week.  He thought I was a goner for sure.  LOL  

Here are the books I want to share with you today:

Uprising by Adrienne Lecter - 5 Stars *****

When the last vestiges of civilization crumble, who will prevail?

Over two years have passed since Bree and Nate disappeared—and much has happened in the meantime. After leading a nomadic lifestyle for several months, they have started to rebuild a semblance of normalcy, moving between several established camps as the seasons change. Life is simple—hunting their own food, building weapons, even growing produce. Far away from the security of the settlements, they take care to stay unnoticed, and, if the need arises, cull the odd horde of shamblers.

Until one night, their idyllic off-the-grid lifestyle comes to a sudden end when they are overwhelmed and captured by forces unknown. Will they manage to escape? And at what cost?

The Mad Mick by Franklin Horton - 4 Stars ****

Conor Maguire nearly lost his daughter Barb when she was three years old, injured by the drunk driver that killed his wife. When the justice system failed him, Conor -- the son and grandson of IRA bombers -- retaliated against the driver in dramatic and gruesome fashion.

While an ironclad alibi prevented the police from pinning the murder on Conor, it did not prevent a covert agency within the US government from recruiting the talented young bomber and machinist. For over twenty-five years, Conor designed and built custom weapons of death and destruction at his compound in the mountains of Virginia.

Then a series of devastating terror attacks brought down the United States. Conor and Barb assumed they were safe in their secure compound. They had food and a water source. They were armed and highly-trained. Then Barb was kidnapped.

The kidnappers, needing slave labor for their farm, didn’t know why Conor was known as The Mad Mick. They didn’t know the fear and respect his name invoked in the shadowy world of covert operations. They didn’t know that when it came to protecting his family, he was without conscience, without compassion, and without equal.

But they would soon find out.

Magic Bite by Leia Stone & Lucia Ashta - 4 Stars ****

Evie Black and her demon imp partner, Cass, are two of the most fearsome supernatural bounty hunters on the West Coast. But when Evie’s beloved grandmother dies, her world shatters.

After finding the bottom of a bottle of tequila, Evie breaks the one rule she knows better than to ignore: Never hook up with a werewolf.

Especially when he’s the local alpha who, oh by the way, happens to be her gran’s sworn enemy.

Yeah, complicated doesn’t even begin to cover what happens next.

A Call to Pride by Poppy Woods - 3 Stars ***

Liza Moultrie has been on the run from her past for over a year, trying to make sense of the events surrounding the attack that brought her life to a screeching hault. Life in Helen, Georgia has been kind to her and the friendships she found there have made the healing process a little easier, if painstakingly slow. Unable to distinguish nightmares from memories, she turns to the two guys who stomped into her life without warning.

Parker and Kade James have secrets of their own, and apparently they’re bad at keeping them. Helen was supposed to be one more stop on the road, one more paycheck. That was until they met their mate. Their mate. Two brothers, one seemingly human girl, and they’re both drawn to her. When Liza’s past catches up to her, can the brothers keep her safe? Can she let them in and accept her place as their mate?

With danger stalking her, literally, throughout the town she has come to think of as her refuge, Liza has only one choice: Trust them.

Dark Urge by Gena D Lutz - 3 Stars ***

Fiona Spade was born a member of the Fury: a pack of wolves gifted with extraordinary strength and magic. After a car crash killed her mother, an accident she blames herself for, Fiona abandoned her pack and planned to never return. Until she found herself up against her greatest enemy: a dragon shifter. The chance encounter brings her head-on with the ancient lupine power brewing deep within her, forcing her to seek help from the family she fled.

Going home means seeing the one man she can't put out of her mind no matter how hard she tries, a man who is strength, sexiness, and charm personified: the wolf who thinks she’s his mate.

As Beta of the Fury Pack, Farrow Flynn is fiercely protective over his adoptive family. Born a lone-wolf, he never imagined he’d find a pack that would take in a hard-headed mutt and treat him like their very own.

Then he crosses paths with the Alpha’s stepdaughter, Fiona: a she-wolf who is independent and driven, with a temper to match her flaming rose-gold hair. Their connection is immediate and intense. And now that she’s back, he’ll do whatever it takes to earn what’s rightfully his…the heart of his mate.

Another week of reading for me.  I hope you are reading something wonderful.  :)

As always, thank you for stopping by.


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